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Mar 4, 2021

What is Google Analytics 4? A Complete Guide for Marketers

With the introduction of Google Analytics 4 several months ago and AgencyAnalytics' recent integration release with the platform, it seems like a good opportunity to review the key features and differences of the upgrade, as well as how to...

Peter Foy
Mar 3, 2021

New Centro DSP & Centro / Basis Integrations!

This week we're adding integrations for both Centro DSP and Centro / Basis to our list of PPC integrations!Let's dig in and see what metrics you can report on with these new integrations.Centro DSPOur new Centro DSP integration can be set up as...

Alex Girardi
Mar 3, 2021

6 Ways Digital Agencies Can Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) is a classic example of working smarter, not harder. Making more money from a single client over time means you’ll need to have fewer clients on your roster – and you’ll have more time to focus on growing...

Joe Kindness
Feb 25, 2021

YouTube Analytics: 10+ Metrics to Track Your Channel's Performance

Whether you’re managing a YouTube account for yourself or clients, there's no question that building a successful channel involves a significant amount of work. Aside from planning, creating, and editing new content, one of the most important...

Peter Foy
Feb 24, 2021

5 SEO Certifications & Courses to Level Up Your Agency

As you start an SEO agency or freelance business, you may ask youself "what can I do to level up my SEO skills and provide more value to clients?" An SEO certification and course will likely come up on your radar as the best option. In today's...

Rebecca Bowden
Feb 23, 2021

An Upgrade to our Simpli.fi Integration

This week we're bringing you an upgrade to our Simpli.fi integration, bringing on board 7 new sections and corresponding metrics!This upgrade will allow you to drill down deeper into your Simpli.fi data and glean some great insights that you can...

Alex Girardi
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