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Aug 6, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes in 2020 [Infographic]

Let's face it...you only have one chance to grab someone’s attention on social media. These days, getting someone to stop scrolling and take a closer look at your post is easier said than done.When it comes to social media marketing, your...

Peter Foy
Jul 29, 2020

How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Grow Your Business in 2020

LinkedIn Ads are often put on the backburner in favor of Google Ads and Facebook ads. However, if you overlook the world’s largest professional networking platform, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.With 690+ million users in more than 200...

Chris Bibey
Jul 20, 2020

How to Build a Social Media Dashboard for Clients

If you own or work at a full-service digital marketing agency, it’s likely you offer social media management services for clients. If so, you know that building true engagement and a loyal audience is easier said than done.From creating unique...

Peter Foy
Jul 17, 2020

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is the Best Choice for Your Business?

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and Facebook Ads are the two gorillas of PPC advertising. Both can be significant drivers for your business and many companies use both in congruence to maximize their reach. But, since time and money is...

Rebecca Bowden
Jul 14, 2020

10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago we opened our virtual doors to the online world! I had no idea that I'd be writing this post 10 years later, but I am extremely grateful to be able to.Back then, the company was called My SEO Tool and was started by Blake and myself...

Joe Kindness
Jul 13, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

In this guide, we'll discuss how to use eCommerce conversion rate optimization to make the most out of the traffic that you are getting.Here’s what you will learn by the end of this guide:What is conversion rate optimization?How to optimize an...

Agota Bialobzeskyte
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