Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Bing search analytics for Agencies. Increase organic traffic and save time!

Bing webmaster tool dashboard by AgencyAnalytics

Search Queries

Understand what search terms generate the most website traffic

Top Pages

View the average rank and click-through rate for each page

Crawl Errors

Identify crawl errors based on page and error type

Average Position

View the average position for each search term

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Bing Webmaster Tools Top Query Reports

Identify Keywords Driving Traffic

Identify the search terms that deliver the most value. Analyze metrics like average position, impressions and clicks. Use this information to determine where you should focus your SEO efforts. Optionally, enable more detailed tracking by adding keywords to our rank tracker.

Graph of Bing Webmaster clicks
Bing Webmaster Tools Top Pages Reports

Page-Level Search Analytics

Your client's have invested a lot of time and money into developing their website. Now they want to see this investment payoff! Show clients exactly which web pages generate the most clicks, impressions and have the highest average position.

Simple to setup. Easy to use. Cost effective.
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Bing Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors

Stay on top of Crawl Errors

Crawl errors can be detrimental to your SEO strategy. It's a tedious process to monitor errors across all your clients. Quickly navigate between each campaign, so you never miss another crawl error damaging your search engine rankings.

Save hours with a streamlined reporting process

Automate Your SEO Reports

Create simple, automated SEO reports using our state-of-the-art editor. Schedule delivery to clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We help your agency save hundreds of man-hours!

Time graph of total clicks in Bing Webmaster reporting dashboard
White Label SEO Dashboard

Add Your Own Branding

Stand above competing Agencies. Offer your clients access to a branded interface featuring your logo and color scheme on your reports and your customized dashboard.

White label settings