Andrew Thomas
Technical Director, HookedOnMedia

HookedOnMedia chose AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software to eliminate time wasted updating APIs on their custom-made software as they grew their business.
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AgencyAnalytics is an excellent reporting tool, especially if you have a large client base. The reports are easy to produce, accurate, and can be tailored to each client’s requirements. With lots of integrations to choose from, there isn’t a better reporting system that we’ve come across.
Andrew Thomas, HookedOnMedia

The Client

UK-based marketing agency, HookedOnMedia, was founded by Andrew Thomas and Stewart Roode in 2012. Their team of twelve employees serves over 50 clients across the UK, Ireland, and Europe and offers full-service marketing campaigns to eCommerce businesses, dental practices, tourist companies, and more. 

HookedOnMedia values the importance of measuring marketing performance, as it gives them clear direction on improving and optimizing their clients’ campaigns. Staying ahead of their competitors means evolving with the times and adapting to new technologies. 

During their growth, they decided to create a custom-built, in-house reporting system to offer a proprietary way to measure and report on client campaigns. However, Thomas quickly discovered that the time and effort spent maintaining their home-grown reporting software wasn’t keeping up with their agency's growth.

We were using a custom-made reporting software, but when an API changed, it would require more time and expense to re-code. We also didn’t have all the features available that AgencyAnalytics provides.
Andrew Thomas, HookedOnMedia

LocationCornwall, ENG

The Challenge

Having recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, the HookedOnMedia team has experienced the ups and downs of growing a marketing agency. On their path to becoming a well-known and respected digital marketing agency, a recurring challenge for HookedOnMedia has always been managing growth. Whether they needed to recruit new staff to execute campaigns for an influx of clients or stay organized with their project management, the founders never wanted their clients to feel the effects of their growing pains. This included their client reporting.

Their team was using reporting software designed to meet specific needs at the time. But as their needs evolved, HookedOnMedia began taking on more clients and expanding their service offerings. Their custom software was no longer a reliable option for delivering transparent results to their clients. Instead, they were spending considerable amounts of time on API updates that they wanted to refocus on billable tasks.

Having accurate reporting means everything to our agency, as we are a results-driven business. We needed accurate reporting to be transparent with our clients. We also needed to identify areas to improve our clients’ marketing and show our agency’s value.
Andrew Thomas, HookedOnMedia

The Solution

Finding a reporting tool that would save them the headaches of manually updating APIs and would also deliver reliable metrics was a top priority for HookedOnMedia. They were looking for a tool that would give them peace of mind with accurate marketing data at their fingertips. 

The solution needed to allow them to customize their client reports, as each of their clients required different reporting levels. Some management-level clients wanted to see top-of-line data, whereas others wanted more granular details. The right reporting tool for HookedOnMedia would give them the flexibility to do both as well as options for fast setup when they onboard new clients.

Using AgencyAnalytics for our client reporting gives us peace of mind knowing that it works and that our team has access to accurate data every time. The time saved on producing reports is re-invested into calling our clients to talk through the reports and keeping campaigns on track and on target.
Andrew Thomas, HookedOnMedia

The Result

Now, HookedOnMedia doesn’t spend time worrying about updating their custom reporting software and spends more time on billable tasks for their clients. With 80+ marketing integrations, their team easily connects the platforms their clients want to know about.

The ability to create customizable reports and utilize existing report templates has cut their client reporting time in half, even compared to what they had initially built to automate these processes. Plus, they appreciate the stability of a professionally-built platform which gives them confidence that the reports are created and delivered on time to each of their clients. Finally,  incorporating features like text boxes with additional commentary brings their clients clarity and transparency, helping them understand their marketing data.

Thomas offers this advice to other agency leaders considering building their own reporting software: 

“Unless you have a lot of budget and time, don't custom code your own reporting software. We’ve been there and done that. It just becomes an expense and a worry. Let AgencyAnalytics take these problems away so you can focus on client results and other tasks.”

AgencyAnalytics is very easy to use, with lots of integrations available to plug in per client report. It’s reassuring to know the reports will always work, be accurate, and be delivered to our clients on time.
Andrew Thomas, HookedOnMedia

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