SEO Dashboard

Custom SEO dashboards for agencies. Monitor backlinks, rankings & site audits in one simple interface.

SEO Metrics

Share SEO metrics with clients including backlinks, rankings, site audits and competition

White Label

Add your own branding and logo to your fully white labeled SEO dashboard


Choose the exact metrics you want to include in your custom dashboard

Show Your Value

Add conversion and organic traffic metrics to show clients the value you provide

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You Choose the Metrics to Display

Custom SEO Dashboards

SEO monitoring dashboards are never "one size fits all", which is why our dashboards are 100% customizable. Show the metrics that matter most to you and your clients, customized to your exact needs. Build a new dashboard for each client to monitor data in real-time, and to showcase your SEO achievements.

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Everything On One Screen

Powerful Dashboard Widgets

Over 340 SEO widgets! Mix, match, and filter to see rankings, backlinks, analytics, site audits, local SEO, and more. Resize, move, and color widgets so your data is always visible. Want to see keyword rank changes next to organic traffic? Done! Add a chart with new and lost backlinks? You got it!

SEO dashboard for clients
More Than Just A Single Dashboard

Built For SEO Success

If 340+ SEO widgets aren't enough, dive even deeper with our feature-packed dedicated SEO dashboards. Understand your rankings, competition, traffic, and on-site issues like never before. Our powerful in-house tools give you the insights you need, all in one place.

Sessions by country in the analytics dashboard
Your Most-Used SEO Integrations

Connect The Essentials

Along with comprehensive in-house tools, our 30+ integrations include SEO essentials like Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google My Business. Real-time data allows you stay on top of the constantly changing local, national, and international SEO landscape.

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White Label SEO Dashboard

Add Your Branding

Add your agency's logo and branding to your custom dashboard. You can even host the dashboard on your own domain! Our dashboards are 100% white-labeled, so you can choose to present it as an in-house tool that sets your agency apart.

White label settings
Unlimited Client & Staff Users

Give Clients a Custom Login

Clients want up-to-date SEO data, and they want it on their schedule. But too little or too much data can lead to more work for you. Give clients their own dashboard login, and customize the exact metrics they see. Highlight your achievements, and add personalized notes to really impress them!

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The best reporting tool out a mile
Brian Dean - Backlinko
Accurate SERP Rankings For Your SEO Dashboard

Daily Search Rankings

Track rankings across all the major search engines including Google, Google Maps, and Bing. Chart campaign-level ranking metrics to help evaluate performance, or see in-depth data for any keyword. Specify an exact location and language for spot on accuracy.

SEO rank tracker
Access to Majestic Backlink Data

Detailed Backlink Analytics

A key element to SEO success is maintaining a strong backlink profile. With our backlink monitor tool, you can track backlinks, anchor text and much more. Monitor backlink changes on your custom SEO dashboard, and dive deep into each new and lost link in our dedicated backlinks area.

Backlink report chart displaying all new links built
Update Clients on their Website Performance

Site Audit Performance

Identify issues on your client's website that may be damaging their search rankings and user experience. Our SEO site audit automatically checks over 40 on-site issues that impact search engine optimization. We tell you exactly where the issues are, to help you quickly optimize your client’s site.

See How Competitors Stack Up

Competition Analysis

Show clients exactly how they compare to their competition. Monitor your competitors and discover search ranking overlap, site authority and more, directly in your SEO dashboard. See competition data for entire websites, and for every keyword you're tracking.

Organic Traffic and Conversions

Website Analytics

If there is one metric that your clients want to see, it's revenue. Show clients how your SEO campaign generated new leads and sales by adding Google Analytics to your dashboard. Highlight traffic, conversions, ecommerce, and everything else Google Analytics offers. Filter it by organic traffic so clients see that it was your SEO efforts that paid off!

Organic search pie chart in Google Analytics dashboard
See Your Most Important Data, Anywhere

Mobile-Friendly SEO Dashboards

The web is mobile, and so are we. Fully interactive mobile SEO dashboards allow you to monitor your data at any time. Quickly switch to mobile-view when building a dashboard to ensure that both your team and your clients can see the data they need, no matter where they are.

Time graph of total clicks in Bing Webmaster reporting dashboard