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2018: The Year in Review

Trever Clark
Trever Clark
Written by
Trever Clark
Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics
Dec 28
Dec 28, 2018
2018: The Year in Review

For the AgencyAnalytics cast, crew, and customers - and for the world at large - 2018 was as eventful as any in recent memory.

Remember when someone pushed the wrong button and scared the hell out of everyone in Hawaii last January? Or when stores had to start locking up this "forbidden snack"? What about the Elon Musk memes? And US politics this past year? I'm not even going to go there.

But as I alluded to above, the year was just as big (and memorable!) for everyone associated with the AgencyAnalytics ecosystem. We added FOUR new full time staff members to the team, released an updated and reimagined version of our live customer marketing dashboards, released an array of new features, and held a company meetup in VEGAS!

So just like last year, let's recap each of these milestones:

New Staff

The team has grown like crazy this year, from 7 team members to 11! We hired one new developer, and THREE new customer success staff. As always, we try to grow slowly and intentionally; we took several months to make each of these hiring decisions, and we're confident that we've once again hired the perfect candidates for their respective roles, who'll be with us for quite some time to come.

Matthew Davis

Matt Davis joined AgencyAnalytics in July, bringing a solid background in customer service, data management, written content creation, and entrepreneurial experience managing a couple of websites of his own. Matt currently lives in the great city of Montreal, although you'll sometimes also find him in Australia! He loves traveling, music, and enjoying good food and drinks with friends.

Matthew Davis

Zane Balmaceda

Zane joined the team over the summer as well, around the same time as Matt. Prior to AgencyAnalytics, he served as the Senior Marketing Manager for a major online food delivery service in Hong Kong where he specialized in social media and content strategy. Zane splits his time between Hong Kong and the Philippine's, providing support while most of the AgencyAnalytics team is asleep and dreaming about client reporting.

Zane Balmaceda

Ardani Rohman

Ardani Rohman joined the team in late October as a full time developer with a background specializing in e-commerce and SaaS development. He's based in Indonesia, loves staying abreast of cutting edge developments in the tech and software fields, and spends his free time assembling Gundam models!

Ardani Rahman

Aaron Gahn

Aaron joined our customer success team in late October, and has already made an impact by helping us expand our support hours to Southeast Asia and Australia. With a formal background in financial services and digital marketing, and a more informal background running his own e-commerce sites and launching a Kickstarter campaign, Aaron's always up for a new challenge. He currently lives with his wife in sunny Vietnam, but who knows where this wildcat will land next.

Aaron Gahn

New Customer Marketing Dashboards

On January 18th, 2018, we rolled out a brand new, reimagined version of our client marketing dashboards. This was the beginning of a new push toward overhauling our dashboard that continued throughout 2018, and is slated to carry on well into 2019 and beyond.

The old dashboards were stale and dated. I mean look at this screenshot. Remember these?

SEO marketing dashboard

The new dashboards were an evolutionary step forward, bringing customizable WIDGETS to the platform as well as the ability to embed Google Sheets and add bespoke text and titles to the dashboards.

AgencyAnalytics marketing dashboard

New Report Editor

Then just a couple of months ago, on October 3rd, 2018, we rolled out a new version of our report editor that was just as much of an evolutionary step forward as the new dashboards had been.

The new report editor included those same customizable widgets that we debuted in the dashboards, as well as a brand new look and feel, the ability to view live data in the editor, the ability to clone reports, to edit reports based off from templates, to clone templates, and to make updates in bulk, plus a quarterly scheduling option, pre-configured report templates, and more.

Web performance report overview

Other New Features

On top of the "sea change" that the new dashboards and report editor brought to the platform, we also released a host of other new features.

The highlights were:

Vegas, Baby!

On the fun side of things, our core team held a meetup in Las Vegas! Being a distributed team, this was the first time meeting in person for some of us. We dined, we walked the strip, we went without sleep, drinking whiskey and playing blackjack until way too late... Oh and we found a little bit of time to strategize and talk business plans for 2019!

Hoping to get even more team members involved for a company meetup next year!

AgencyAnalytics team photo

(Left to right, Joe Kindness, Rebecca Bowden, Kara Kahler, Me (Trever Clark), Jesse Smith, Blake Acheson)

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

2019 is slated to be just as big a year for AgencyAnalytics - and our customers - as this past year. Check out our public roadmap at this link for a sneak preview, but bear in mind that only about half of the great new things that we're working on at any given time are listed on the roadmap.

In last year's "year in review" post, I mentioned that we were working on a "feature suggestions" portal. That portal was rolled out - as planned - in Q1 of 2018.

Some of the items on the agenda include:

  • Additional white label features

  • Major update to the rank tracking module

  • Major update to the competition module

  • Major update to the tasks module

  • Lead gen/proposals tool

  • Client activity logs

  • KPI alerts

  • New metrics and KPIs

  • Client user tutorials

  • Shopify integration

  • Amazon integration

  • Improved keyword research functionality

  • Site audit overhaul

  • Citations integration

  • Twitter Ads integration

  • ... and a whole lot more!

(Note that that list is tentative. It can (and probably will) change, and no specific features are guaranteed to be released on any specific time table. Please don't make mission critical business plans based on this list!)

In addition, we're gearing up for a big push into educational content, via webinars, YouTube videos, and our blog, where we'll be offering tutorials on how to truly CRUSH IT as an agency. We've got content in the works right now on agency growth, reporting as a profit center, creating the perfect SEO dashboard, and more.

Our flagship content resource will be a platform that we're calling "Agency Academy", which is slated to launch in Q1.

As always, you guys are the reason that we do what we do. We see our agency customers as partners, and we hope that you feel the same. We want to do everything that we can to help you succeed as an agency. Obviously our core focus is reporting and SEO tools. But our long term mission is to become a holistic, all-in-one agency management platform, to help you truly rock your business day.

We hope that you have a great holiday season, that you got everything you wanted for Christmas (or whatever equivalent year end holiday you celebrate!) and that you have someone to kiss at midnight on New Year's eve.

Looking forward to working with you all to make 2019 the most profitable and prosperous year ever for everyone in the AgencyAnalytics customer family.

Signing off for 2018. We'll see you in the New Year!

Trever Clark
Trever Clark
Written by
Trever Clark
Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics

Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and home-distilling artisanal whiskies like a true Grand Rapids hipster.

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