Careers at AgencyAnalytics

Come join our fast growing & talented team who work remotely all over the world

What We Do

Reporting for marketing agencies.

We operate a SaaS utility that provides automated client marketing reports and web-based client dashboards to digital marketing agencies. Our product is focused on SEO data (search engine rankings, backlinks etc) as well as marketing channels like social media and PPC.

Reporting for marketing agencies.

Who Are We

Fully Remote.
Fully Awesome.

We’re a motivated, passion driven team that’s laser focused on delivering an exceptional product and world class service.

The company is privately held and debt free, with a healthy balance sheet and an active customer base of more than 4,000 digital marketing agencies.

Fully Remote. Fully Awesome.

Why Work Here

As a small team, everyone wears multiple hats. We encourage everyone to contribute ideas and suggestions that will help grow the company.
Work Anywhere
If you live in Toronto, you’re welcome to work from our office. Otherwise, all our positions are 100% remote.
Small Team
We are a team of around 35 people, which means that your work matters.
Self Directed
We trust our staff and believe in giving them 100% control to do what they do best.
No Deadlines
We prefer a project take longer if it means producing exceptional results.
Profit Sharing
Every quarter we distribute profit amongst the team based on performance.
Competitive Salary
We hire rockstars. If you’re good at what you do, we believe that you deserve to be paid appropriately.
Vacation Pay
We offer 3 weeks paid vacation each year, but as long as it’s within reason, we typically don’t even keep track!
Flexible Working Hours
As long as you get your work done, you can choose your own hours.

Current Openings

We are always interested in having talented, passionate and friendly people join our team