Brian Ferritto.
Digital Marketing Director & Co-founder of 42connect

42connect creates client reports using AgencyAnalytics to showcase the value their digital marketing agency brings to their Ohio-based clients.
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Brian Ferritto
AgencyAnalytics is one of the most essential tools we use as an agency. Not only do we use it daily with our internal team to check specific KPIs we are tracking through various dashboards, but it has also saved us countless hours with our monthly reporting. The reports we output and email to our clients have the data clearly visualized and look professional, giving our clients a report they can finally understand!
Brian Ferritto, 42connect

The Client

Business partners Brian Ferritto and Hany ElHibir co-founded 42connect in back 2003 with one goal in mind–to build websites for their clients that delivered real-world results. 

Over the years, the duo knew it was important to focus on the data that digital marketing offers, and that would help them prove their value. It was a natural transition to start offering SEO services, and, eventually PPC. 

Fast forward to the present day, and they’ve revamped their agency to offer a full suite of digital marketing services for over 33 retainer-based clients.

We decided to focus on a range of digital marketing services because it allowed us to prove our value to our clients. We are now able to show real results from the work we do while creating a recurring revenue stream.
Brian Ferritto, 42connect

IndustryFull Service
LocationCleveland, OH

The Challenge

As 42connect scaled their agency over the years, they switched from a project-based business model to a retainer-based model. However, they do not lock their clients into long-term contracts but focus on providing multiple services to a client to foster a sustainable relationship.

As they took on more clients with larger marketing campaigns, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of each client’s metrics from various platforms. Their monthly reporting became very labor-intensive and time-consuming, which was not scalable. 

They wanted to showcase the value of their various digital marketing services, and to do so, they needed a reporting solution that was easy to understand–for their team and their clients.

In the beginning, our reporting process was very manual, and we knew long-term that this was not a viable option. We tried other automated reporting services, but they were cumbersome, difficult to connect with all ad platforms, buggy, and not visually appealing.
Brian Ferritto, 42connect

The Solution

In order to help their clients better understand the value of their services, 42connect needed to tell a story with their client’s data. The right reporting solution needed to offer the ability to create custom metrics to combine conversion rates from multiple sources while having a clean and clear design. 

Many of their clients aren’t familiar with digital marketing, nor have a lot of time to go through their marketing reports. Therefore, it was important for 42connect to have an overview page that would give a complete but concise picture of overall marketing KPIs. 

Choosing AgencyAnalytics gave the 42connect team the confidence to explain their client’s data in an informative way, building stronger and longer-lasting relationships. 

One of the reasons why we chose AgencyAnalytics was for the design and clarity of the reports. We need to tell a story in a simple and visual way with our client’s data. We also needed a reliable tool that was going to connect with a variety of channels.
Brian Ferritto, 42connect

The Result

42connect creates visually appealing client reports using an automated process that has helped them free up more billable hours.

Their team also uses the platform to create internal dashboards to ensure that everyone on their team is on the same page regarding their client’s KPIs. Checking the dashboards gives them valuable insights into where things can be tweaked and improved, delivering a proactive approach for their clients. 

During client meetings, their team goes over their campaign performance and progress made over time (something their clients love seeing). As for the time 42connect saves from manual reporting every month–they reinvest it into growing their agency. 

It’s our job to tell a simple story through reporting to our clients. These reports are proof to the client that what we’re doing is benefiting their business in a positive way. Using AgencyAnalytics allows us to quickly create beautiful reports that tell a story in a way our clients can understand.
Brian Ferritto, 42connect

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