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Staff & Client User Updates

Adding staff or client users? We've just updated our interface to make things even easier!

You can still access all of the same user management features you're used to, you can still specify the exact access level for each user, and you can still add unlimited client and staff user accounts. Beyond this though, we've made adding users even more intuitive. And, as always, we've taken your feedback on baord when implementing these updates!

Let's take a look at all of these changes now:

The first thing you'll notice when adding a user is our new wizard-style interface. We've implemented this change to help guide you through each step, so you can be sure you don't miss anything important.

To streamline the process, you'll now use the same button to create both staff and client users, and you'll be prompted to choose the type of user at the beginning of the wizard.

New User Creation Interface

The next screen will look quite familiar: This is where you'll enter your user's details, and email the login credentials to the user if needed.

New User Creation Interface

Next, you can specify exactly which campaigns the user can access. Staff users have an option to automatically access all campaigns, otherwise you'll be able to specify the exact campaign(s) each user can and cannot see. There's a search box, to make finding campaigns quick and easy.

New User Creation Interface

On the next screen, the new user permission options are definitely going to be exciting for some of you reading this!

  • You can choose a quick default setting: these are slightly different depending on whether you're creating a staff or a client user.
  • As usual, you can also dive deep into each feature and integration to specify exactly what the user can access.
  • Based on popular demand, we've also added the option to clone user permissions. This will make setting up multiple users a breeze, since you'll be able to quickly copy their exact permission settings!

New User Creation Interface

Once you've created those users, we've also added some new options to make editing their permissions much easier. You'll now see three options in the drop-down menu when clicking the edit user button, so you can quickly access exactly what you need to change.

New User Creation Interface

Thanks to all of our customers who provided feedback on our user management features. We're always excited to make updates based on your suggestions, so keep them coming! Remember that there are no limits to how many user accounts you can create, so feel free to add every client or staff member who needs access.


Questions? Additional feedback? Just comment below or reach out to us at