Yelp Integration, GMB’s New Home, & Local Updates

AgencyAnalytics Yelp Integration

Google My Business hasn't disappeared - it's now under "Local". Oh, and we've got a Yelp integration!

We have a few important updates for you today, so read on to get up to speed now:

First, we've added a Yelp integration! We've had quite a few requests for this one, so we're thrilled to make it available.

Once you've connected Yelp, you'll instantly see your total review count, average rating, and snippets of your latest reviews. And of course you can add all of these widgets to your client reports and custom dashboards. As Yelp's API becomes more versatile, we'll be looking to add even more metrics and widgets!

You'll find Yelp under "Local" in each campaign's left side menu... Which brings me to the second important point:

We've changed our "Reviews" left-hand menu option to "Local", to better represent the type of data available. You'll find our usual reputation and citations integrations there, including Yext, BirdEye, Grade.Us, Vendasta, and now Yelp. This update is just a simple name change in the menu, to accommodate our ever-evolving integrations and metrics.

Third (and related to the above), we've moved our Google My Business Insights integration from "SEO" to "Local". You'll still see all of the same metrics and information. The integration has just found a new home in our left side menu under "Local"!

All of these updates are available right now in your account, so dive in and take a look.

As always, we're hard at work to bring you even more improvements and integrations. Stay tuned for more announcements over the coming weeks!

Got any comments or feedback? We love to chat: reach out to us at to start a conversation, or leave a comment below.

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Matthew Davis

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