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X (Twitter) is supported via data import using the Google Sheets integration. This customizable Twitter dashboard template is the perfect way to import and report on the most important KPIs, such as conversions and engagement.
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Why You Should Use a Dashboard to Track Your Progress on Twitter

Reporting your Twitter campaign performance to clients can be a drag. It is time-consuming and inefficient to dig through multiple Twitter accounts and have to update spreadsheets one after the other. Giving your clients a real-time dashboard keeps them in the loop and helps you streamline your agency’s workflow.

Using our dashboard which integrates Twitter analytics helps agencies create reports in minutes.

Having a Twitter dashboard gives in-depth insights that analyze follower growth, Tweet count, Retweets, and Likes. You can show your clients the effects of your marketing strategy with full details and let your data do the talking. This ensures that your agency backs its strategies and performance on relevant and insightful data that your clients can trust.

You can also build a Twitter report in a few clicks using our template using the same account in AgencyAnalytics!

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What's Included In Our Twitter Dashboard Template

1. Number of Tweets

For most agencies offering social media marketing, the number of Tweets you deliver is usually a hard deliverable. Our dashboard helps you report on recent Tweets to your clients. You should be reporting on the number of times you Tweeted, along with engagement metrics.

number of tweets

You can also use your Tweet count as a comparison to your other engagement metrics. If your Tweet count is high, but Likes aren't, you may have an issue that needs addressing.


When it comes to Twitter, engagement metrics are the holy grail. That is the purpose of running campaigns on the platform: to foster quality relationships with your target audience. If people are reacting to your Tweets, that's a great thing.

graph with number of retweets

Retweets prove that your clients’ customers value their service or product to the point of vouching for it on the platform. The more Retweets your posts receive the greater your brand awareness. It allows your Tweets to continue to get to the top of other news feeds.

The Twitter algorithm is used by the platform to rank Tweets, which makes certain Tweets appear higher on users' feeds than others. If you get a lot of Retweets, that's a ranking factor. A Retweet involves a greater level of commitment than a Like, which is the reason why it matters more in the Twitter algorithm.


The Like metric is a soft engagement metric. While it does not involve an outright commitment to your client’s brand, it reveals what kind of Tweets your target audience is interested in seeing.

graph showing likes on twitter

With an AgencyAnalytics dashboard, you can analyze your Like rate and locate days or weeks with a high volume of Likes. With this data, you can figure out who Liked what and why.

Perhaps it was a particular type of Tweets, or maybe an introduction to a new type of post like a meme. Whatever the reason, the Likes metric gives you a clear picture of the kind of Tweets your clients’ followers are looking out for. Generally, it's a very good thing when you get more Likes month over month.


Everybody wants to be famous on Twitter–so do your clients. While quality trumps quantity when it comes to Follower growth, it is still an important KPI.

graph showing number of followers on twitter

With our Twitter dashboard, you can track how fast and effectively your Follower count is growing. If the analytics show that your Follower count is dropping, it's a very bad sign and you'll need to turn the ship around. Any sudden drops in followers are a clear sign that something's gone wrong.

On the other hand, showing your clients an increasing client count month-over-month will make them very happy.

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Why AgencyAnalytics is The Best Twitter Dashboard

Custom Dashboards & Reports In Minutes

Visualize Twitter Analytics in an Intuitive Dashboard

Tired of digging through multiple accounts and updating spreadsheets to create marketing reports? Reporting no longer needs to be a tedious process. Create Twitter dashboards for easy data analysis, and turn them into client-facing reports in minutes. Give clients access to a custom dashboard or set up automated marketing reports to deliver directly to their inbox.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard template

Track Your Clients’ Twitter Audience Growth

Your clients want to see their social network growing. Show them how you’re consistently expanding their reach. Include detailed graphs in your social media reports that highlight how the Follower count has increased over time.

twitter dashboard showing follower count
Monitor Likes, Comments, and Shares

Analyze Twitter Engagement

Gain a deeper understanding of what Tweets your Followers engage with, so you can continue to share more of the content they want to see. Monitor Likes, Comments, and Shares for every Tweet directly in the dashboard.

analyze twitter engagement metrics

All Your Marketing Channels, One Single Login.

Combine all your clients’ marketing metrics into one single platform. From social media to PPC, Email marketing, and more, access all your clients’ marketing metrics from your AgencyAnalytics account to show just how your campaigns are contributing to your clients’ overall success.

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24/7 Twitter Dashboard

Manage Your Entire Agency With Unlimited Staff and Client Logins

Create as many staff and client logins as you need for your internal and client-facing dashboards. White label the dashboard with your own logo and colors. You can even host the dashboard on your own domain to present it as a custom, in-house tool to your clients.

Client & Staff User Account Options

I have been in the industry for 10 years and used a lot of reporting tools. AgencyAnalytics is the best one I have used in terms of both the software itself and value for money. This tool is a must for any online marketing company.

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