New Feature: Partner Program

New Feature Partner Program

You can now earn credits toward your AgencyAnalytics membership with our partner program!

We hear from members all the time who tell us that they refer friends and colleagues (usually in other niches) to AgencyAnalytics. And while we've always been extremely grateful for those referrals, we've never really had a proper way of saying "thank you".

So now, when you refer another customer and they enter your promo code at checkout, you'll receive a $50 credit toward your next invoice, and the new customer will receive 50% off of their first order.

Here's how it works:

In your admin account, click "Settings" in the left-hand control panel navigation, then choose "Partner Program" from the drop down.

AgencyAnalytics partner program

In the Partner Program section, you'll find a few important data points.

  • Coupon: This is the code that customers who you refer will need to enter when they check out in order for you to get a credit. If the customer doesn't enter this code, we can NOT credit you manually.

  • Available Credits: This is the dollar amount of credits available to be applied to your next invoice(s).

  • Total Referrals: The total number of customers you've referred since the inception of our partner program.

  • Total Earnings: The total dollar amount of credits that you've earned from our partner program since it's inception.

  • Date/User/Amount: Date, name, and amount earned for each specific referral.

AgencyAnalytics partner program dashboard

When you tell friends how much you love AgencyAnalytics, and they then decide that they want to try it for themselves... just give them that coupon code from your partner portal, and be sure that they enter it when they submit payment and check out. You'll get a credit toward your next invoice, and they'll get a 50% discount on their first monthly payment.

A few details to note:

  • The partner program is not an "affiliate program". You must be a current, paid customer to be eligible. We don't prohibit promoting your coupon code on social media or on your website, but we don't encourage these practices either.

  • The credit for a referral is $50 regardless of the plan that the referred customer signs up for.

  • The credit is one time; it's not recurring.

  • We don't provide a referral link. Customers MUST apply your discount code at checkout for you to get credit.

  • Credits are applied automatically to your next invoice.

  • We don't pay out credits in cash, EVER.

  • If you cancel your account or let it lapse, your credits will be here waiting for you if/when you decide to renew.

  • We will not apply credits retroactively to customers whom you've referred in the past.

This program is our way of saying a huge THANK YOU to all of those customers who've helped us to grow through referrals and word of mouth!

Ready? Set... Go and tell your friends!

Have questions about our new partner program? Don't hesitate to leave a comment below, or to reach out to our support team at

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