Facebook Dashboard

Track Likes, Reach, Reviews, and more for all of your clients' Facebook pages with a single dashboard.
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Monitor Likes

Impress clients by showing audience growth over time

Track Reach

Analyze how broadly your client’s content is hitting with paid and organic effort


Gain a clear understanding of the audience being reached with your client’s content

Post Insights

Identify top performing posts across all pages

Connect All Your Clients

Manage All of Your Facebook Reporting

Stop logging into multiple Facebook accounts. Analyze all of your client's social media performance in a single dashboard. Give your client their own login so they can see this data all on their own. Or use a customizable social media report template to create stunning performance reports that reinforce your agency's contribution to the client's business growth.

Facebook Reporting Widget Examples
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Facebook Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Date
    • Page Fans
    • Page Fans Gained
    • Page Fans Gained Paid
    • Page Fans Gained Unpaid
    • Page Fans Lost
    • Page Fans Net
    • Page Follows
    • Page Impressions
    • Page Impressions Viral
    • Page Post Engagement Rate
    • Page Post Engagements
    • Page Views Total
    • Post Impressions
    • Post Impressions Viral Unique
    • Post Reach
    • Post Reach Organic
    • Post Reach Paid
    • Posts
    • Review Negative
    • Review Positive
    • Reviews
    • Users Reached
    • Users Reached Organic
    • Users Reached Paid
    • Video Views
    • Video Views Paid
    • Video Views Unpaid
    Measure Audience Growth

    Track Total Likes

    Monitor your client's audience growth and Facebook page trends. Understand what drives new followers with metrics like paid vs. organic "Likes". Use these insights and impress clients with a clear dashboard showing audience growth over time.

    Facebook Metrics Widget Examples
    Understand What Drives Growth

    Analyze User Reach

    Quickly identify Facebook posts with the highest reach in your AgencyAnalytics dashboard. Analyze the audience demographics for your client's campaign. Then easily share these KPIs with your client to show them the impact of your agency’s efforts.

    Facebook Dashboard Data Visualization Examples
    Identify Your Client's Top Performing Posts

    In-Depth Post Analytics

    Discover which posts deliver the most engagement and highest reach, so you can focus on the content that works. Staying on top of the feeds for all of your clients can be a challenge. We simplify the process with quick access to post analytics for every page you manage.

    Facebook Post Performance Reporting Example
    Build Beautiful Facebook Reporting Templates in Seconds

    Schedule Automated Reports

    Streamline your reporting process and save hours of time every month. With just a few clicks, create a Facebook report that sends automatically to clients daily, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, monthly, or annually. Add other top social integrations for an in-depth social media marketing report or live social media dashboard.

    An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports
    Give Clients Their Own Login

    Branded Facebook Dashboard

    Impress your clients with their own login to monitor their Facebook results in an easy-to-understand dashboard, alongside all their other top social metrics. You can customize the dashboard with your agency's branding, color scheme, and logo. Even host the dashboard on your own domain!

    Screenshot of Custom Dashboard

    Connect the Facebook integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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