FeaturesCustom Marketing Dashboards

Custom Marketing Dashboards

Slash client reporting time and reclaim billable hours with custom marketing dashboards—the ultimate solution for a busy agency! With a user-friendly interface that integrates metrics from over 80 data sources, create visually appealing dashboards and reports that clearly demonstrate your agency's value.
Create custom dashboards for each client

Tailor-Made Client Dashboards That Align With Your Vision

Craft client dashboards and reports tailored to your agency’s unique approach to marketing, all without breaking a sweat. Easily personalize each marketing dashboard and report to match your clients' goals and highlight your successes.
Tailor-Made Client Dashboards That Align With Your Vision

100% Customizable

Build fully customizable client dashboards and reports with complete flexibility and control

White Labeled

Professionally brand your dashboards and reports with your logo, colors, and even host them on your own domain

80+ Integrations

Access all your clients' marketing data under one roof with an ever-growing selection of integrations

Easy Onboarding

Leverage pre-built dashboard templates or quickly clone existing custom dashboards for new clients


Design Dashboards Based on Your Clients’ Goals

Leverage the power of personalization with a digital marketing reporting tool that does the heavy lifting. Address clients' distinct needs using customizable widgets, a drag-and-drop report builder, and white labeling capabilities. Enhance their digital marketing dashboard experience with tailored solutions that showcase results.

Give clients a personalized experience

AgencyAnalytics not only enables the team to have useful data at their fingertips, but also presents it in a palatable way for our clients to digest. Beyond time savings, the platform helps us keep the client conversation centered on strategy vs chasing down metrics and helping the client understand them.

Jessica Weiss
Jessica Weiss / Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
One Firefly
KPIs That Drive Decisions

Customize Reports with Essential Metrics

Easily select the KPIs that matter most to your clients from over 80 platform integrations, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social Media, SEO, and other popular digital marketing platforms. Unparalleled flexibility allows your agency to craft custom reports focused precisely on the metrics that underline your clients' success stories.

Pull data directly into a client dashboard and provide a tailored view that highlights the impact of your agency’s digital marketing efforts.

custom social media dashboards

Provide Granular Insights with Custom Metrics

Take each marketing dashboard beyond what’s expected by creating custom metrics for the most in-depth client reporting possible. Combine data points from 80+ integrations into custom blended metrics. With this extra layer of personalization, add elevated insight and transparency to your client reporting.

Granular insights with custom metrics

Set Goals and Exceed Performance Targets

It’s essential to clearly define goals and set performance targets when you’re working with clients. The Goals widget lets you establish monthly targets and track performance on a day-to-day basis in one clear visual. Establish transparency, build trust, and reduce churn by showing clients exactly how they’re progressing toward their business goals.

Set goals and hit your performance targets

Add Context to Your Data with Annotations

Enrich your clients' marketing data with context. Highlight their campaign changes using annotations on date-based charts. Establish performance benchmarks, integrate KPIs, and craft a compelling narrative with your data, all to support enhanced decision-making.

Add context to your data with annotations
The All-In-One Marketing Account Dashboard

Monitor All of Your Clients at a Glance

Unlock efficiency and performance with multi-client dashboards built for marketing agencies. Creating custom dashboards at the agency level means you stop checking multiple client dashboards to find and compare data. Instead, include crucial metrics and clients' data in one place. Account managers easily track all their clients’ KPIs from a single Account Dashboard. Or, create benchmarks for your agency by comparing clients’ metrics. For example, easily compare Facebook Ads cost per click (CPC) across all your clients to determine your agency’s average performance.

Track important KPIs across more than one of your client campaigns.

By consolidating all of our tools into dashboards, we have saved so much time and money—it’s truly been invaluable.

Jason Hylan
Jason Hylan

Spend Time Crafting Winning Strategies, Not Just Reporting Them.

Tailored for Your Agency's Success

The Reporting Tool Designed for Agencies

Tired of cookie-cutter reports that leave clients confused? Craft data-driven stories that showcase your true value. Forget clunky dashboards - build custom reports focused on the key performance indicators that matter to your clients. Translate complex data into a clear narrative highlighting the impact of your strategies. 

AgencyAnalytics goes beyond reporting results– it positions you as a strategic partner obsessed with driving real results.  Don't just report, impress.

Goals and conversions metrics in Google Analytics custom dashboards

Configure Client Access Permissions

Some clients may be more tech-savvy than others and want access to all their data on their own schedule. For other clients, it may make more sense to restrict access and prevent information overload. Whatever you decide, you have complete control over each clients' permission settings. You choose exactly what you want them to see.

Configure individual client permissions

White Labeled Reporting

After automating your reporting process, customize your dashboards and reports to match your agency’s branding. Upload your logo, apply your color scheme, and even host it on your own domain. The full suite of white labeling capabilities gives you everything you need to make the platform your own.

White labeled reporting

All Your Clients’ Data in One Place

Stop wasting time switching between platforms. With 80+ marketing integrations, create customizable PPC dashboards, SEO dashboards, social media dashboards, and more! You have access to all the data you could possibly need under one roof.

All your clients data in one place
Win Back Time for What Matters

Report Smarter. Not Harder.

AgencyAnalytics automates custom report creation, freeing your agency to focus on what matters–strategic growth.  Win back the hours spent compiling data and use it to create innovative marketing strategies that skyrocket your clients' success. 

AgencyAnalytics does the heavy lifting for you, automating report creation and transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights.  Easily identify trends, optimize campaigns, and explore growth opportunities–all while exceeding client expectations. Spend less time on reporting and more time crafting winning campaigns.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform

You wouldn’t think the little things make that big of an impact, but AgencyAnalytics has fundamentally changed our internal process for the better.

Michael Gasser
Michael Gasser
Squeeze Marketing

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