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Custom Comments

Add comments, provide explanations, and offer your expert recommendations. With custom comments, you give clients the personalized experience they’re looking for.
An example of custom comments in an AgencyAnalytics client marketing report

Personalize Your Marketing Reports

Use custom comments to explain to your client the significance of different KPIs. Additionally, include your own insights for each marketing campaign. The easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor allows you to add your own explanations inside each marketing report or dashboard.

Personalize your client marketing reports with detailed messaging and action items within AgencyAnalytics

Custom Textbox Overview

The reality is that most clients don’t want to just look at stats and charts — they want your expert opinions, insights, and recommendations. The custom textbox widget allows you to easily add your notes, comments, images, links, and any other relevant information to your dashboards and reports. 

An example of the customizable textbox overview in an AgencyAnalytics client marketing report

Add Context to Your Data

In addition to custom comments, add context to your date-based charts with annotations. Including thresholds and annotations to your charts is a great way to indicate performance targets you want to hit or point out key changes to your clients. 

How digital marketing agencies can add context to their clients' marketing data with AgencyAnalytics

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