Top 10 AgencyAnalytics Highlights of 2023

Review the top new features and integrations added to AgencyAnalytics in 2023.

The year is winding down and chances are you’re putting together your agency’s final client reports of the year. Phew!

Amid the daily hustle at your agency, we know staying on top of all the newest features being developed and added to your reporting platform may not be a top priority. But here's a heads-up. As you step into 2024, some of the enhancements made to AgencyAnalytics over the past 12 months may be just what your agency needs to up your client reporting game. 

This year, we’ve released a whole slew of features and functionality that add value, create efficiencies, and save agencies loads of time. But even more importantly, we’ve been developing mindfully to help teams work in more innovative ways when it comes to their client reporting.”   

Jesse Smith, Chief Product Officer, AgencyAnalytics

Grab this opportunity to quickly get caught up on what’s new in AgencyAnalytics. And keep working smarter, not harder into 2024 and beyond!  

1. Labs 

"Innovation isn't just a buzzword here at AgencyAnalytics”, says Smith, “it's our blueprint for success. We're committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring agencies always have the best reporting solution at their disposal." 

It’s this mindset that inspired the release of Labs—a new area in the platform where agencies add and explore the latest innovations that are still in development.

So far, Labs has introduced:

  • MultiView Campaigns: A feature that lets you connect up to 5 accounts per integration to a single client campaign—starting with Facebook, Facebook Ads, and Klaviyo.

Labs lets you add, experience, and influence the latest AgencyAnalytics innovations that are still in development.

Keep checking back in Labs for the next big drop from our innovation team!

2. Smart Reports

Recently released, the new Smart Reports feature is now your quickest way to create client reports! With just a click, automatically generate reports based on your client’s specific connected integrations. Each section of the report populates with the top-used metrics for that integration.

Use Smart Reports to:

  • Save time and report faster by instantly building complete client reports 

  • Simplify your reporting process by avoiding the need to sift through all available metrics 

  • Build trust and credibility with your clients by highlighting only the most relevant performance data 

3. HighLevel Integration

Several new integrations were added to AgencyAnalytics’ list of 80+ marketing channels in 2023—including AdForm, ServiceTitan, Google Ad Manager, and more—but the most-connected new integration has been HighLevel.

This agency-focused sales and marketing platform integration makes it easy for your team to:

  • Track leads as they progress through the sales funnel

  • Monitor the value of leads at various stages of the customer journey

  • Manage contact status and conversations with leads

  • And more!

Track and report on clients’ leads through important stages of the customer journey with the HighLevel integration.

4. Data Warehousing 

AgencyAnalytics has started implementing data warehousing across integrations to give you access to more data than ever before. 

The ability to track and report on more historical data in your client reporting means you get to: 

  • Dive deeper into your campaign performance

  • Leverage longer-term trends for impactful decision-making

  • Explore a more comprehensive view of your client’s performance journey in their various platforms

Collecting a years’ worth of data and beyond takes time. But look for data warehousing to roll out on even more of your favorite integrations in the coming months!

5. Section Templates & Campaign Templates

Why start your reporting from scratch when you can hit the ground running with a template? After all, templates make it much easier for your team members to use your agency’s standard reporting setups for every client, every time. 

Now, not only can you create dashboard and report templates, but you can also create section and even entire campaign templates!

  • Section templates: Speed up and enhance your dashboard and report building process. Even use your favorite templates interchangeably across dashboards and reports.

  • Campaign templates: Save time and streamline your client onboarding process by using campaign templates pre-populated with the dashboard sections and reports your team uses on repeat.

6. Clone a Campaign

Want to duplicate the setup of a specific campaign in your account but don’t necessarily need to turn it into a template? Try cloning it!

Choose which data you’d like to port over to the new campaign—or port it all over. And you’re done.

Clone a campaign and port data over to your new campaign.

7. Multi-Campaign Dashboards

Account-level data visibility and aggregation have been top requests this year. And this particular release marks an initial stepping stone toward a number of exciting new developments in the works. 

Creating a custom dashboard at the account level is a great way to start tracking important KPIs across more than one of your client campaigns. 

This feature is ideal for:

  • Enabling your account managers to track and monitor key metrics for their client campaigns at a glance

  • Establishing performance benchmarks for your agency

Create custom dashboards at the account level and include data from more than one client campaign.

8. Google Sheets App

Early in 2023, the new AgencyAnalytics for Google Sheets app went live through Google Workplace Marketplace. This app offers an easy way to drill deeper into your data and find innovative marketing insights for your clients!

Now included in both the Agency and Premier plan levels, use this app to:

  • Pull key metrics from 80 marketing platforms directly into Google Sheets

  • Cross-compare data sets from multiple campaign integrations

  • Combine your in-house data with data from any AgencyAnalytics integration

  • Overcome missing data and transform or normalize data

  • Manipulate data in Google Sheets and route it back into AgencyAnalytics for client reporting

9. Advanced Filtering

Data precision is key when it comes to effective client reporting. Two new features introduced this year get you the specific data you need faster and more consistently using advanced filtering. 

  • The first is ‘contains’ filtering at the ad campaign level for many of AgencyAnalytics’ ad integrations, as well as Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console. This feature lets you set and save a specific keyword to tailor your data view, be it for ad campaigns or web pages.

Apply ‘contains’ filtering to ad campaign data.
  • The second feature enables you to filter for specific campaigns or campaigns that contain specific keywords, but at the integration level. This makes it easy to establish your data view for that client and that integration from the get-go for many of AgencyAnalytics’ ad integrations.

Filter for specific campaigns or campaigns that contain specific keywords, at the integration level.

10. Report Design Customization

Finally, customizable report cover pages were a highly requested feature this year. AgencyAnalytics listened and now your team can add more style and creativity to entire marketing reports!

  • Enhance your cover page and report sections with background colors and custom-designed images—even apply a background to multiple sections at a time

  • Customize your report titles, including text color and alignment

  • Set your title and image widget backgrounds and borders to transparent

  • Turn your section headers off and on with just a click

Stay tuned! We have even more report design enhancements coming soon.

Unleashing Innovation for Marketing Agencies 

In a time when innovation and speed have become the linchpins of progress, our focus at AgencyAnalytics is once again looking far beyond incremental improvements into 2024. We're not just fine-tuning our platform; we're maturing it into a centralized hub that empowers your marketing agency with visibility and control over your entire client-operations.

This evolution echoes our core values—cultivating a culture of innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our agency customers. 

In 2023, we expanded our product and engineering team, adding 10 new minds to the mix. For 2024, we're aiming even higher with plans to double this number, scaling our capabilities to lead the industry in all kinds of exciting new ways." 

Vincent Chu, Chief Product Development Officer, AgencyAnalytics

This statement isn't just a testament to our growth as a reporting solution and as a team; it's a promise of continued, accelerated innovation into the coming year and beyond.

And as always, if you have great ideas for how we can build on AgencyAnalytics to heighten your agency’s experience, we’re all ears. Connect with us 24/5 on live chat or reach out to

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