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New PhoneWagon & CallSource Integrations, Plus Other Call Tracking Updates

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics
Feb 27
Feb 27, 2020
New PhoneWagon & CallSource Integrations, Plus Other Call Tracking Updates

This week's new features include two new call tracking platforms, plus updates to a lot of our existing integrations.

If you're doing call tracking work, this one is for you.

First up, we've added PhoneWagon and CallSource integrations, to help you monitor and report on all of your clients' calls. This brings our integration count to 43, and we've got even more in the works for 2020!

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But we haven't stopped there: We've also added a range of new metrics and functionality to a lot of our other call tracking integrations including Avanser, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, Marchex, and WhatConverts.

Let's take a deeper look at all of these updates now.

Brand new PhoneWagon integration

You can now connect PhoneWagon to AgencyAnalytics, to monitor and report on each client's calls.

call tracking metrics

Once you integrate PhoneWagon, you'll be able to pull in all calls across time (based on your chosen date range). You'll also see the exact number of answered and missed calls, plus information on each caller, call source, and more!

Your agency can also allow clients to log in and listen to call recordings, via the PhoneWagon dashboard. To hear the recording, just click the "listen" icon next to any call in the table.

Brand new CallSource integration

Next up is our new CallSource integration: If you use CallSource for your client call tracking, you can now easily plug that data into AgencyAnalytics.

call tracking metrics

Our CallSource integration allows you to report on all call types, call durations, sources, statuses, and a lot more.

You can also filter the data by source, for even deeper breakdowns of your calls. And just like with our PhoneWagon integration, your clients can access their call recordings directly from our dashboards.

If you use a different call tracking tool, check out our other call tracking integrations here, or import data from any source via Google Sheets.

CallRail & WhatConverts forms slide-out panel

Even though we've added two new call tracking platforms, we haven't forgotten about our existing call tracking integrations.

If you're using CallRail or WhatConverts, you can now access even more information on each client's web forms and calls, via our new slide-out panels.

Simply click the date in any row of your CallRail forms or WhatConverts calls dashboard. You'll see a panel appear on the right, showing detailed information (including the full web form content!).

call tracking metrics

Call recording slide-out panel

Our slide-out panel is being put to use elsewhere as well: Now, you can listen to call recordings directly within our platform.

Just click the "listen" (headphones) icon next to any call, and you'll see the slide-out panel appear on the right with a media player. From there, you'll be able to stream or download the recording directly from your dashboard. This new functionality applies to all of our call tracking integrations.

call tracking metrics recordings

New metrics for CallTrackingMetrics

Today's final update is for CallTrackingMetrics: We've just added over 20 new metrics to that integration!

Just click the settings button at the top right of your CallTrackingMetrics dashboard to toggle them on or off.

call tracking metrics filters

These new options allow you to report on marketing data, transaction information, and important metrics like ring time, hold time, and talk time.

As well as toggling these metrics for dashboards, don't forget to add them to your client reports, to give your clients a deeper overview of their important phone call data.

We love to chat, so let us know what you think of all these new updates! Leave a comment below, or reach out to

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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