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Elevate your agency’s game with a comprehensive social media analytics dashboard. Gain valuable insights with a powerful social media analytics tool that gathers key metrics across multiple platforms. Join over 6,500 satisfied customers and experience the benefits of using a social media dashboard!
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What is a Social Media Dashboard?

A white label social media dashboard is a customizable tool branded with a company’s identity that provides a comprehensive overview of social media performance metrics. It allows agencies to present relevant data regarding the impacts of a social media marketing strategy to clients under their own brand, offering a seamless and professional appearance.

Agencies need data-driven insights to support their clients’ social media strategies. Optimize your social media team's performance by effortlessly tracking all your clients’ social media accounts in one place. Track your agency's success with a social media marketing dashboard, and easily report on your clients’ social media analytics in a way they will appreciate. 

Why Your Agency Needs a Social Media Analytics Dashboard

Without the right social media reporting tools, it's easy to get lost in a sea of data. Especially when your social media team has to collect, analyze, and report on campaign performance metrics across multiple social media campaigns. 

That’s why agencies need a single, comprehensive social media reporting dashboard that automatically collects and visualizes marketing data under one roof. Your agency’s social media managers will thank you, as they see everything taking place on clients’ social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube to better gauge social media engagement. 

Spend less time reporting and more time optimizing campaigns that drive success. A real-time social dashboard gives you deeper analytics on each social media platform to see which one is receiving the most engagement, traffic, and conversions. Show clients the exact benefits their social accounts are providing for their business, including how much each platform is contributing to their bottom line.

To save time, send out custom reports with bulk scheduling tools using the social media report template.

AgencyAnalytics is one of the most essential tools we use as an agency. Not only do we use it daily with our internal team to check specific KPIs we are tracking through various dashboards, but it has also saved us countless hours with our monthly reporting.

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9 Sections To Include in a Client’s Social Dashboard

The following social media dashboard examples show you how to easily track common social media metrics from one dashboard and analyze the data. 

Want to compare ad spend to complement your clients’ social media campaign conversions? Just drag and drop the widget into your social media dashboard from any of 80+ integrations. Save your ideal combination as a template, and clone it to easily onboard your next new client. 

1. Subscribers/Followers

The number of subscribers or followers on an account is often the first thing clients notice. Tracking the number of people following your clients’ multiple social media platforms gives you a good gauge of their brand’s popularity amongst very different audiences. Easily identify whether one of your clients’ accounts has fewer followers while the others are going strong to adjust your social media strategy accordingly. 

number of subscribers and followers

Agency Tip: Highlight your clients' follower growth by comparing current and past periods in a concise report. Pair this social media data with key engagement metrics for a comprehensive view of follower quality and overall social media performance.

2. Conversions (from Social)

To run ROI-driven campaigns as part of your social media strategy, social media marketers need to track the number of conversions coming from each platform. This metric is a quick performance indicator, showing how close you are to reaching your clients’ business goals. Report conversions to your clients for goal-setting and KPI tracking.

conversions from social media metric

Conversions from your clients' social networks offer a wealth of actionable insights, whether it's customers completing a form or purchasing a product from social media posts. You define the conversion parameters and the dashboard, once integrated with Google Analytics, tracks it for you.

By pulling in data from Google Analytics, monitor conversions across multiple channels. A low conversion rate might indicate an ineffective call to action (CTA) or a lack of follower engagement with your client's brand. Use this key performance indicator to guide strategy adjustments and optimize outcomes.

3. Revenue (from Social)

Revenue from social tracks the exact amount of money your clients are earning through each social channel. If you’re running campaigns for an eCommerce client, for example, this is an essential metric to track. Without social media dashboard tools, it can be difficult to separate social revenue from other sources.

revenue from social metric

Knowing just how much money your clients earn from each platform gives you insights into which platforms are contributing to the bottom line and which ones may need more attention. If there’s a drastic difference between the revenue you’re bringing in on different platforms, you tweak your approach and fine-tune your strategy to lead your clients toward success.

4. Web Traffic from Social Media Posts (Sessions)

The customizable social media dashboard also shows you the number of sessions your followers have initiated on your client’s website, via the Google Analytics data integration. This metric gives you and your clients a better idea of how effective your content is at driving people to your offer. It pulls in traffic from all social sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

web traffic from social media metric aka sessions

This is also another good indication of how engaged your clients’ followers are. If you’re experiencing low web traffic, take a closer look at the CTAs on your social posts. While some web traffic comes from a customer clicking on a link in your profile bio, most will come from you actively telling them to click and visit the website.

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5. Comments on Social Media Platforms

One of the most important marketing metrics to track when it comes to follower engagement is the number of comments your clients get on posts. If your followers aren’t leaving comments on your posts, it can mean one of two things: either current and potential customers aren’t that interested in your content, or your followers are of low quality or not real.

Social Media Dashboard Comments Widgets

Low engagement can wreak havoc on your clients’ social media channels. It also makes it harder for potential customers to find your clients’ brands and can even lessen their brand authority.

Fortunately, the social media dashboard displays the comments your clients are getting on various platforms in a single view, making it much easier to respond to everyone and create posts that resonate more with the target audience.


Likes on your clients' posts serve as a key engagement metric across their social media platforms. They not only reflect audience approval, but also influence the post's exposure. When a user likes a post, it often becomes visible to their network, broadening their reach to potential customers. 

social media likes metric

As you cultivate a client’s audience, it's crucial to meet their quality expectations consistently. Tracking likes allows your agency to plan social media posts that resonate with the target audience. 

This metric, displayed on your social media dashboard, offers a direct insight into customer engagement. It can swiftly signal if there's a need to enhance the quality of your posts, ensuring you maintain a strong connection with your clients’ audiences.

7. Posts/Videos (Stat) Across Social Media Channels

How often you schedule posts for your clients depends on your client agreements.

video posts stat

The social media dashboard conveniently displays this data for each account, making it easy for both you and your clients to track how your agency is validating its client agreements and ensures you schedule posts according to the best-performing posting frequency.

8. Posts/Videos (Feed)

As a marketing agency, you should also be keeping up with what’s posted on each account on a daily basis. The social media analytics dashboard provides a feed for each platform in a single place, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between different apps.

video posts in the feed

As you scroll through this feed, be sure to pay attention to the content your team is posting. Take full advantage of that instantaneous market research to improve your engagement and conversion rates.

9. Demographics and Geographics of Subscribers

The social media dashboard enables tracking of vital demographic information on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Access data such as country, city, gender, and language with ease. This information helps assess whether the target audiences of your clients are effectively reached.

top followers by country demographics data

For local businesses aiming to engage customers in their immediate geographic area, this metric is crucial. If followers are located elsewhere when targeting New York City, for instance, it's a clear signal to adjust content and posting habits.

However, for online businesses, geographic data might be less critical unless the client doesn't ship to certain regions. In such cases, focus more on the gender, age, and language of followers, especially if the client has a specific target audience. If this audience isn't being reached, it's likely time to tweak ad campaigns.

These are the nine sections recommended to include in your social media dashboard template–it’s easy to add or remove sections with the drag-and-drop editor. Ready to get started?

AgencyAnalytics takes digital marketing campaigns to the next level. The dashboards empower agencies and clients, providing a one-login solution to understand campaign performance across SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and more.

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Why Your Agency Needs a Social Media Dashboard


Improve Your Workflow & Give Clients What They Want

Key features such as granular user permissions give agency owners and managers complete control. Assign staff members to clients and create one-off or recurring tasks for each campaign. Give your more involved clients their own login to real-time social media analytics tools they can access at any time.

Client & Staff User Account Options

Easily Access KPIs Across Multiple Social Channels

Monitor all your clients’ social platforms with real-time stats. With cross-campaign reporting, identify optimization opportunities at-a-glance to improve your campaigns and share key insights with your clients.

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Unify Your Client's Marketing Data

Centralize Your Marketing Insights with 80+ Integrations

Access over 80 marketing platform integrations and data points in one centralized location. This streamlined approach ensures your agency has all the critical data needed for comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making.

Simplify reporting, enhance insights, and deliver exceptional results for your clients with a unified view of all your marketing metrics.

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Highlight What Matters With Custom Dashboards

Customize your marketing dashboards and client reports for each of your clients’ needs. The drag-and-drop report builder makes it easy to pull all your clients’ metrics under one roof–and make it look good. 

custom social media dashboards

Tie Your Agency’s Results Back to Your Brand

Make the AgencyAnalytics platform your own in-house marketing reporting machine. Upload your agency logo, use your brand’s color palette, and more white label options for larger agencies. 

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It’s time to say goodbye to creating tedious manual reports. Spend less time fiddling with spreadsheets and more time scaling your business. The easy-to-use client reporting platform is built for busy marketing agencies. Choose from dozens of report templates and schedule your client reports in an instant.

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