New Update: Filter for Multiple Ad Campaigns

Using Multiple Ad Campaign Filters

You may have seen a mention in last week's newsletter, and here comes the official release!

You can now filter your Facebook Ads and Google Ads by multiple campaigns, meaning you can show data on specific multiple campaigns at once. Previously, you could only filter by all campaigns or by one campaign.

How does it work?

To apply filters to your Google Ads dashboard or Facebook Ads dashboard, simply click on the 'filters' settings in the top-right of your dashboard.

Navigate down beneath the 'Filters' heading to the 'All Campaigns' dropdown. You will then have the option to select multiple campaigns using checkboxes.

How to Select Ad Campaign Filters

To apply filters to individual widgets on your dashboards, open up the widget's settings. Under the 'Ad Campaigns' heading, you can tick the boxes next to campaigns that you want to display.

Once done, your widgets will get updated accordingly.

Use Checkboxes to Select Ad Campaign Filters

When to Use Ad Campaign Filters

The new ad campaign filters can be useful in various ways, depending on how you have your ad campaigns set up. For example:

  • Filter for all campaigns targeted at specific geographical locations

  • Apply filters for campaigns that are grouped by specific products/services

Depending on how you have your client's ad campaigns set up, you can apply filters to show more meaningful and specific data.

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