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Full Release: Our All-New Site Auditor!

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics
Sep 30
Sep 30, 2019
Full Release: Our All-New Site Auditor!

We're thrilled to finally release our brand new site auditor in full: Check it out in your account now!

The development team have worked hard on this update for quite a while, and it's finally ready. Our subscribers gained beta access to the new SEO site auditor last month, and we've been perfecting it based on your feedback. Thanks to everyone who contributed to shaping this tool!

Not a member yet? Sign up here to test our site auditor in full, for free.

Sign Up For Our Site Auditor Launch Webinar

We'll be running a deep-dive webinar on Friday October 4th at 1:00pm EDT to showcase all of our new site auditor features, and to answer any questions you have. Sign up here to take part in the live tour of the new auditor!

So what can you expect from our new site auditor?

1) More power, and more information!

First up, it's a lot more powerful. It can scan a wider range of websites, it can scan faster, and it pulls in a much deeper level of data. This allows you to understand your clients' websites like never before.

You can also dive into your data in brand new ways: Rather than just seeing a breakdown of your site audit sorted by issue type, you can now access data for each individual webpage, along with some key page-level and site-wide metrics.

Our new and updated metrics include:

  • Page depth

  • Page load time

  • Text to HTML ratio

  • Word count & image count

  • Page size

  • In-links and out-links

  • HTTP status codes

  • and more!

Importantly, you can sort your pages by any of the above metrics to help you pinpoint on-page issues, problematic pages, or organize your data by score or overall page health.

2) Ignore issues

A lot of customers have requested a way to ignore or hide issues that aren't relevant, so we've implemented it!

Ignored issues can be hidden from dashboards and reports, and they'll also automatically be removed from your site-wide and page-level site audit scores.

We've actually added four different ways to ignore issues, giving you precise control over test results and reporting. You can now do the following:

  • Ignore an entire test on all pages

  • Ignore an entire webpage on your site

  • Ignore a specific test on a specific page

  • Ignore a single item within a test on a specific page

To ignore an issue, just hover your mouse over it and click the hide icon:

Along with this, you can easily block our auditor from running on specific areas of your website before the crawl occurs.

3) More dashboards

We've added a huge range of new site audit dashboards to cover all of our tests and new metrics! Importantly, everything is packed into a cleaner and more intuitive layout, so you can easily navigate through the sea of data we pull in.

Our "Tests" dashboard is the first one you'll see, and it displays your site-level overview. This includes your overall site audit score, scores by page depth (an important metric!), and a detailed breakdown of all passed and failed tests. Click on any test on this dashboard and you'll see a full list of pages with the issue you've chosen.

To see another big new feature, switch over to our "Pages" dashboard. It lists every page scanned, the number of issues on each page, and some extremely valuable page-level metrics like status code information, page depth, load time, in-links, and a lot more.

And of course, you can click on any page on that dashboard to dive even deeper. Choose any page from the list and you'll see all of the issues we've discovered, important page-level statistics, and more.

4) Better reporting

This wouldn't be a real feature release without some brand new reporting options! We've upped our reporting game in a big way: Everything mentioned about dashboards (above) can be added to reports - just like with all of our other tools and integrations.

Want to set up reports the easy way? You can instantly add all site audit results to a report in seconds. You can also add pages containing overviews of tests, webpages, or your site audit history to show improvements across time.

Want more control over exactly what you report on? You can add, remove, resize, and rearrange any site audit report widgets. Take things a step further with notes explaining your work to clients, custom data, or add widgets from any other integration alongside your site audit data.

As usual, the choice is yours: Use our pre-made report sections, or build report pages entirely from scratch.

5) Historical comparisons

What would a report be without some historical context, to really highlight your improvements? You can now browse past site audits, and compare your current results to a previous audit in much greater detail!

This is handy for tracking changes across time, especially when reporting your work to clients. Our reports and dashboards allow you to show changes in the number and type of issues we find, as well as changes in your site audit scores.

6) Live updates as we scan your site

No more waiting to see your results!

We'll show your site audit data live, as it come in. Site audit dashboards will continue to update as we scan your site, which means you can get to work handling any onsite problems right away.

7) Re-test any individual pages

So you've discovered a critical issue on a webpage, and your client report is due out in 20 minutes?

No problem!

We now allow you to re-scan any page at any time, so you can quickly fix onsite issues and instantly update your results, without needing to audit your entire site.

Sign Up For Our Site Auditor Launch Webinar

Want to see everything in action? Don't forget to sign up for Friday's webinar, to see a full tour of the brand new site auditor!

Important information

Now that the new auditor is released, there are some important things to know about our previous site auditor:

  • If you had any data in our previous site auditor, you'll still be able to access it until December 1st 2019. Any web reports containing old site audit data will also be available until that date.

  • You'll see the old site auditor under the "Site Audit (Legacy)" option in your left side menu if you had any data there (it's not visible if you don't have any old site audit data). You can browse this old data, but you cannot run new audits with the old site auditor.

  • We'll fully deactivate the old site auditor on December 1st, so please download any dashboard data or any report data you'd like to keep before that date!

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team or email

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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