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CEO of LeaseMyMarketing

Finding an automated client reporting tool like AgencyAnalytics has helped LeaseMyMarketing retain its current clients and win new business.
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The Client

Adam Allen founded his Pennsylvania-based marketing agency, LeaseMyMarketing, in 2015. Allen wanted to help small and medium-sized businesses access their marketing data, understand it, and make informed marketing decisions. 

With over 20 years of corporate marketing experience, Allen knew he could apply the same data-driven approach that makes large corporations successful and apply it to their regional and national clientele to create a meaningful marketing impact. 

LeaseMyMarketing specializes in website development and lead generation for a variety of clients in different industries across the United States. 

Over the years, Allen and his team have experimented with client retention strategies and introduced a website maintenance program. This program prevents costly website overhauls, ensuring ongoing visibility in SERPs and customer attraction and conversion for their clients’ businesses.

I set out to create a company that would be highly scalable. So to stay focused on that goal, I’m always looking at ways to improve operational efficiencies.
Adam Allen, LeaseMyMarketing

IndustryWebsite Development & Lead Generation
LocationPennsylvania, USA

The Challenge

LeaseMyMarketing experienced rapid business growth and was looking for ways to automate their inefficiencies and keep up momentum. 

Allen recognized that reporting was taking a large amount of time every month. They were sourcing data from a combination of platforms, beginning with Google Analytics. Even after that effort, it wasn’t easy for their clients to understand or make sense of the marketing data. 

LeaseMyMarketing then switched to spreadsheets that were a more consumable format for their clients. The downside was it took enormous amounts of time for their team to build, populate the marketing metrics, and send them manually to clients.  At this point, Allen estimated their reporting was taking almost four hours per client.

Prior to AgencyAnalytics, our agency’s client reporting was a manual nightmare.
Adam Allen, LeaseMyMarketing

The Solution

Fed up with their makeshift reporting, Allen started looking for a solution that would streamline their processes. 

LeaseMyMarketing wanted a client reporting tool that was visually appealing, easy to integrate with their client’s marketing platforms, and accessible to their clients 24/7. 

Aside from automated client reporting, there were additional features that were also important to the team. Being able to use their reporting software for other tasks, such as sales pitches, prospective research, and monitoring SEO efforts was high on Allen’s priority list.

We needed a reporting solution that would allow us to create a “set-it and forget-it” process.
Adam Allen, LeaseMyMarketing

The Result

After implementing AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software, LeaseMyMarketing has found innovative ways to leverage the tool and win new business. 

“AgencyAnalytics is not just a client reporting tool. If client reporting is the only thing you are using it for, then you are missing out and not fully leveraging the capabilities of the platform.”

The custom user permissions allow their clients to see their marketing data in real time, helping them build trust and transparency with potential leads. 

Another feature LeaseMyMarketing has loved using is the report templates and cloning capabilities. They easily copy marketing dashboards and customize them as needed, making their monthly reporting a breeze. 

I now use AgencyAnalytics in multiple stages of my business, including prospecting, pitching, launching websites, and of course, as a client retention tool.
Adam Allen, LeaseMyMarketing
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