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Mar 3, 2021

6 Ways Digital Agencies Can Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) is a classic example of working smarter, not harder. Making more money from a single client over time means you’ll need to have fewer clients on your roster – and you’ll have more time to focus on growing...

Joe Kindness
Feb 18, 2021

Agency Utilization Rate: How to Use This Metric to Increase Efficiency

As an agency, managing you and your team's time spent on client-facing tasks can be a challenge. Without careful consideration and monitoring, your employees could be working either too much or too little, and both can have a negative impact on...

Alex Girardi
Feb 11, 2021

A Guide to Agency Partnerships: 5 Tips from Agency Owners

With so many new marketing channels and platforms available to grow a business, it can be challenging for agencies to keep up with each innovation while still remaining specialized.From new social media platforms to new fields of software...

Peter Foy
Jan 27, 2021

SEO Agency Software: 30+ Tools to Grow Your Agency in 2021

Running an SEO agency means that you need to stay on top of countless metrics, KPIs, and industry updates. There are many different SEO software tools and platforms to help run your marketing agency, although finding the right one(s) to best serve...

Peter Foy
Jan 21, 2021

Data Visualization for Agencies: Key Concepts & Best Practices

When it comes to reporting, data visualization is one of the most important parts of effective client communication.Data visualization transforms raw data in a way that communicates insights and meaning to your audience. There are many reasons...

Peter Foy
Jan 13, 2021

A Complete Guide to Calculating Agency Margins

Running an agency often means wearing far too many hats, juggling clients across verticals, and dealing with a perennial talent shortage. The last thing you want in the mix is dealing with low margins due to pricing issues. The question now is:...

Christian Sculthorp
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