Jessica Weiss,
Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at One Firefly

One Firefly uses AgencyAnalytics to engage their 600+ clients every month.
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Jessica Weiss, One Firefly
AgencyAnalytics is easy to use, customizable, and digestible. It helps anyone understand metrics and their role in the growth of a marketing campaign–whether you’re a marketing buff or someone that is brand new to marketing altogether.
Jessica Weiss, One Firefly

The Client

Florida-based digital marketing agency, One Firefly, was founded in 2007 by Ron Callis. They started with 1 employee and currently have a team of 64. 

Callis’ agency got its start working with custom integration companies with design and engineering services for their projects.  However, it wasn’t too long before he saw another opportunity to help in other ways, specifically with their branding and marketing, to better portray their solutions. 

They now work with over 600 technology professionals to deliver a range of full services, including branding, video marketing, website development, live chat management, graphic design, PPC, SEO services, and more. 

With our strong roots in tech, we continue to help technology professionals in both the residential and commercial markets grow.
Jessica Weiss, One Firefly

IndustryHome Technology Professionals
LocationCoral Springs, FL

The Challenge

As One Firefly scaled over the years, they found their reporting process cumbersome and laborious. The more clients they brought on, the more of an administrative burden they faced. 

Not only did they need to set up new, customized reports for each new client but also spent time determining the important metrics for their clients.

The One Firefly team needed a reporting solution that established a centralized platform that helped staff quickly garner insights into their client’s campaign performance. They wanted useful data points at their fingertips during client meetings, to keep the conversation centered on strategy. 

Not to sound cliche, but time is money. When we look at the effectiveness of our team members, time management and focus are the key components in measuring that success. We needed to spend less billable time on a reporting platform in order to grow our client’s businesses.
Jessica Weiss, One Firefly

The Solution

By choosing AgencyAnalytics as their agency growth platform, One Firefly helps clients achieve their business goals.

Keeping track of their client’s marketing campaigns in a centralized platform created an efficient monthly reporting process. And as they acquire more clients and grow their agency, they love having the flexibility to meet and review metrics with their clients or send out reports on an automated schedule to those who prefer to save time and not meet as often.

With all of the time saved on making professional-looking reports, the One Firefly team re-focuses their attention on marketing strategies that meet their client’s business goals. And when they continue to deliver results to their clients, they build long-lasting relationships in turn.

The way metrics are laid out and displayed is much easier for the client to digest vs. a platform like Google Analytics. It gets the point across without forcing the client to get too into the weeds.
Jessica Weiss, One Firefly

The Result

AgencyAnalytics helps One Firefly communicate the hard work they do for their clients in a clear, easy-to-understand format. 

One of their favorite features of the platform is the option to duplicate report templates for a large portion of their clients. They also take full advantage of the ability to make custom reports when their clients want to dive into specific metrics.  

Now, their team clearly communicates with their clients and goes beyond showing marketing metrics. They explain the “why” behind the metrics each month and discuss how they contribute to the success of the client's marketing efforts as well as the overall business growth.

Most clients do not want to get lost in the weeds when it comes to determining ROI for their marketing investment. AgencyAnalytics streamlines data presentation and focuses the client on what’s working and what isn’t–quickly. Stakeholders, on both sides, appreciate the efficiency this brings to communication.
Jessica Weiss, One Firefly

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