Jason Hylan,
CEO of Clix

Why Clix has stayed with AgencyAnalytics for 9+ years.
9+ Years
With AgencyAnalytics
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Jason Hylan, CEO of Clix
What I’ve seen over the 9+ years I’ve been a customer of AgencyAnalytics is the transition from it being an SEO-focused tool to a complete dashboard and reporting solution. It’s been truly invaluable for our agency.
Jason Hylan, Clix

The Client

Based in St. Louis, Clix is a digital marketing agency focused on professional service firms. Their client base ranges from law firms, private schools, all the way to helicopter companies. The majority of their clients are based in the US, although they also have several international clients.

IndustryProfessional Services
LocationSt. Louis, Missouri

The ability to have a single software that allows you to check where a client is at, at any point, and for any platform they’re using—that’s what brought us to AgencyAnalytics. What kept us from switching is that I could tell these guys were motivated to make this best possible tool and were always highly engaged. Whenever I would provide feedback about the software, I knew that they were listening. I’ve always appreciated that.
Jason Hylan, Clix

The Challenge

When Jason first started using AgencyAnalytics, the platform was more of an SEO-focused tool. At the time, he was also using a number of marketing tools and trying to piece together metrics from call tracking tools, PPC platforms, and other data sources. What brought Jason to AgencyAnalytics initially was the SEO keyword tracking capabilities. They had tried other SEO tools, but found that AgencyAnalytics kept providing more and more digital marketing capabilities over time, which ultimately kept them with the company for 9+ years.

What I’ve loved about AgencyAnalytics is the ability to create a single dashboard with all data from each platform we use. From a user experience perspective, it ends up being much easier to get the data from within a dashboard than it is to go directly to the data provider. It has become a swiss army knife for us instead of a fork.
Jason Hylan, Clix

The Solution

As AgencyAnalytics has grown into more of an all-in-one reporting platform, Jason was able to either remove their third-party tools entirely or simply bring the data into their custom dashboards. This allowed him to review performance metrics for SEO, call tracking, and PPC platforms much more efficiently. From a user experience perspective, Jason also found the interface of the platform to be much user-friendly than going directly to each data provider.

The other thing that I love is that, despite how much AgencyAnalytics has grown over the years, customer support has always been highly responsive and reliable. This has been one of our longest relationships with a software platform, and that says a lot about the company.
Jason Hylan, Clix

The Result

The key result Clix has experienced is the amount of time and money they've been able to save with the platform. They leverage dashboards for their internal purposes and send quarterly reports to clients. With these reports, they're able to have better conversations with their clients about their goals and exactly what's going on with their account. Ultimately, this has helped Clix retain clients over the long run.

By consolidating all of our tools into dashboards, we have saved so much time and money—it’s truly been invaluable. As an agency owner, I don’t know of a better platform than AgencyAnalytics.
Jason Hylan, Clix

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