Shopify Dashboard & Reporting Tool

Shopify reports & dashboards that clients will actually look forward to reading. Take your agency’s eCommerce reporting to the next level with a custom, white labeled Shopify dashboard your clients will love.
Shopify Reporting Dashboard Example using the automated integration on AgencyAnalytics

Monitor Sales

Track each client’s Shopify sales in an intuitive Shopify dashboard

Powerful Reporting

Save hours of work by automating your agency’s Shopify reporting

Unlimited Access

Keep everyone updated with unlimited staff & client accounts

Proof of ROI

We make it easy to show the value of your agency’s services

Easy Ecommerce Report Management For Agencies

Highlight Your Clients’ Shopify Performance

Monitor and share Shopify data alongside 80+ other tools and integrations, all designed to showcase your clients’ eCommerce results. Access powerful features for agencies and intuitive drag-and-drop graphics to help clients instantly understand how your marketing efforts are driving increased traffic and sales through their online store.

Order and Sales metrics in the AgencyAnalytics Shopify Dashboard template
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Shopify Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Additional Fees
    • Adjusted Orders
    • After Tax Discounts
    • After Tax Gross Sales
    • After Tax Net Sales
    • After Tax Subtotal Sales
    • Average Purchase
    • Before Tax Discounts
    • Cart Discounts
    • Date
    • Discount Adjustments
    • Duty Adjustments
    • Edited Orders
    • Giftcard Sales
    • Gross Sales
    • Manual Sales Adjustments
    • Net Adjustments
    • Net Orders
    • Net Payment
    • Net Sales
    • Order Discounts
    • Order Taxes
    • Orders
    • Original Duties
    • Original Sales
    • Original Shipping
    • Refunded Orders
    • Refunded Sales External
    • Refunded Sales Internal
    • Refunds
    • Refunds External
    • Refunds Internal
    • Shipping Adjustments
    • Shipping Charges
    • Shipping Charges After Tax
    • Shipping Discounts
    • Shipping Refunds
    • Shipping Taxes
    • Subtotal Adjustments
    • Subtotal Sales
    • Subtotal Sales Order
    • Tax Adjustments
    • Total Discounts
    • Total Duties
    • Total Refunds
    • Total Returns
    • Total Sales
    • Total Sales Adjustments
    • Total Shipping
    • Total Taxes
    • Total Tips
    • Unknown Fees
    • Voided Orders
    • Voided Sales
    Fast Access To Each Client's Shopify Data

    Simplify Shopify Performance Management

    Stop logging in and out of multiple Shopify accounts: switch between Shopify dashboards instantly, in a single platform designed to save you time.

    Organize each client's Shopify data into separate campaigns, customize exactly what they can see in intuitive dashboards and reports, use data visualization tools to highlight key metrics, and deliver actionable insights in a beautifully designed Shopify reporting platform.

    An example of Shopify store management settings in AgencyAnalytics
    Clear & Actionable Shopify Analytics

    Detailed Insights For Shopify

    Track every client's Shopify sales, customers, and more. Instantly see top products and view clear sales breakdowns. Uncover trends across time and spot opportunities to maximize your clients’ eCommerce profits. Looking for more?

    Combine Shopify metrics with Google Analytics to easily highlight online store conversion rate, new customers, the performance of marketing campaigns, and customer lifetime value.

    Drive more monthly sales by using the built-in SEO tools to gain even deeper insights into each client's website.

    An example of sale insights for Shopify including Sales by Referrer and Average Order Value
    Monitor Shopify Transactions

    Tailor-Made Shopify Dashboards

    Feature-rich dashboards show sales for each client's Shopify account. Your team uses custom visualizations to monitor store performance, report sales data for any specified date range, and provide an update on monthly sales through customized Shopify report templates and other report templates.

    Choose from hundreds of drag-and-drop widgets to build a custom Shopify dashboard that includes comments, goals, and data from other integrations. Clients can log in anytime to view progress whenever they want to review the marketing performance.

    A screenshot of realtime metrics in an AgencyAnalytics Shopify dashboard
    Fully Customized Ecommerce Reports

    Custom Shopify Reporting

    Use automation to take the work out of ecommerce reporting. Build stunning custom reports in a drag-and-drop interface, then automate them to send on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Easily share Shopify metrics alongside all of your other SEO, social, and marketing channels.

    An example of a custom Shopify automated ecommerce store report
    Track Shopify Transactions From Anywhere

    Mobile Shopify Updates

    The web is mobile, and so are we. Give all team members and clients live access anytime, anywhere, via our brandable mobile interface. Get the latest updates before a big client presentation, or monitor important marketing and ecommerce metrics even when you're out of the office.

    A screenshot of a Shopify dashboard across multiple devices

    AgencyAnalytics offers the most robust reporting while allowing us to customize dashboards by client. We also love that it is very visually appealing.

    Laura Fleischer
    Laura Fleischer / President
    Orange Media Group

    Connect the Shopify integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

    White Label Features Showcasing Your Agency's Brand

    Your Branding, Not Ours

    With the white label suite, put your agency's brand everywhere. Use your logo, color scheme, and domain. You can even send reports from your agency's email address! Present our ecommerce reporting software as your agency's own powerful in-house platform that helps you stand out from the competition.

    A screenshot of white label settings in AgencyAnalytics
    Your Agency's New Secret Weapon

    Supercharge Your Productivity

    Unlimited reports, unlimited users, powerful agency tools, and 80+ integrations, all wrapped in an intuitive white label interface. More than just Shopify reporting: We'll become your agency's new secret weapon, freeing your time from tedious manual tasks so you can focus on what matters most: helping your clients succeed.

    A collage of other data sources that can be used with AgencyAnalytics
    Unlimited Shopify Reporting

    Automated Shopify Reports That Save Time

    Slashing those long hours spent on monthly agency reporting by turning to Shopify report automation. The Shopify integration quickly assembles detailed ecommerce sales reports for clients. Metrics from different integrations are seamlessly added to deliver comprehensive Shopify reporting.

    Zero in on crucial performance metrics from a client's Shopify store and put an end to those draining hours spent transferring data from a multitude of sources.

    Stylized graphic of automated client reporting

    Build Client Dashboards & Reports Your Way

    Customization choices abound with dashboard widgets, custom metrics, and a drag-and-drop report builder. These tools craft detailed reports that reflect the true strength of your marketing agency's Shopify expertise.

    Faster, better reports shine with agency branding, captivating clients through a collection of key performance indicators that highlight growth.

    Set a custom date range that delivers comprehensive analytics for every client's Shopify store. The intuitively designed Shopify dashboard combined with web analytics metrics makes understanding the data a breeze. The focus remains on crucial performance indicators, with a keen eye on traffic and conversion rate improvements.

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

    Show Clients You’re Hitting Their Shopify Sales Goals

    Articulate the client's ecommerce success effortlessly with the annotations and goals widgets. The visual goals progress bar provides a precise demonstration of the trends against key ecommerce sales targets. Transforming sales performance targets into daily action items keeps the team consistently focused.

    Attach annotations and goals to any metric, and clients see a clear path to their net sales growth. Use custom comments to add expert insights, offering an extra layer of support to the client's online store success.

    annotations and goals

    Report Smarter, Not Harder

    Seamlessly incorporate key Shopify performance marketing metrics along with data from over 80 different data sources and package it all with your agency’s branding. A professional, white label ecommerce reporting platform collects essential analytics from Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and more, painting a full picture of your clients' Shopify store performance. 

    Save time, maximize productivity, and wow clients with your marketing expertise. Tailor each report template or digital marketing dashboard to meet your unique requirements. Clone them in seconds to speed up client onboarding and accelerate agency growth.

    Streamline Client Onboarding Using Agency-Level Dashboard Templates

    Discover the Client Reporting Tool Built for Marketing Agencies

    An excellent reporting tool, especially if you have a large client base. Reports are easy to produce, accurate, and can be tailored per each client’s requirements. With lots of integrations to choose from, there isn’t a better reporting system.

    Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas / Technical Director

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