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May 14, 2020

5 Hacks to Take Your SEO Sales Presentations to the Next Level

If you’ve been selling SEO services for some time, then I’m sure you already know how important it is to engage prospects during a sales pitch. You know that to convince them to hire you you need to get them to trust you and believe you can...

Pawel Grabowski
May 12, 2020

GatherUp, Synup, and Trustpilot Integrations, plus timezone and date range updates!

Today we've added three more platforms to our ever-expanding list of integrations: GatherUp, Synup, and Trustpilot. We've also made it easier to work across different timezones, and to report on long-term data. You can now connect three new local...

Matthew Davis
May 7, 2020

Client Reporting: How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Services

After you’ve signed a new client to your marketing agency and have all the necessary information to start working on their campaigns, it’s common that the majority of your communication will come through periodic client reporting. The frequency...

Peter Foy
Apr 28, 2020

15 Critical SEO Metrics You Need To Track

As an SEO, one of your hardest jobs is measuring the success of your work. One of the hardest parts about SEO is that you can't always rely on search engine movements to track your progress. Search engines can take weeks, even months to update...

Joe Kindness
Apr 23, 2020

39 Competitor Analysis Tools to Crush Your Marketing Campaigns

Our natural drive is to innovate — to create something unique and original. Yet, some of the greatest innovations in history came about as the result of emulating others. From technology to art, everything is a remix. As Picasso put it: "Good...

Christian Sculthorp
Apr 21, 2020

Agency Pricing: How to Price Your Agency Services

One of the most challenging parts of building and scaling an agency is figuring out the right pricing model that suits both you and your clients. As we’ll discuss in this guide, agency pricing varies widely based on a number of factors including...

Peter Foy
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