Google Plus Dashboard

Monitor followers, replies, reshares and plus ones for all of your clients in a unified, intuitive dashboard.

Track Audience Growth

Show clients your progress in growing their audience over time

Monitor Engagement

Analyze engagement metrics like reshares, replies & plus ones

Post Insights

Streamlined reporting for individual post metrics in a feed-style format


Include Google Plus alongside all of your marketing channels in our automated reports

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Track All of Your Google Plus Accounts

All of Your Clients in One Place

Clicking between tabs and searching for login credentials is a thing of the past. Save valuable time by tracking all of your clients' Google Plus analytics from a single, streamlined interface. Quickly review the health and progress of each client account in seconds.

Demonstrate Progress in Audience Acquisition

Track Follower Growth

Follower growth is revenue growth! Show clients the progress you've made in growing their influence and contributing to their bottom line. Demonstrate audience trends over time in both the live client dashboards and your scheduled reports.

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Monitor Replies, Reshares and Plus Ones

Analyze Audience Engagement

Audience growth is crucial, but audience engagement is the true measure of a company's online influence. Show your customers exactly how their audience is engaging with Google Plus posts by demonstrating trends in replies, reshares and plus ones over time.

Live, Feed-Style Post Analytics

Highlight Post Performance

Boring screenshots and spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Give clients access to analytics for each individual post in a familiar, interactive post feed. Clients love having access to their live Google Plus feed - with real time analytics - from a unified, cross-channel dashboard.

White Label Google Plus Dashboard

Add Your Own Branding

"Wow" your clients with a white-labeled dashboard and social media reports that feature your agency's branding. Upload your logo, configure matching brand colors and even host the dashboard on your own domain. Easy enough to configure for freelancers, with robust branding options for enterprise agencies.

White label settings