Backlink Monitor

Streamline your link-building strategies with the AgencyAnalytics backlink monitor. Track link-building campaigns and update clients with insightful backlink monitoring and white label reporting that serve as a clear testament to success.
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Improve Rankings

Quickly identify new link opportunities to boost client rankings

Track New & Lost Links

Share intuitive graphs with your client to highlight new links over time

Flow Metrics

Understand how much authority linking domains have with trust flow and citation flow metrics

Backlink Reports

Add a backlink summary or an in-depth analysis to scheduled reports

In-depth Backlink Reporting

Monitor Link Building Campaigns

AgencyAnalytics gives you a detailed backlink profile for every client's website. Monitor your progress by tracking new and lost links over time. Gain deeper insights about your most valuable links with advanced metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Add these metrics to an automated backlink report and impress clients with your quantifiable results!

Backlink Monitor dashboard
Automatically Pull Majestic Backlink Data

Backlink Monitor Tool

Our backlink monitor automatically pulls data from Majestic so you’re able to manage all your SEO under one roof. This includes detailed backlink KPIs, daily updates to your backlink profile, and a range of data visualization widgets. We've made it easy to keep your clients up-to-date with insightful backlink reports.

New Backlink Monitor
Critical Backlink Metrics

Analyze Link Profiles

Don't overwhelm yourself by visiting every backlink to determine its quality. Find the most valuable links by studying key metrics like trust and citation flow. View backlinks grouped by domain, anchor text and URL. Intuitive graphs make it easy to break down items like "follow" vs. "no-follow" and image vs. text links.

Backlink Monitor reports widget
Share Progress With Your Clients

Track New & Lost Links

Track new and lost links to show clients the results of your link building campaign. Compare the total number of new links and referring domains to the previous period and really highlight your progress.

Backlink Monitor new and lost links report
Trust Flow and Citation Flow Metrics

Identify High Authority Domains

Identify the domains with the most link authority with Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Alexa Rank metrics. Show clients the most valuable links built and pinpoint potentially damaging links so they can be disavowed.

Backlink Monitor dashboard report
Essential Backlink Metrics

Evaluate Link Anchor Text

Analyze the most frequently used anchor text in your backlink profile. Use this data to fine-tune your link-building strategy and target the best anchor phrases to increase rankings.

Backlink Monitor majestic integration
Create Automated SEO Reports for Clients

Deliver Engaging Backlink Reports

Create automated daily, weekly, or monthly SEO reports that show clients your link-building progress in beautiful graphs and tables. Deliver an overview of links built, or dive deeper with a report that includes in-depth tables of backlinks.

Backlink Monitor summary report
Add Your Own Logo to the Dashboard and Reports

White Labeled Backlink Monitoring

Allow clients to monitor backlink progress and view the most up-to-date results from their own dashboard. Designed with ease of use in mind, the dashboard is 100% white labeled to match your agency's branding and displays the essential metrics in an intuitive format.

create Backlink Monitor dashboard
Backlink Monitor & So Much More

A Suite of SEO Tools

Building high-quality backlinks is an important part of any SEO campaign, but it doesn't end there. With our full suite of SEO tools—including keyword rank tracking—you've got the perfect toolkit your agency needs to take your clients to success.

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Connect the Backlink Monitor integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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