Colin Lewis,
Director of Content at SEO Design Chicago

How this Chicago-based agency uses AgencyAnalytics to create customized reporting, track metrics across multiple marketing channels, and deliver the insights that their clients value most.
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Colin Lewis SEO Design Chicago
We needed a way to let the clients decide what they wanted to see on their reports without spending 5 hours per client just on reporting. Less time spent reporting means more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.
Colin Lewis, SEO Design Chicago

The Client

Founded in 2015 by Nick Antonopoulos, SEO Design Chicago initially specialized in providing content services exclusively to medical clients. However, their expertise in online marketing quickly became evident, prompting this digital agency to broaden its scope.

Within a few years, their client base soared from 1 to 125, establishing them as one of Chicago's top digital marketing agencies. And today, their team of 50 marketing experts serves clients in over 100 industries across the US. 

Whether it's traditional brick-and-mortar establishments or the dynamic realm of political marketing, SEO Design Chicago is committed to delivering exceptional results. 

As a full-service agency, they offer over 85 digital marketing services (including content creation, SEO, web development, and advertising), which made reporting a challenge.

We quickly realized we were very good at creating great content that drove more traffic. Our content department has boomed, but we needed to streamline our reporting processes as we grew.
Colin Lewis, SEO Design Chicago

LocationChicago, Illinois

The Challenge

While data is vital for marketing success, its power hinges on its effective presentation, shaping it into an easily understood format that fuels strategic decision-making. That’s the challenge SEO Design Chicago faced–their previous reports weren’t keeping clients engaged or providing much-needed context. 

The lack of customization was also a challenge, as many clients wanted a more in-depth understanding of their marketing metrics. Delivering the comprehensive reports clients demanded took too many billable hours, and it became clear that a more efficient, client-centric approach was needed. 

We used to create monthly manual reports to demonstrate successes. Clients were not always interested in all the metrics we were showing them. Now, we set up their dashboards with the data that they want to see. And our clients love the reports that AgencyAnalytics provides.
Colin Lewis, SEO Design Chicago

The Solution

Meeting the needs of over 125 clients was nearly impossible while relying on outdated manual reporting techniques. After exploring the market for a solution, SEO Design Chicago decided to invest in AgencyAnalytics. 

The platform encompassed the key features they required, such as easy customization of dashboards and reports, data visualization, and adding context through annotations. Plus, seamless integration with over 80 marketing platforms meant meeting the dynamic needs of their growing clientele. 

We needed a way to let the clients decide what they wanted to see on their reports. So, we set up AgencyAnalytics dashboards with those customized insights. This helps our clients focus on what matters and doesn’t overwhelm them with data they don’t care about.
Colin Lewis, SEO Design Chicago

The Result

Since using AgencyAnalytics, SEO Design Chicago puts billable hours back into their busy days and focuses on more lucrative client tasks. In addition to saving $14,000 per month, they generate professional-looking reports and streamline agency processes with greater ease.

SEO Design Chicago has also solved their report customization dilemma. They’re no longer bounded by manual reporting woes and are in a much better position to provide clients with the exact data they ask for. 

When it comes to getting the most out of the reporting platform, Lewis recommends that you “find out what the client wants to see, don't tell them.”  In other words, work with the client to determine the customized metrics they need in reports and dashboards. 

This approach provides clients with exactly what they want–and need–to stay informed and engaged.

AgencyAnalytics saves time and money in addition to wowing our clients with professional reports. Instead of spending hours on report preparation, our team is selling more and spending productive time with clients.
Colin Lewis, SEO Design Chicago

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