Instagram Dashboard

Eliminate the hassle of manual data compilation. A professional Instagram dashboard organizes essential client metrics in one place, making it easy to monitor campaign performance, understand audience preferences, and adjust strategies for optimal results.
A screenshot of the Instagram Marketing Dashboard in AgencyAnalytics

Track Followers

Show clients how their followers have increased over time

Monitor Posts

Keep clients in the loop with live post updates

Analyze Engagement

Track comments and likes to evaluate which posts perform best

Boost Your Impact

Fine-tune your marketing strategy with insights about your top posts

Keep Clients Up-to-Date

Instagram Marketing Dashboard

Transform how your clients interact with their Instagram account data. Provide them with a personalized login to a professional Instagram dashboard designed with your agency's branding, or send automated reports on a regular schedule. This white-labeled platform presents a seamless view of the latest updates at a glance.

Clients access important metrics and effortlessly track performance to assess campaign success. The dashboard gives clients the ability to explore and interpret their Instagram marketing efforts, reinforcing your role as a strategic partner in their growth.

A screenshot of the Instagram Marketing Dashboard
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Instagram Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Call Clicks
    • Comments
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Direction Clicks
    • Email Contacts
    • Engagement
    • Engagement Rate
    • Field Status
    • Followers
    • Followers Lost
    • Followers Net
    • Impressions
    • Interaction Rate
    • Interactions
    • Likes
    • Message Clicks
    • New Followers
    • Plays
    • Post Engagement Rate
    • Post Engagements
    • Posted Content
    • Posts
    • Profile Views
    • Reach
    • Reels
    • Saved
    • Shares
    • Website Clicks
    Share Follower Growth with your Client

    Monitor Instagram Performance

    Track new followers over time to showcase the expansion of your client's Instagram audience. This approach answers the crucial questions of "how many accounts" have started following your client and "how many followers" have been gained during a specific period. Adding personalized notes and commentary, you offer clients a clearer understanding of the social media strategy driving their growth.

    Leverage a customizable social media report template to craft an in-depth Instagram analysis. Tailor the level of detail based on client preference—opt for granular insights for those who crave depth or a broad social media summary for those who prefer an overview. Effectively communicate performance achievements without burying clients in excess data.

    graphs showing Instagram followers over time
    Showcase Your Impact

    Prove Instagram ROI with Precision

    Marketing agencies thrive on demonstrating their impact. The AgencyAnalytics Instagram dashboard is your ally in this objective, translating social media activity into clear, measurable returns for your clients. Every post, like, comment, and share is tracked and attributed, painting a picture of social media growth and return on investment.

    Custom reports are tailored to underscore your agency's strengths—highlighting the direct correlation between your efforts and client success. Polished, professional presentation of insights solidifies your agency's position as a strategic partner invested in tangible outcomes.

    Instagram impression data layered with comments to enhance data storytelling
    Measure Likes and Comments for your Clients

    Instagram Engagement Metrics

    The AgencyAnalytics Instagram dashboard provides agencies with the tools to analyze engagement metrics with precision, identifying top-performing posts, stories, and reels including impressions, comments, and likes. This up-to-date tracking is more than just data; it's an insight into what content sparks interest and interaction.

    With these insights, agencies tailor social media strategies, focusing on creating and sharing the kind of content that followers embrace. Customizable reports break down performance, making it easy to present a story of success backed by data.

    A collage of Instagram engagement metrics
    Cross-Platform Insight

    Compare Performance Across Platforms

    Showcase the full picture of your agency's social media prowess using AgencyAnalytics. This robust client reporting tool places Instagram data side-by-side with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and up to 80 other marketing platforms, allowing a clear comparison that informs smarter campaign decisions.

    Custom social media reports and dashboards provide a strategic edge. They demonstrate the strengths of each platform and show where Instagram stands in the mix, guiding agencies to allocate efforts where they count the most.

    Facebook Ad Clicks Compared to Instagram Ad Clicks Report Example
    Digital marketing moves fast, and so do we

    Always Up-to-Date With the Latest Changes

    When Instagram updates its API, we update our reporting platform so you always have access to the latest changes. Instagram dashboards contain detailed insights for your client’s account including metrics for discovery, interactions, audience, posts, stories, and we're always adding more.

    A collage of supported Instagram features in AgencyAnalytics
    Instagram Reporting Designed for Agencies

    All of Your Client Profiles in a Single Interface

    It can be a struggle to monitor the performance of every social media profile of each client you manage. AgencyAnalytics makes it easy to stay up-to-date with every client account from a single dashboard. Quickly navigate between clients to view their Instagram and social media performance in an "at-a-glance" format.

    Screenshot of engagement metrics from multiple sources displayed in AgencyAnalytics
    Instagram Analytics Report

    Social Media Reporting Made Easy

    Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming, and manual reporting processes. Save time every month by automatically including the most critical Instagram metrics in a comprehensive social media marketing report. Effortlessly schedule it to send out on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. And if that wasn't impressive enough, take it up a notch by creating a live social media dashboard that keeps your clients up-to-speed in real time.

    A screenshot of the Social Media Marketing Dashboard with highlighted engagement metrics

    AgencyAnalytics takes digital marketing campaigns to the next level. The dashboards empower agencies and clients, providing a one-login solution to understand campaign performance across SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and more.

    George Gavalas
    George Gavalas


    Connect the Instagram integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

    Grow Your Agency With Confidence

    Pricing That Scales with Your Agency

    AgencyAnalytics offers flexible pricing that grows with your agency, making it an affordable solution for agencies of all sizes. With no hidden fees or report ceilings, scale your agency without worrying about unexpected costs.

    The platform also includes over 80 integrations, so you easily connect all of your marketing channels into a central destination and get a complete view of your clients' performance. With unlimited users and custom dashboards on select plans, easily tailor AgencyAnalytics to meet your specific needs.

    Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.
    Streamline Reporting Workflows

    Automated Client Reporting That Saves Time

    Say goodbye to repetitive, time-consuming reporting tasks! With report automation, agencies can streamline their reporting workflows, saving both time and effort. Agencies can customize marketing reports and schedule them to be sent on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, monthly, or annual basis. 

    This ensures that clients receive regular updates on their campaigns' progress without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, agencies are notified before each report is sent, allowing them to add comments and unique insights for a personalized client experience. By leveraging report automation, agencies focus on more strategic tasks that drive growth and improve client satisfaction.

    Multiple Marketing Platform Integrations
    Aggregate Client Data with Ease

    Unify Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics in One Platform

    Your clients leverage multiple marketing platforms to fuel their business growth. But managing and understanding performance across these channels can be a daunting task. 

    With AgencyAnalytics, your agency effortlessly consolidates all your clients' crucial marketing metrics from their Instagram professional dashboard and data from over 80 channels to provide a holistic view of total campaign performance. 

    A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software
    Tailor-made Reports, Effortlessly Crafted

    Bespoke Client Reporting Solutions

    With an intuitive drag-and-drop report editor, your reporting vision becomes a reality. Agencies create custom reports in minutes that mirror their individuality and showcase their marketing prowess.

    With just a few mouse clicks, dashboard widgets are strategically arranged to present key metrics from any creator account in a visually appealing manner. Custom metrics help agencies track and report on the KPIs that matter most to their clients.

    Add, remove, and rearrange report sections, ensuring a logical flow of information. Create custom Instagram dashboards and reports that are tailored to each client's specific needs and preferences.

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
    Agency Branding at Its Best

    Make Every Report a Reflection of Your Brand

    Marketing agencies need to stand out and showcase their unique value proposition. With AgencyAnalytics' white label features, easily integrate your agency's logo and brand colors across all reporting tools, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand experience.

    Tailor the look and feel of client communications to resonate with your brand identity, creating a seamless extension of your agency's services. From customized reports to branded dashboards, every touchpoint becomes an opportunity to strengthen your brand and build trust with clients.

    Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform.
    Showcase Achievements and Exceed Expectations

    Drive Impactful Results That Speak Volumes

    Agencies leverage Goal Tracking to demonstrate the tangible impact of their Instagram strategy on their clients' goals. By setting clear and measurable objectives, agencies track progress and present clients with a comprehensive overview of their success.

    Goal Tracking provides agencies with a powerful narrative to showcase how they have helped clients achieve (and surpass) their targets. Highlighting milestones and achievements reinforces the value of the partnership and builds confidence in the agency's ability to deliver exceptional results.

    Create, monitor, and display clear goals to prove the value your agency delivers to its clients.
    Client & Staff Access

    Collaborate With Your Team

    Share the Instagram dashboard with everyone on your team. Create as many staff logins as you need and white label the dashboard with your own branding. Now your entire team can easily access all your clients’ Instagram analytics in an intuitive, white-labeled interface.

    A screenshot of the user area in AgencyAnalytics
    Streamline Workflows and Enhance Collaboration

    Assign Tasks, Track Progress, and Drive Results

    Managing tasks effectively is key  to achieving success. AgencyAnalytics provides a streamlined task management feature that helps manage workflows, assign tasks, and track progress.

    Create tasks, filter them by campaign, category, team member, and due date, ensuring clarity across the organization. Clone tasks and create recurring tasks to further enhance efficiency. Add completed tasks to automated monthly reports to provide clients with regular updates on campaign progress and highlight the agency's dedication to transparency and accountability.

    Clone your agency's important tasks with just a click.
    Your Success is Our Top Priority

    Unmatched Support, Uninterrupted Success

    At AgencyAnalytics, we don't just provide tools; we ensure your agency thrives using them. Our live chat support team is at the ready 24/5, delivering responses so fast, you'll hardly have time to take a sip of coffee. Quick and precise, they make sure that every query is resolved with the urgency it deserves, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your agency's success.

    Experience customer support that sets industry benchmarks, with satisfaction ratings that soar. Deliver exceptional service to your clients, backed by our expertise every step of the way. At AgencyAnalytics, your success is our priority, and our support is how we show it.

    Best in Class Customer Support
    Maximize Your Agency's Efficiency

    Report Smarter. Not Harder.

    Automatically collate the most important metrics from Instagram, PPC, SEO, and over 80 data sources into a single, streamlined platform.

    In as little as 11 seconds, create customizable templates and then replicate them across clients to speed up onboarding and monthly reporting. Use the time you save to focus on what really moves the needle: executing standout campaigns for your clients.

    With smarter reporting, you're not just working efficiently; you're providing value where it counts.

    Smarter Client Reporting Platform

    Spend Time Crafting Winning Strategies, Not Just Reporting Them.

    AgencyAnalytics not only enables the team to have useful data at their fingertips, but also presents it in a palatable way for our clients to digest. Beyond time savings, the platform helps us keep the client conversation centered on strategy vs chasing down metrics and helping the client understand them.

    Jessica Weiss
    Jessica Weiss / Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
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