A Customer Story with Rankings.io CEO, Chris Dreyer

Rankings.io streamlined their KPI reports and saved over $150k annually after automating their reporting using AgencyAnalytics.

  • $150K
    Saved Annually
  • 240+
    Hours Saved per Month
  • 62
    Custom Dashboards

"The robust reporting features of AgencyAnalytics automated the time-consuming process of generating KPI reports, essentially eliminating the need for an SEO analyst position.

Where other agencies will create one monthly report of their keyword rankings and traffic, all of our clients have a mobile dashboard that gives them instant access to any metrics they need in real time. Our clients love the mobile app."

The Client

Rankings.io is an SEO agency that helps lawyers and legal firms grow their businesses with first-page rankings. Chris Dreyer founded Rankings.io in 2013 specifically to help law firms obtain more clients, cases, and revenue. Since then, his team has helped rank hundreds of firms across the U.S.

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The Challenge

Creating clear & robust analytics reports for clients

Chris Dreyer needed a better way to share Rankings.io’s data with his company’s clients. He wanted to both showcase high-profile wins, and help clients see exactly what his team was doing for them and their websites.

He knew that the data needed to be as clear and transparent as possible so clients could easily track lead generation, calls, contact form submissions, ranking improvements, and other key metrics that they cared about.

But, while most of this data was available through Google Analytics, the information wasn’t intuitively laid out for non-SEOs, Rankings.io’s analysts needed to disseminate and compile the data into reports before they could send it to their clients.

Unfortunately, this was a labor-intensive process. Rankings.io’s team spent over 240 hours each month preparing reports. And because analysts (unlike project managers) weren’t client-facing, their reports sometimes overlooked client-specific KPIs.

The whole process was frustrating and time-consuming, and Chris knew there had to be better way to generate reports. In late 2017, he found his solution: AgencyAnalytics.

"We had used other analytics tools and we’d been frustrated with their reporting capabilities. Some of them weren’t intuitive or user-friendly, other tools lacked key features and capabilities, and others couldn’t access all of our analytics or show the types of data we wanted."

The Solution

Dashboards for 62 clients reporting on all key metrics

AgencyAnalytics was just one of many reporting platforms Chris considered. Their competitive price point, intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and customizable features won him over.

Chris especially loves the white label capabilities that allow him to create automated reports, PDFs, and mobile dashboards all branded with the Rankings.io logo.

He also appreciated that it integrated seamlessly with tools his team rely on, such as CallRail and Google Analytics.

But best of all, AgencyAnalytics is easy-to-use—both for Chris’s team and his clients. Each of Rankings.io’s 62 clients has a custom dashboard that they can access whenever they want. By logging in from their computer or their mobile apps, they can instantly see real-time reports on the KPIs they care about.

"AgencyAnalytics is such an intuitive platform. The customization options for analytics reports are comprehensive but easy to implement. Features such as white label capabilities and inline comments help us make reports our own and promote our brand to our clients. It integrates with other tools we were already using. And their customer service is excellent."

The Result

Annual savings of $150,000

AgencyAnalytics is now a key part of Rankings.io’s daily process. By automatically generating reports, it fulfills the role that used to require two or three full-time analysts. By Chris’s estimation, it’s saved Rankings.io over $150,000 annually.

And while Chris and his team currently use AgencyAnalytics to automatically generate comprehensive monthly reports, they know that they can easily create specific reports showcasing link acquisition campaigns, SEO audits, or other wins too.

The result is that Rankings.io has a fast, reliable, and transparent platform for communicating results and real-time KPIs with its clients. Now, Chris and his team can take the time and energy they used to spend creating reports and reinvest it into generating results for their clients.

"AgencyAnalytics automated the work of two to three full-time employees. It’s been a massive savings cost-wise and efficiency-wise. It’s also been a dramatic time-saver. I’m very happy with AgencyAnalytics and what the tool offers our clients."