Customer Success Champion

High level customer success and account exec position. Assist with strategy in customer retention, onboarding, churn rate & CLV improvement.

Job Description

We're seeking an experienced, high level customer success champion to provide technical support and account executive services to users of our highly successful SaaS utility. This isn't your typical "customer service" position! You'll be joining a small, tight-knit, and highly committed team that's passionate about helping customers to reach their business goals using our product. You'll be providing technical support, functioning as an account executive, writing technical documentation, thinking "entrepreneurially" to help improve retention/onboarding/churn/CLV and - depending on your exact skill set - assisting with a variety of marketing, content production and business dev projects.


  • Provide customer support/tech support using Intercom
  • Perform one on one screen share demos for new customers
  • Conduct webinars for B2B customers
  • Perform account setup and similar "account executive" type functions
  • Write high quality technical support documentation
  • Participate in various business dev projects depending on skill set

Experience Required

  • 2+ years in a similar customer success or technical support role for a SaaS
  • Moderate to advanced understanding of SEO
  • Basic understanding of all common digital marketing channels (Adwords, FB Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media etc)
  • Advanced written communication skills
  • College degree (bonus)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS (bonus)
  • Content production (written/video) or marketing skills (bonus)
  • Experience running your own website (bonus)


  • $800/week USD


  • 100% remote position
  • 3 weeks vacation
  • Frequent promotions
  • Fun working dynamic
  • Company trips to Vegas
  • Unlimited personal days
  • Autonomy and flexibility