Michael Gasser,
Co-Owner & Partner at Squeeze Marketing

How Squeeze Marketing bases their client retention on their ability to report with AgencyAnalytics.
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Michael Gasser, Co-Owner & Partner at Squeeze Marketing
The report and analysis that we give our clients every month–that’s our retention. And we’ve found that our retention is about three and a half times longer than other local agencies, without using any time-based contracts.
Michael Gasser, Squeeze Marketing

The Client

Squeeze Marketing is a full-service digital and print marketing agency located in South Carolina, USA. The agency was formed by three partners (who all have different marketing and business expertise) in 2015 and was officially named Squeeze Marketing in 2017. 

Squeeze Marketing’s number one KPI is client revenue. They focus all their digital marketing efforts on increasing their client’s bottom line–and they do so with unmatched client reporting from AgencyAnayltics.  

Social media agencies, for example, will focus on impressions, clicks, engagement, visibility, etc. But what we found was that those are just preliminary data points. Those aren’t the ones that matter when it comes to running a business. You have to have revenue coming in.
Michael Gasser, Squeeze Marketing

IndustrySmall Businesses
LocationSouth Carolina, USA

The Challenge

Gasser and his two business partners saw an opportunity to help small business owners figure out complex digital marketing services like SEO, social media advertising, and more. 

But how could they show their agency’s value to these clients? With reporting software. 

The search to find the best reporting software had begun. Gasser tested out a variety of reporting tools, but many were slowing the team down because they were constantly waiting for data to populate. The team needed to put their comments in and send off the reports manually to clients and the entire process was simply too time-consuming.

We needed to find a solution because we base our client retention on this ability to report.
Michael Gasser, Squeeze Marketing

The Solution

After trialing 29 different tracking code integrations on their own website, the team found their solution. 

AgencyAnalytics gave them the most modular options, the most integrations, and the most visually pleasing results that they could present to their clients. 

Now, each team member inputs their own analysis, and the entire reporting process is streamlined across every service they offer. Their reports include everything in one clean, organized PDF document.

You wouldn’t think the little things make that big of an impact, but AgencyAnalytics has fundamentally changed our internal process for the better.
Michael Gasser, Squeeze Marketing

The Result

By reporting on marketing data (including services that a client might not have hired Squeeze for) has helped their agency successfully retain clients and even upsell services. 

With a combination of unmatched data client reporting, eliminating strict contracts, and remaining transparent with their clients, Squeeze Marketing has a now-proven strategy that keeps clients coming back for more. 

With custom client reports, AgencyAnalytics has become the most powerful client retention and upsell tool in their agency toolbox. 

Monthly reports tell our clients that what they’re paying us to do is actually worth the money.
Michael Gasser, Squeeze Marketing
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