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Call tracking integrations deliver key insights into the drivers of phone-based customer interactions and conversions. These integrations enable the analysis of which marketing efforts generate calls, aiding in the optimization of future campaigns. Highlighting some of the top call tracking tools, this article provides a guide for how to use call tracking to enhance client strategies.

Picture this: you're managing multiple client accounts, each with their unique goals, challenges, and expectations. At a digital marketing agency, staying ahead means not just keeping up with trends but also finding smarter ways to demonstrate your impact.

That's where call tracking integrations come into play. Think of them as your behind-the-scenes team, quietly but effectively tuning into every conversation, capturing valuable insights that tie phone call activities directly to your marketing efforts.

Now, imagine having a clear, concise report that connects the dots between marketing campaigns and actual phone calls. No more guesswork, no more piecing together data from disparate sources. This isn't about adding another layer of complexity to your workflow; it's about simplifying it.

Call tracking integrations offer a straightforward path to understanding what makes your clients' phones ring and, more importantly, what drives conversions. With these tools, the goal is clear: to provide actionable insights that help shape future marketing strategies. Without utilizing some type of call tracking softwares, you have no way to know which marketing channels are contributing to phone calls (as well as leads and sales) for your clients. And you have no way to prove to your clients that your hard work resulted in those leads and sales.

As we dive into the specifics, let's explore how the top call tracking integrations equip you with the tools to bring precision and depth to your client reporting, turning insights into action for each unique marketing campaign.

Top Call Tracking Integrations

Call tracking integrations are essential for agencies aiming to refine their strategy, prove their value to clients, and optimize marketing efforts based on concrete data. Here, we spotlight some of the top call tracking platforms, detailing their standout features and the benefits they bring to marketing agencies and their clients.


CallRail stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive call tracking capabilities. This platform provides real-time insights into call analytics, allowing marketing agencies to track the customer journey from initial contact to conversion. Key features include keyword-level tracking, dynamic number insertion, and campaign-level reporting, enabling precise measurement of marketing performance. The benefit for agencies and clients is clear: improved ROI through data-driven decision-making and tailored marketing strategies.


CallSource offers more than just call tracking; it delivers detailed call analytics and performance reports. Its distinguishing feature is the focus on call quality and lead scoring, which helps agencies evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns beyond mere call volume. With tools for recording calls and evaluating caller intent, CallSource empowers agencies to enhance their clients' customer service and pinpoint areas for improvement in their campaigns.


CallTrackingMetrics is renowned for its robust integration capabilities, linking call data with other marketing platforms like Google Analytics and Salesforce. This enables a unified view of marketing performance across channels. Its key features include detailed call attribution, conversion tracking, and an intuitive interface for managing call flows. Agencies benefit from a holistic analysis of marketing efforts, streamlining reporting and optimizing campaigns for better results.


Delacon is a powerful call tracking solution known for its advanced call data analysis and integration with online analytics tools. It provides detailed caller insights, including location, call duration, and the caller's journey on the website before making the call. Delacon's strength lies in its ability to attribute calls to specific marketing activities, offering clear insights into campaign effectiveness and customer behavior.


Invoca specializes in conversation intelligence, offering more than basic call tracking by analyzing the content of phone conversations. This allows for detailed insight into customer needs and behaviors. With features like AI-driven call analysis and real-time call routing, Invoca helps agencies optimize their clients' customer experience and improve conversion rates by acting on the insights gained from call content.


PhoneWagon combines simplicity with powerful features, making it an excellent choice for agencies looking for straightforward yet effective call tracking solutions. Key features include call recording, dynamic number insertion, and real-time reporting. PhoneWagon's platform is designed to help agencies demonstrate clear campaign results to clients, linking marketing efforts directly to call conversions.


Although ServiceTitan is more niche, focusing primarily on service industries, it includes robust call tracking features that help agencies serving these sectors. The platform offers tools for tracking marketing ROI, managing customer relationships, and streamlining service operations. ServiceTitan is ideal for agencies looking to provide comprehensive business solutions alongside marketing services.


Twilio offers a highly customizable platform for call tracking, appealing to tech-savvy agencies looking to build bespoke solutions. With its extensive API, agencies can create custom call tracking applications tailored to specific client needs. Twilio's flexibility allows for innovative use cases, from simple call tracking to sophisticated call routing and analytics systems.


WildJar excels in voice intelligence and automation, providing insights into call performance and customer interactions. Its key features include voice analytics, call recording, and integration with digital marketing platforms. WildJar is particularly beneficial for agencies focused on maximizing the impact of voice interactions in their clients' marketing strategies, offering detailed analytics to drive improvement.


WhatConverts is probably the most feature and data rich call tracking integration that we currently offer. In addition to call tracking, they also offer the ability to track web form submissions and transactions, which is unique amongst our call tracking integrations. Another unique item with WhatConverts is the option to tag each call with a "quote value" and/or "sales value".

We display the top metrics in graphical format, including a breakdown of Answered vs Missed calls, Top Sources, and Number of Calls by Data. The "above the fold" graph section is rounded out with easy-to-view-at-a-glance metrics for total calls, total transactions, and total web form submissions.

Below the fold, you can choose to display a wide array of detailed metrics for each specific call, including Data, Caller Name, Lead Type, Lead Status, Lead Source, Phone Number, Duration, Location, Answered/Missed, Quotable (Y/N), Quote Value, and Sales Value.

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Avanser is used by customers all over the world, but being an Australian-based company, tends to be the most popular amongst the Australian agencies that we work with.

Above the fold, our Avanser integration looks very similar to the WhatConverts integration, providing graphs displaying Answered vs Missed, Top Sources, and Calls by Date. Avanser doesn't utilize web forms or transactions, so in the "at a glance" section, we've replace those metrics with metrics providing total calls, total calls answered, and total calls missed.

Below the fold, choose to display metrics for each individual call including Date, Caller Name, Source, Phone Number, Call Status, Duration, and Location.


Marchex is unique in it's inclusion of the "Call DNA" metric. Call DNA is a proprietary technology used by Marchex that automatically classifies and scores every phone call. In the graphical area of our Marchex integration, you'll find graphs displaying Answered Vs Missed, a breakdown of calls by "Call DNA" designation and then, just as with our other call tracking integration, a graph showing the number of total calls by date. The "at a glance" section is identical to the one in the Avanser integration, displaying Total Calls, Answered Calls, and Missed Calls.

Below the fold, the Marchex integration allows you to display metrics for each individual call that include the Date/Time of the call, Name of the Caller, Phone Number, Duration, Call Status, and "Call DNA" class.

Each of these call tracking platforms offers unique features and benefits, enabling marketing agencies to select the solution that best fits their clients' needs. By leveraging these tools, agencies can provide more precise, insightful, and effective reporting, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent is accountable.

User Management and White Labeling

As always, you also have the ability to toggle any individual Call Tracking integration on or off in the permissions for each given Staff or Client user. Click here for a complete overview of User Management settings.


Finally, including Call Tracking data from any of these new integrations into scheduled or downloaded PDF reports is as simple as ever. Just setup any report as usual, then add sections for any of the new Call Tracking integrations.

Use the seamless integration to easily provide the value of your call tracking efforts and connect the dots to the success your agency brings to your clients. AgencyAnalytics is here to help you with creating reports and the best call tracking for agencies.

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