SEO Dashboard

Track important SEO marketing metrics like rank changes & conversions with our SEO dashboard

SEO Dashboard

What Is an SEO Dashboard?

An SEO dashboard displays all of the key parts of an SEO campaign in a real-time interface. It may include rank tracking, organic traffic, web conversions, backlinks built, and more. It gives you all of the data you need to improve your SEO and report on progress made.

Why You Need One

When you can monitor each relevant KPI in a single, comprehensive view, you can determine where your campaign is excelling, where it’s struggling and how you can improve it. This dashboard tracks SEO rank changes, conversions and link building, among other metrics, so you don’t have to do it manually.

SEO can be one of the most confusing aspects of digital marketing to your clients. There’s a lot of terminology to follow and new concepts to understand, which can all get very complicated to someone who isn’t familiar with SEO. This is why it’s so important for you to show your clients what your strategy is doing for their business in a clear and simple way.

Also, if you'd prefer to just show your clients a snapshot of their campaign you can use our SEO report dashboard template.

10 Sections Included In Our Template

1. Conversions (from SEO)

Measuring the number of conversions your client gets as a direct result of your SEO strategy is one of the most integral parts of measuring success. Simply put, conversions are leads who have completed the campaigns call to action (CTA), whatever it may be. Conversions are counted when a lead comes to your client’s website from SEO and performs some kind of action, like making a purchase or filling out your contact form.

SEO report dashboard

Your SEO report dashboard displays this KPI as a simple number. By itself, this gives you a general idea of your SEO strategy’s success, but in order to get the big picture, you should compare your goal completions to other metrics on your dashboard. If you aren’t getting a high number of conversions, take a look at other metrics that aren’t performing well to see if you can identify where the problem is.

2. SEO Traffic (AKA Organic Traffic)

One of the main goals of an SEO strategy is to drive more search traffic to your client’s website. A good strategy makes a website more visible to potential customers without those customers feeling like they’re being advertised to. This is also called organic traffic. Your dashboard shows you how many sessions are being initiated from search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO Traffic on Dashboard

If you’re not seeing a lot of traffic coming into your client’s website through organic search, it can mean a number of different things. You might not have a compelling offer, or perhaps customers aren’t seeing your website at all.

3. SEO Ranking Change

In the world of SEO, a website’s ranking is of the utmost importance. If your client’s website doesn’t rank high, it won’t show up to customers, no one will visit the site and you won’t see any conversions. This means you won’t experience any kind of success in your marketing campaign and lose your client’s trust in you.

SEO Ranking on Dashboard

Our SEO client dashboard measures the change in SEO ranking of your client’s website across the different search engine platforms (it's built in!). This rank change lets you feel the pulse, as it were, of your SEO performance. While you’ll always experience ups and downs with this metric, you should aim for a general upward trend. Then, when your client asks where their website ranks, you can tell them without hesitation.

4. Local SEO Ranking Change

While it measures a similar trend, the local SEO ranking change KPI is quite different than the standard SEO ranking change. This measures how well the client’s website performs when compared to local competitors in the Google Map map.

SEO Local Rank Change on Dashboard

Your dashboard will integrate with your client’s Google My Business listing and track how it compares to the local keywords you’re targeting. If your client is trying to build a bigger local presence, this metric is one you can’t afford to miss.

5. New/Lost Links

Search engines rank authority sites higher than others, so part of your SEO strategy should be to make your client’s website more authoritative. One way to do this is by getting other websites to link back to your client’s website through things like guest posts or blogging.

SEO New/Lost Links on Dashboard

We display how many new backlinks you’ve gained and how many existing backlinks you lost over a certain period of time. The dashboard uses Majestic, a backlink tracking software, to generate this number for you. If you’re losing a lot of links, consider refreshing your outreach strategy. If you’re getting a lot of new backlinks, but your SEO rank isn’t improving, you’ll have to dig a little deeper to identify the problem so you can resolve it.

6. Links Built

Oftentimes, you’ll need to report to your client on the number of backlinks you’ve actively built for the website. This will typically be a part of your actual contract and determine whether or not you get paid for your services.

SEO Links Built on Dashboard

Tracking the number of backlinks you’ve built can give your client an idea of the amount of work you’re putting into their campaign and the amount of success you’re experiencing because of it. This metrics helps to build trust with your client.

7. Site Audit Score

Our SEO client dashboard features a built-in site auditor called the SEO Audit Tool, which gives you the ability to quickly identify technical errors on your client’s website that may negatively affect the site’s SEO ranking. The site auditor tracks errors like duplicate content, server errors, load times and missing meta tags automatically so you don’t have to spend the time manually hunting for them.

SEO Audit Score on Dashboard

This tool shows progress over time, so you can compare the improvement in the technical aspects of your client’s website against the improvement in conversions and ROI. This can help you impress upon your client the importance of always keeping up with technical website maintenance.

8. Top Landing Pages (SEO)

Of all the parts on a website, the landing pages are perhaps the most important. These are the first points of contact for a potential customer and can make or break your conversion rate.

SEO Landing Pages on Dashboard

The SEO analytics dashboard uses Google Analytics or Google Web Master Tools to identify which landing pages are driving the most organic search traffic for your client. This analytics data can help you determine which landing page strategy is most effective so you can build subsequent landing pages with the same strategy for maximum effectiveness.

9. Number of Reviews (Google)

The number of rankings your client receives is a quick way to tell how much buzz the business is generating. It’s always a good idea to keep track of new reviews and what they’re saying. If you’re getting a bunch of new reviews out of nowhere, you can correlate that with any changes you’ve made to your overall campaign strategy.

SEO Reviews on Dashboard

The number of reviews your client is getting is also an important factor for local SEO ranking. Generally speaking the more positive reviews your client is receiving, the higher their website will rank on the local map pack.

10. Average Review Rating (Google)

Tracking the number of reviews gives you a surface-level look at what people are saying about your client’s business. However, the average review rating tells you exactly what customer think. A high rating is the goal here, of course, and if you’re not achieving that, you should have a discussion with your client to improve that score.

SEO average Reviews on Dashboard

When you raise your client’s average review score, it will lead to more sales and leads. This number can help you show your clients how their positive adjustments and your SEO efforts directly affect their ROI and success.

Why AgencyAnalytics Makes The Best SEO Dashboards...


Fully Custom Dashboards

SEO monitoring dashboards are never "one size fits all", which is why our dashboards are 100% customizable. Show the metrics that matter most to you and your clients, customized to your exact needs. Build a new dashboard for each client to monitor data in real-time, and to showcase your SEO achievements.

Fully Custom Dashboards


Powerful Dashboard Widgets

Over 340 SEO widgets! Mix, match, and filter to see rankings, backlinks, analytics, site audits, local SEO, and more. Resize, move, and color widgets so your data is always visible. Want to see keyword rank changes next to organic traffic? Done! Add a chart with new and lost backlinks? You got it!

Powerful Dashboard Widgets


Built For SEO Success

If 340+ SEO widgets aren't enough, dive even deeper with our feature-packed dedicated SEO dashboards. Understand your rankings, competition, traffic, and on-site issues like never before. Our powerful in-house tools give you the insights you need, all in one place.

Built For SEO Success


Connect The Essentials

Along with comprehensive in-house tools, our 30+ integrations include SEO essentials like Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google My Business. Real-time data allows you stay on top of the constantly changing local, national, and international SEO landscape.

Connect The Essentials


Add Your Branding

Add your agency's logo and branding to your custom dashboard. You can even host the dashboard on your own domain! Our dashboards are 100% white-labeled, so you can choose to present it as an in-house tool that sets your agency apart.

Add Your Branding


Give Clients a Custom Login

Clients want up-to-date SEO data, and they want it on their schedule. But too little or too much data can lead to more work for you. Give clients their own dashboard login, and customize the exact metrics they see. Highlight your achievements, and add personalized notes to really impress them!

Give Clients a Custom Login


Daily Search Rankings

Track rankings across all the major search engines including Google, Google Maps, and Bing. Chart campaign-level ranking metrics to help evaluate performance, or see in-depth data for any keyword. Specify an exact location and language for spot on accuracy.

Daily Search Rankings


Detailed Backlink Analytics

A key element to SEO success is maintaining a strong backlink profile. With our backlink monitor tool, you can track backlinks, anchor text and much more. Monitor backlink changes on your custom SEO dashboard, and dive deep into each new and lost link in our dedicated backlinks area.

Detailed Backlink Analytics


Competition Analysis

Show clients exactly how they compare to their competition. Monitor your competitors and discover search ranking overlap, site authority and more, directly in your dashboard. See competition data for entire websites, and for every keyword you're tracking.

Competition Analysis


Mobile-Friendly SEO Dashboards

The web is mobile, and so are we. Fully interactive mobile SEO dashboards allow you to monitor your data at any time. Quickly switch to mobile-view when building a dashboard to ensure that both your team and your clients can see the data they need, no matter where they are.

Mobile-Friendly SEO Dashboards

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