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Put Your Client Reporting on Autopilot

Tired of wasting billable hours manually creating client reports each month? Build automated marketing reports in minutes to speed up your agency's data-retrieval and reporting workflow.
How to Schedule Automated Marketing Reports for Marketing Agency Clients

Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

Streamline your client reporting to scale your agency. Set up your marketing reports for each client and put the entire process on autopilot with a simple and scalable report scheduling and approval process.
Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

80+ Integrations

No more switching between platforms. Automatically include all your clients’ latest marketing data in one place

Fully Customizable

The drag and drop report builder offers complete customization so you can build reports how you want

White Labeled

Create fully branded reports featuring your logo and colors—even host them on your own domain

100% Automated

Automate your clients’ data collection and simplify reporting by scheduling reports to go out on a date and time customized for your clients


Create Customized Client Reports in Minutes

Choose from dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboard templates, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more. Paint a picture of your clients’ entire marketing strategy with customized white labeled dashboards and reports. Turn live marketing dashboards into professional marketing reports in a few clicks.

An example of the client report template in the AgencyAnaytlics platform

Automated Report Scheduling & Approval

Easily flip powerful client dashboards into beautiful reports in minutes with all of your clients’ marketing data automatically populated. Use the report scheduling feature to create automated marketing reports that are sent on a customized schedule. On select plans, get notified before each report is sent out for your final approval and expert commentary.

An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports

Design Your Cover Page & Report

Build aesthetically impressive marketing reports that leave an impact and tell the story of the great ROI your agency delivers. Adjust the background color or upload a custom designed image. Add and adjust your title and image widgets to suit your style. Save your favorite report designs as templates your agency can use again and again.

Report cover page and report section customizability.
Choose from 80+ integrations

All Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics In One Place

Stop wasting time switching between marketing channels and bring all your clients' data under one roof with automated marketing reports. Connect to any of the 75+ integrations, including today's most popular marketing platforms, for real-time data automatically updated in live dashboards. Create custom metrics to blend data across campaigns to showcase growth and ROI.

A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software

Personalize Your Automated Marketing Reports

Give every client a personalized experience by adding your expert commentary to each report. Craft an executive summary, make recommendations, and tell a story with their digital marketing data. With automated data-retrieval and report creation processes, use a digital marketing reporting tool to focus your time on providing personalized insights, actionable context, and professional advice.

An example of client report metric personalizations within the AgencyAnalytics platform

There are so many features and they are all very easy to use. Having monthly reports sent to clients automatically couldn’t be better. Clients are happy, I’m happy!

Angus Ewart
Angus Ewart
Marwick Marketing

Automate Client Marketing Reports for Accurate Data and Eliminate Human Errors.


White Label Dashboards & Marketing Reports

Stand out from the competition. White labeled marketing reports showcase your digital marketing agency’s professionalism and strong brand identity. A full suite of customizable widgets, the drag and drop report builder, and white label capabilities helps your agency build credibility and long-lasting client relationships. 

How to white label and customize your marketing agency's branding in AgencyAnalytics

Cross-Campaign Reporting

Cross-campaign reporting keeps your team updated on all of your clients’ marketing campaigns in one place, covering each client's key metrics to ensure you’re hitting all your goals. For clients with multiple websites or locations, aggregate their marketing analytics into a single client report to provide a complete overview of your agency’s work.

An example of cross campaign reporting tools available to build automated marketing reports for clients.

Show Clients You’re Hitting Their Marketing Goals

Communicate your marketing strategy success at a glance with the Goals widget. The visual progress bar shows exactly how your efforts are trending against key marketing objectives. Break down your monthly performance targets into day-to-day action items and keep your team on track. Apply Goals to any metric and show clients exactly how you’re helping them progress towards their performance targets.

An example of the AgencyAnalytics goal interface for automated client reporting

Stay On Top of Your Reporting

With report automation, your marketing agency’s client report scheduling and delivery is done via email. Alternatively, send them instantly from any dashboard to promptly notify your clients or team of real-time changes. Provide on-demand access by sharing a link to a specific report or dashboard with a dynamic date range and date picker. Retain control by seeing exactly when reports have been opened or clicked to make sure your clients are engaging with your agency reports.

An example of available sharing options for marketing reports created in AgencyAnalytics

Customer Support Is Our Top Priority

At AgencyAnalytics, we’re committed to helping your agency succeed. Through our dedicated customer support team, you have all the assistance you need to effectively use your automated reporting software and deliver top-notch marketing reports to your clients.

Accessible 24/5, our live chat support is renowned for lightning-fast response times, usually under 3 minutes, ensuring you're never kept waiting. But speed isn't our only virtue–we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings consistently soaring above 95%.

Best in Class Customer Support

Streamline Your Agency’s Workflows With Automated Reporting.

With AgencyAnalytics, we headed into a new era of reporting. It is no longer seen as dreadful work, we save lots of time, and our reports have become way more valuable to our customers. We keep growing, and our reporting needs to grow with us.

Nico de Jong
Nico de Jong / CEO
Forward Marketing

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