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SERP Tracker Updates

Trever Clark
Trever Clark
Written by
Trever Clark
Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics
Mar 11
Mar 11, 2019
SERP Tracker Updates

Big news! We've just added zip code based rank tracking, the ability to tag keywords when adding them, new keyword research options, and more.

This isn't the BIG SERP tracker overhaul that you may have heard us allude to. Our developers are still hard at work on that update, which should be rolled out in the next couple of months. Rest assured, you'll know when it happens! We'll most likely schedule a webinar to run everyone through the new features.

But for now, we think you'll be thrilled with today's update, which brings some of your top rank tracking feature suggestions to the AgencyAnalytics platform.

Here's what's new:

A Brand New "Add Keywords Wizard" Interface

We've modernized the look and feel of the "Add Keywords" feature by switching from a pop-up window to a full screen "wizard". This change should ensure that adding keywords remains an intuitive and easy to understand process for brand new users while giving us the scalability to add additional features for more advanced users.

The old "Add Keywords" interface:

add keywords

The new "Add Keywords" interface:

keyword tracking

The new interface is a multi-step wizard that guides you through each option, making it less likely that you'll miss anything and run into issues!

Steps 1-3 should be familiar to anyone who's used our old "Add Keywords" feature. Step 4 - and some of the exact functions in the other steps - are brand new, and I'll talk about them separately, below.

Zip Code Based Rank Tracking

You read that right! In response to overwhelming demand, you can now track keyword locations down to the ZIP code/postal code level. You're no longer restricted to tracking from the city center of large metropolitan areas! This new feature is a sea change when it comes to fetching granular, hyper-localized rankings for local businesses, and we're stoked to be able to provide it to our customers.

No special instructions required here. Just enter the ZIP code/Postal code as the location being tracked in step 2 of the new "Add Keywords" wizard.

LinkedIn Ads reporting

New Keyword Research Options

We've added a MUCH more robust keyword suggestions tool. You'll find it in the first screen of the new "Add Keywords" wizard.

In additional to our standard (default) keyword suggestions tool, you can now pull keyword suggestions from SEM Rush, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Google Analytics Paid Search.

Note that for all of these except for the Default suggestions and SEM Rush, you'll need to connect the associated integration so that we can pull these suggestions from your (or your customers') account.

keyword tracking default

Tag When Adding Keywords

We would have never realized what an important feature this was to our customer base without your feedback. To everyone who requested or voted for this feature - thank you!

You can now tag keywords at the time that you add them, which saves you from having to try and sort through those keywords to tag them afterward, when they might be buried in a "sea" of other un-tagged keywords. This should take care of a major pain point for our larger agency customers.

In Step 4 of the new "Add Keywords" wizard, just type the tag that you'd like to apply and - if it's a brand new tag - click the Plus (+) button.

keywords tags

(Learn more about our tagging functionality here)

So that's everything! We hope that you have as much fun exploring these new features as we had creating them.

Questions? Additional feedback? Just comment below or reach out to us at

Trever Clark
Trever Clark
Written by
Trever Clark
Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics

Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and home-distilling artisanal whiskies like a true Grand Rapids hipster.

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