Google Analytics (GA4) Reporting Tool

Easily create clean, customized Google Analytics reports and dashboards with your clients’ up-to-date GA4 data. Include metrics from 80+ other marketing platforms to provide comprehensive Google Analytics reports that capture the full picture of your client's performance.
Customizable Google Analytics 4 reporting tool to automate client reports with real-time data.

Clear Data Visualization

Enhance standard reports by simplifying complex information into a clear line chart, bar graph, and more

Segment Channels

Examine GA4 data by channel, determine what’s driving traffic, events, and conversions

Understand Your Audience

Analyze user behavior and sessions by location, language, age, device categories, and related data points

Display Conversion Tracking

Impress clients with professional dashboards and reports that accentuate their events, conversions, and revenue


Automated Google Analytics Reporting

Logging in and out of all your clients’ Google Analytics accounts to gather actionable data is tedious and time-consuming. Automate your entire data-collection process with a customizable Google Analytics dashboard populated with live data that automatically puts metrics and KPIs into intuitive graphs. Turn them into white labeled client reports in seconds. No need for separate reports in GA4!

Creating dashboards for multiple sites has never been easier! From SEO metrics and social media performance to website bounce rates and more, easily turn raw data into a compelling, custom Google Analytics report that reinforces your agency's ROI in minutes.

Create Custom Google Analytics Marketing Dashboards Quickly
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Analytics 4 Metrics

Add any of these GA4 metrics to your client reports and marketing dashboards with ease
    • Active 1day Users
    • Active 28day Users
    • Active 7day Users
    • Active Users
    • Add To Carts
    • Average Purchase Revenue
    • Average Purchase Revenue Per Paying User
    • Average Purchase Revenue Per User
    • Average Revenue Per User
    • Average Session Duration
    • Bounce Rate
    • Cart To View Rate
    • Checkouts
    • Conversions
    • Crash Affected Users
    • Crash Free Users Rate
    • Date
    • Dau Per Mau
    • Dau Per Wau
    • Ecommerce Purchases
    • Engaged Sessions
    • Engagement Rate
    • Event Count
    • Event Count Per User
    • Event Value
    • Events Per Session
    • Field Status
    • First Time Purchase Conversion Rate
    • First Time Purchasers
    • First Time Purchasers Per New User
    • Item List Click Events
    • Item List Click Through Rate
    • Item List View Events
    • Item Promotion Click Through Rate
    • Item Revenue
    • Item View Events
    • Items Added To Cart
    • Items Checked Out
    • Items Clicked In List
    • Items Clicked In Promotion
    • Items Purchased
    • Items Viewed
    • Items Viewed In List
    • Items Viewed In Promotion
    • New Users
    • Promotion Clicks
    • Promotion Views
    • Publisher Ad Clicks
    • Publisher Ad Impressions
    • Purchase Revenue
    • Purchase To View Rate
    • Purchaser Conversion Rate
    • Screen Page Views
    • Screen Page Views Per Session
    • Screen Page Views Per User
    • Scrolled Users
    • Session Conversion Rate
    • Sessions
    • Sessions Per User
    • Shipping Amount
    • Tax Amount
    • Total Purchasers
    • Total Revenue
    • Total Users
    • Transactions
    • Transactions Per Purchaser
    • User Conversion Rate
    • User Engagement Duration
    • User Engagement Duration Per Session
    • User Engagement Duration Per User
    • Wau Per Mau

    Customizable GA4 Dashboards & Reports

    Experience the power of streamlined GA4 monitoring and management for your agency. Automatically connect your clients' Google Analytics data streams for real-time reports and data collection across more than 80 channels.

    With a dynamic reporting interface, create custom reports or dashboards with live and historical data that provide a comprehensive view of your clients' key metrics and your agency’s marketing efforts.

    Start with a report template or use the free-form report builder to pull together all your clients’ key GA4 metrics in seconds, any time you need to create a new report.

    Connect your clients’ Google Analytics 4 data streams to a single platform.

    GA4 Events & Conversion Tracking

    Elevate your agency's standard reports to deliver the results your clients care about. Arrange your GA4 reports to emphasize event tracking, user interactions, conversions, and revenue across the customer journey. Use the intuitive drag & drop report builder to customize your multichannel funnel reports and enhance them with data from various streams such as eCommerce, PPC, SEO, and more to fully demonstrate your agency’s value and ROI.

    Arrange your reports to emphasize GA-4 event tracking, conversions, and revenue.
    Organic, PPC, Email, Social, Display, and More

    Key Analytics for Every Traffic Channel

    Whether you're using the pre-built GA4 reporting template or creating your own with the drag & drop editor, create custom reports using data directly from your client's Google Analytics account.

    Add widgets to a Google Analytics 4 dashboard to clearly demonstrate traffic acquisition, average engagement time, and conversions for each marketing channel. Use the traffic acquisition report to highlight the value your agency is generating from SEO, PPC, email campaigns, social channels, and more.

    Clearly demonstrate the value you’re generating from SEO, PPC, email campaigns, social channels, and more.
    Optimize Pages Based On Events & Conversions

    Page-Level Performance Data

    Filter and review pages by GA4 performance metrics like user engagement, events, and conversions. Identify top-performing web pages and take note of low-performing pages for optimization and re-writes. Drill into all pages, landing pages, content groups, and more. Even create a custom user acquisition report, it's all up to you.

    Use the landing pages report to identify the engagement rate, total users, conversions, and purchases to segment landing page data by top marketing objectives.

    Example of a performance metric. This metric helps you filter and review pages by performance metrics.
    Location, Language, Age, Devices

    Leverage GA4 Audience Data

    Visitor demographics offer some surprising insights. Notice a high bounce rate for your client’s iPhone users? Their site might be in need of some reformatting for that device’s display. Easily share a quick reports snapshot and show clients that you're on the ball.

    Is audience age skewing in a new direction? Boost engagement by tweaking site messaging accordingly. Leverage GA4's audience data to optimize your clients' websites and marketing strategies. Create custom user reports with related insights, like rankings from Google Search Console and other marketing efforts.

    Boost engagement by tweaking site messaging according to demographics on GA4

    Creating, generating, and sharing reports has never been easier, and our clients love the fact they can follow our activity and their stats in real time. Everything is simplified, accessible, and beautifully presented.

    Claire Aldridge
    Claire Aldridge / Digital Marketing Specialist
    Victory Digital

    Connect the Google Analytics 4 integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

    Full Control of Your Branding

    Customized White Labeled Client Reporting

    Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform. Deliver color and logo-customized dashboards and automated marketing reports that convey a polished look and feel across every touchpoint. Host client dashboards on your agency’s custom domain and create multiple white label profiles for different client-facing brands.

    Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform.

    Automated Report Scheduling & Approval

    Creating a custom report in GA4 is time-consuming, and out-of-the-box Google Analytics reports can be confusing for your clients. Easily flip powerful GA4 dashboards into beautiful reports in minutes. Build the exact Google Analytics report template you want to share in minutes, then these reports populate automatically with all of your clients’ marketing data for a specified date range. 

    Use the report scheduling feature to create Google Analytics reports that are sent on a customized schedule. On select plans, get notified before automated marketing reports are sent out for your final approval and to add expert commentary. The GA4 integration makes creating custom reports easy!

    An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports

    All Your Client’s Marketing Data in One Platform

    Your clients use more than just one channel to grow their businesses. Bring all the data you need to focus on key performance indicators with AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform. Easily gain insights on demand generation, landing page conversion rates, lead form performance, and user acquisition metrics in one place.

    Collecting data is easy! Combine GA4 metrics with marketing analytics from 80+ platforms. Create new reports in minutes, including website traffic, Google Ads, SEO analytics, social media, call tracking, and more.

    Use custom dashboards and reports using the drag-and-drop editor or use the predefined reports available in the free template library.

    Example of Available Marketing Integrations
    A Customizable GA4 Reporting Solution

    Build GA4 Reports & Dashboards Your Way

    With a range of customization options, including dashboard widgets, custom metrics, and a drag-and-drop report builder, you have everything you need to customize client reports to show off the impact of your agency's marketing expertise.

    Create better, faster reports featuring your own branding and impress clients with a suite of Google Analytics 4 reporting tools designed for marketing agencies.

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

    Show Clients You’re Hitting Their Marketing Goals

    Showcase your marketing strategy success at a glance with the Goals widget in a report section. The visual progress bar shows realtime reports of marketing progress and how they're trending against key objectives.

    Break down your monthly performance targets into day-to-day action items and keep your team on track. Apply annotations and goals to any metric and show clients exactly how you’re helping them progress towards their performance targets.

    Use custom comments to include your expert insights in your acquisition reports and help your clients’ businesses succeed. Make the transition from Universal Analytics to GA-4 easier for clients with reports and dashboards they understand.

    AgencyAnalytics Goals Feature
    All-In-One Agency Reporting Tool

    Complete Agency Management

    Manage your agency’s clients and staff with one easy-to-use platform. Create custom logins for your agency’s staff and clients, and provide granular user-access and permission levels. Assign tasks and track workflows for each client campaign to streamline your team’s performance. Schedule regular client reports and streamline communication by integrating with your existing messaging tools.

    Manage your agency’s clients and staff with one easy-to-use platform.

    Customer Support is Available 24/5

    With a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team, access the assistance you need to get the most out of the platform whenever you need it.

    Available 24/5, the live chat support response times are typically under 3 minutes, ensuring you're never kept waiting. But speed isn't our only virtue–we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings consistently soaring above 95%.

    Best in Class Customer Support

    Report Smarter, Not Harder

    Go beyond generic GA4 reports by automatically including the most critical marketing metrics in a professional white label marketing dashboard. Use it as a realtime report or freeform report to easily make collecting data easy.

    Customize each dashboard or report template and then clone them to streamline client onboarding, helping your agency grow even faster.

    Use cross-campaign reporting to pull in key analytics from multiple marketing channels and give clients a complete picture of their digital marketing success. 

    Streamline Client Onboarding Using Agency-Level Dashboard Templates

    Discover the White Label Reporting Tool Trusted by 6,500+ Marketing Agencies

    AgencyAnalytics is the best analytics tool I’ve found for agencies. It has exactly what I need in terms of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, white label reporting & competitive features.

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