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The ideal Google Search Console reporting tool built for marketing agencies. Increase clients’ organic traffic, fix crawl errors, and impress them with actionable business insights from easy-to-understand Google search data.
Google Search Console Dashboard integration on AgencyAnalytics

Top Queries

Monitor each individual keyword that generated impressions or clicks


Track crawler indexing, warnings, and errors by page and status

Top Pages

Analyze important web analytics like how Google crawls your clients’ website pages

Average Position

Audit average SERP positions by keyword and page

Simple, One-Click Reporting

No More Spreadsheets

Clients love reviewing their Google Search Console data, but they hate sifting through line after line of raw spreadsheet data. Not to mention the time it takes for your marketing agency to compile this Google search data in a clunky spreadsheet manually and just hope everything is accurate. 

Using an SEO analytics tool, like AgencyAnalytics, gives your agency customizable SEO report templates that feature full-color charts and graphs to organize crucial GSC metrics into an intuitive and manageable format. Reclaim your agency’s monthly billable hours by using a Google Search Console report template.

Automated Google Search Console Reporting Tool
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Search Console Metrics

Easily add all the Google Search Console metrics to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Avg Position
    • Clicks
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Field Status
    • Impressions
    Optimize for Higher Click Through and Traffic

    Gain Actionable Insights

    This Google Data Studio alternative helps analyze key metrics like CTR in a dedicated Google Console dashboard to uncover actionable insights that affect your clients’ bottom line. Use a keyword ranking report to visually explain to clients that high ranking keywords on search engines with a low CTR often indicate that the page title or meta description is poorly optimized. Tweak those items for fast, easy traffic gains and highlight them in a Google Search Console dashboard, showcasing your agency’s long-term value.

    GSC Impressions Data Example

    We love everything about AgencyAnalytics, from fast and efficient dashboard/report creation to data accuracy and collaboration—our agency has seen a bunch of benefits from working with that solution compared with our old setup, and we would not go back.

    Anthony Guilhem
    Anthony Guilhem / CEO
    Momentumm Digital

    Combine Your Client’s Google Search Console Metrics With Multiple Marketing Platforms in One Comprehensive Report

    Resolve Crawl Errors Fast for Higher Rankings

    Monitor Crawl Errors

    Crawl errors dramatically impact your client's Google search rankings and their customer's user experience. Monitor for crawl errors on a daily basis with the simple, easy-to-use Google Search Console dashboard.

    Google Crawl Errors Dashboard Example
    Hidden Opportunities, Untapped Revenue

    Discover Long Tail Keywords

    Uncover new sources of traffic and revenue by analyzing the long tail keywords that your clients are already ranking for in search results. Use tools and reports to filter keywords by clicks or impressions for effortless long tail analysis. Creating a search console report or dashboard shows your clients exactly what their target audience is looking for. Deliver unbeatable value to your clients by helping them build trust with their customers and increased revenue.

    Query Report Example in the Google Search Console dashboard
    At-A-Glance Page Traffic Insights

    Analyze Top Pages

    Monitor exactly which pages are getting the lion's share of clicks and impressions in the SERPs. These powerful page traffic performance reports provide insights that help your agency decide exactly where to focus your efforts for additional traffic gains your clients will appreciate. Communicate results seamlessly with a web analytics report template that highlights the value your agency brings.

    Google Top Pages Report Example
    Complex Data Made Simple

    Dive Deeper Into GSC Metric Analysis

    The Google Search Console dashboard is tailored specifically for marketing agencies. It transforms Google search data into visual, client-friendly reports in minutes. By integrating search console insights, including search appearance, Google index status, and mobile usability, agencies effortlessly communicate key metrics.

    Highlight the impact of optimized meta descriptions, structured data, and resolve security issues with clarity. It's a good way to showcase agency expertise in managing clients' presence on search engines, making complex data accessible and actionable.

    A collage of Google Business Profile insights showing Google search-based KPIs
    Paint the Full Picture

    All of Your Clients Data in One Place

    Connect the dots between a client's GSC data and their other marketing channels. With over 80 marketing platforms to integrate, clients will clearly understand how their search results are related to their PPC campaign data or social media performance, for example.

    Maybe the report needs to highlight the correlation to a keyword ranking report instead. The options are endless with a dedicated digital marketing dashboard that allows clients to keep tabs on their live marketing metrics 24/7.

    A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software
    White Label Google Search Console Reporting

    Reports Featuring Your Marketing Agency’s Logo

    Take your agency branding even further. On the Agency plan and higher, create multiple white label profiles for different client-facing brands, including different logos & color schemes. For a complete white-labeled experience, host your Google Search Console dashboards on your own custom domain and send reports from your own email.

    Build stunning SEO report designs that you'll be proud to associate with your agency’s brand.

    An example of white label tools available in AgencyAnalytics
    Live, Streamlined Client Dashboard

    Simplify Reporting for Clients

    These days, many clients want real-time campaign performance data. And the native Google Search Console platform is confusing for non-technical clients to navigate. 

    Give clients their own login to a live, custom white label dashboard that is seamlessly branded with your agency's logo, colors, and domain. Build their GSC dashboard featuring up-to-date information, like click through rates and top countries, and use cross-campaign reporting to give a holistic view of all their marketing data sources. Seamlessly connect over 80+ marketing integrations for a complete SEO dashboard to help clients understand entire marketing campaigns.

    An example of a custom marketing dashboard created with AgencyAnalytics

    Automated Report Scheduling & Approval

    Easily flip powerful client dashboards into beautiful reports in minutes with all of your clients’ marketing data automatically populated. Use the report scheduling feature to create automated marketing reports that are sent on a customized schedule. On select plans, get notified before each report is sent out for your final approval and expert commentary.

    An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports

    Show Clients You’re Hitting Their Marketing Goals

    Communicate your marketing strategy success at a glance with the Goals widget. The visual progress bar shows exactly how your efforts are trending against key marketing objectives. Break down your monthly performance targets into day-to-day action items and keep your team on track. Apply annotations and goals to any metric and show clients exactly how you’re helping them progress towards their performance targets. Use custom comments to showcase your expert opinion to help your clients’ businesses succeed. 

    AgencyAnalytics Goals Feature

    Customer Support at Your Fingertips

    AgencyAnalytics is committed to helping your agency succeed. The dedicated customer support team gives you all the assistance you need to effectively use your automated reporting software and deliver unmatched Google Search Console reports to your clients.

    Live chat support is available 24/5, and with lightning fast response times (under 3 minutes), your agency is never kept waiting for answers. But speed isn't our only virtue–we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings consistently soaring above 95%.

    Best in Class Customer Support

    An excellent reporting tool, especially if you have a large client base. Reports are easy to produce, accurate, and can be tailored per each client’s requirements. With lots of integrations to choose from, there isn’t a better reporting system.

    Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas / Technical Director

    Connect the Google Search Console integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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