We have created a simple REST API. It is designed to be simple, predictable and light-weight. All output is returned in JSON.

The system is comprised of two distinct objects referred to as models and feeds. A model is a thing while a feed is a statistical report.

All requests can be made from the api endpoint In the case that a particular endpoint does not use this url, be sure to check the method's endpoint field.


All requests are authetnicated via HTTP Basic Authentication. However, this API does not use the username field and can be left blank. Your API key is your auth password.


All endpoints return common error formats that adhere to to HTTP response codes.

HTTP 200 - Everything went as expected, payload is returned

HTTP 204 - Everything went as expected, no payload is returned

HTTP 403 - You've supplied an invalid API key

HTTP 404 - You've tried to access a URL resource that doesn't exist

HTTP 500 - Something went wrong on our side