Best Digital Marketing Awards To Get On Your Agency’s Radar

digital marketing agency awards

As a digital marketing agency, you know that combining creativity, strategy, and analytics is no small feat. You work tirelessly to generate business for your clients, but have you ever considered the power of digital marketing awards to boost your agency’s reputation and credibility?

Not only do these marketing agency awards validate your hard work and demonstrate your success to current and prospective clients, but they also help build trust, recognition, and exposure in an overcrowded marketing industry. 

The best part is you don't need to wait for someone to nominate you–you can apply yourself. 

With awards on display, the best-run agencies improve client acquisition rates and enjoy brand recognition. Plus, incorporating awards into your growth strategy motivates your team to strive for excellence and achieve their best work.

Why miss out on leading awards programs that are waiting to be claimed? 

In this article, we'll help you navigate the world of digital marketing agency awards programs–from performance marketing awards to the largest international creative competitions–and get started on the path to industry recognition today.

Benefits of Winning Digital Marketing Agency Awards

Winning a digital marketing agency award is like winning an Oscar, but for your agency's hard work and creativity. Cue inspirational marketing quotes from movies. 🥲

Winning a digital agency award can help you break through your agency’s growth plateau. In fact, you should actively pursue them as part of your business plan

Other benefits include:

  • Raising your profile by establishing credibility

  • Providing recognition and more exposure with media coverage and speaking engagements

  • Helping you get more clients–it’s a no-brainer that new clients are more likely to trust a recognized agency with a proven track record of success

  • Sticking out from the competition and boosting your agency’s lead generation with a unique value proposition

  • Motivating and boosting morale to help build a winning agency team and improve your agency culture

  • Opening doors for networking and collaboration with other marketing and communications industry thought leaders

The Real Impact of Winning Digital Marketing Agency Awards: A Case Study

Winning a digital marketing agency award has a significant impact on an agency's growth and success, as it did for our agency client, whose story is a testament to the real impact of winning digital marketing agency awards. 

Adam Binder founded Creative Click Media in 2011 when he was a single father working as a waiter with nothing but a laptop to his name. Since then, he has transformed Creative Click Media into a thriving agency with a team of top talent and an impressive awards shelf, including a Marcom Award, Vega Award, and Jersey’s Best 40 Under 40 Awards. 

list of awards won by a digital agency example from their website

These awards have helped to elevate Creative Click Media's reputation and position the agency as a leader in the industry. He is now a frequent speaker and author on topics around online marketing and business development and has been featured by numerous publications like NBC News and The Huffington Post

His story should act as an inspiration for other digital marketing agencies looking to achieve success and recognition in the industry. 

Types of Digital Marketing Agency Awards

There’s a broad range of digital marketing awards your marketing agency can apply for–and industry associations, business organizations, or media outlets organize them. However, we’ve organized the digital marketing agency awards into four main categories based on your focus, industry, and location:

1. Industry-specific Awards 🖥️

  • Recognize agencies that excel in specific areas of digital marketing, such as SEO, digital advertising (PPC), social media, content marketing, or web design.

  • Can be local, national, or global.

2. Local Awards 📌

  • For agencies that are based in a specific city or region and have made a significant impact on the local community. 

  • Typically focus on outstanding achievements in customer service, innovation, or community involvement.

3. National Awards 🇺🇸

  • Winners make a significant impact on a national level and have demonstrated excellence in their field.

  • For outstanding achievement in innovation, creative excellence, or overall business performance.

4. Global Awards 🌎

  • A leading international awards program recognizes those who achieve excellence on a global scale–and have demonstrated exceptional performance in their industry. 

  • Global digital excellence awards are given to digital agencies that have demonstrated exceptional performance across multiple countries and regions. 

What Kind of Marketing Awards Should You Go For?

Okay. So you’re in it to win it. But with hundreds of digital marketing awards to choose from, you need to be selective. For starters, the award you apply for should already be in line with your agency’s existing activities. 

Plus, the criteria and eligibility requirements for each type of award program vary. 

Some awards require a minimum number of years in business, a specific revenue threshold, or a minimum number of clients. 

Others may require a demonstration of exceptional creativity, innovation, or ROI. 

It's important to research each award program carefully to determine which ones are the best fit for your agency and to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements before applying.

For instance, if your agency is primarily in social media, look for awards that have several social media-related categories. Same for PPC, B2B, and Search. Choose your niche, and focus there.

If your agency has reached a global scale, go for international awards. To raise your agency’s profile in your local area, shoot for the regionals. 

Once you select an award your agency is worthy of, carefully select the proper award category to increase your chances of winning.  

Things to consider are:

  • Your agency’s existing activities and strengths. You should select categories that best highlight your agency's niche/expertise.

  • How your agency measures up to the competition. Hint: check out previous award winners in your category.  

  • Geographic location. Is the award regional, national, or international?

  • Your time and budget. It should be worth the time and effort to submit, and you shouldn't be going too far out of your way.  

What Kind of Content Can Agencies Submit? 

It depends on the award, but know that it needn’t be a lifelong work of art. A white paper will do.  

For example, this report by Connective Agency won a MarCom award for predicting business trends in the year ahead. 

Here are some content categories you can submit for an agency award:

  • Blog post

  • White Paper

  • Web Content like landing pages (See: Content Marketing Awards) 

  • Marketing Promotion Campaign

  • Microsite Information 

  • Documentary

  • Website Redesign

  • Publicity Campaign

  • Magazine

  • Media Kit

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign 

The ultimate goal is to win. So if your work is innovative and impactful, you should submit it. 

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Top 19 Digital Marketing Agency Awards Programs  

If you’re thinking, ‘Hey, we got this!’ Don’t wait for a nomination. These are the top digital marketing awards your agency should have on its radar–and apply for.

Awards Program


Awards Program

AVA Digital Awards


Digital communication (websites, social media, videos, and apps)

Awards Program

The Drum Marketing Awards


Marketing agencies worldwide that use creativity and technology together

Awards Program

MarCom Awards


Marketing and communication professionals

Awards Program

Clio Awards


Excellence in advertising, design, and communication

Awards Program

Webby Awards


Excellence in user experience and design

Awards Program

Digiday Awards


Collaboration and partnership in digital marketing and advertising

Awards Program

Killer Content Awards


B2B marketing agencies that bring humanization to the forefront of their content strategies

Awards Program

New York Festivals Advertising Awards


Recognizing the cultural relevance and impact of advertising

Awards Program

Search Awards


SEO, PPC-based, or Search agency

Awards Program

Content Marketing Awards


Agencies with corporate clients in various verticals

Awards Program



Competing against industry category

Awards Program

Ad Age A-List & Creativity Awards


Top advertising and marketing agencies in the industry

Awards Program

Effie Awards


Effectiveness in marketing and advertising campaigns

Awards Program

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity


Creativity as the driving force behind effective advertising and marketing campaigns

Awards Program

W3 Awards


Campaigns that use emerging technologies and creative approaches to achieve specific goals

Awards Program

PRWeek Awards


Emphasizing the strategic role of public relations in achieving business success, and recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in public relations and communications

Awards Program

Shorty Awards


The impact of social media and digital content on society and culture and campaigns that promote social good and positive change

Awards Program

OMMA Awards


Campaigns that effectively leverage digital technologies and platforms to achieve specific goals

Awards Program

Hermes Creative Awards


Importance of collaboration in creative work

1. AVA Digital Awards

Whatever your agency does, the Ava Awards probably has a category for it! Choose from hundreds of categories in digital communication, including websites, social media, videos, and apps. Heck, with this many categories, have your team sift through past projects and apply for a few! As long as your entry was produced within a two-year window.

Entry fees start at $120, and they have a regular deadline at the end of each calendar year. 

2. Drum Marketing Awards 

Does your agency do a lot of Search, Content marketing, PR, or Social Media? The Drum Awards are for you. They are focused on marketing agencies worldwide that use creativity and technology together. Check out some of the past winners here

One of the unique aspects of the Drum Awards is its emphasis on creativity and innovation and how those qualities drive business results–the makings of effective marketing campaigns. 

In fact, this awards program seeks to recognize digital campaigns that are not only creative and innovative but also achieve tangible results for clients. 

Entry fees vary, but they offer super early bird fees at 30% off.

The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising are more specific to Creative Agencies and Paid Ad agencies. 

3. MarCom Awards

The MarCom marketing awards are an international competition for marketing and communication professionals. 

The MarCom Awards features a variety of award categories that cover a wide range of marketing and communication efforts, including digital marketing, social media, video production, website design, and print media. 

Fun fact: Their trophy is like an international academy award–the statuette is manufactured by the same makers of the Emmy and Golden Globes. How’s that for office decor? 🏆

The ‘Learning Audrey’ campaign by 360 Learning won a MarCom best strategic communications award.  

agency award

Winning a MarCom Award is like being crowned the king or queen of cool in the marketing and communication world, and who wouldn't want that kind of street cred?

Plus, their statuette is crafted by the same makers of the Golden Globes and Emmys MTV. 

The entry fee is $120 per entry or $195 per campaign or plan.

4. Clio Awards 

Winning a Clio Award is a significant achievement and can bring international recognition and exposure to an agency or brand. It’s a prestigious international awards program that recognizes excellence in advertising, design, and communication. 

What makes the Clio Awards special is its reputation as one of the most respected and influential awards programs in the industry. 

Entry fees vary, and the early bird deadline is at the end of May. 

5. Webby Awards

The Webby Awards focuses on excellence in user experience and design and is particularly interesting for UX design agencies. The awards program seeks to honor websites, apps, and digital content that are not only beautiful and well-designed but also easy to use and navigate. 

This social media campaign by Mantikor/Philipp and Keuntje won a Webby award:

unhate women campaign

The Webby Awards categories are designed to reflect the ever-evolving digital landscape and recognize the latest innovations and trends. If you want your agency to be dubbed “the best of the internet,” then give it a go. 

The call for entry typically opens in mid-September. You’ve got all summer to prepare.   

6. Digiday Awards

The Digiday Awards recognize the importance of collaboration and partnership in digital marketing and advertising. The awards categories feature the best collaborations between brands and agencies and between different departments within an organization. 

Apply for the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, Media Buying and Planning Awards, and more. 

Their entry fees depend on whether you submit for their early deadline, regular deadline, and last chance deadlines–which vary for each category. 

Need inspo? You can already check out the current Digiday Content Marketing Awards shortlist! 

7. Killer Content Awards

This one’s for the B2B marketing agencies. The award is about honoring agencies that “bring humanization to the forefront of their content strategies with engaging stories and thought-provoking campaigns.” 

They have dozens of categories ranging from channel partner marketing to research-based content and nurture campaigns. 

Regular deadlines happen at the end of the year, with super early bird starting in September. 

8. New York Festivals Advertising Awards 

One of the unique aspects of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards is its emphasis on recognizing the cultural relevance and impact of advertising. 

This digital excellence award program seeks to honor campaigns that have a meaningful impact on society and culture, as well as campaigns that are simply entertaining or thought-provoking. 

Plus, it’s been around since 1957. How’s that for street cred? 

9. Search Awards

Are you an SEO, PPC-based, or Search agency? This one’s for you. Their award categories are in various verticals, from eCommerce to Healthcare. 

There is a Search Award for each region of the world, depending on where your agency is based: UK, Europe, US, MENA, Canada, APAC, and one Global.  

Deadlines vary by region. 

10. Content Marketing Awards

This award is for agencies with corporate clients in verticals like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, technology, tourism, and more. There’s also an ‘Agency of the Year’ award for agencies with more than 100 employees. 

The categories cover all areas of content marketing, from strategy to distribution and design to editorial.

11. WebAwards

This one is all about competing against those within your industry category. Don’t worry; there are many to choose from. Compete head-to-head with other sites in their categories, and the highest score is selected as the winner of that category. 

Ever seen those ‘Visit California’ ads on TV? Well, their website won a WebAward for Best Web Redesign by Appnovation.

visit California ad campaign

12. Ad Age A-List & Creativity Awards

This one recognizes the top advertising and marketing agencies in the industry. The award categories include agency of the year, campaign of the year, and digital agency of the year.

A key feature of the Ad Age A-List & Creativity Awards is its recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusion in advertising and marketing. The program features categories that specifically recognize campaigns that promote diversity and inclusion in their messaging and execution.

Regular deadlines are at the end of the calendar year. 

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13. Effie Awards

The Effie Awards is an international awards program that recognizes effectiveness in marketing and advertising campaigns. What makes the Effie Awards unique is its emphasis on recognizing campaigns that have achieved measurable business results. 

The award categories include digital, social, and experiential marketing, as well as traditional advertising.

Entry fees start at $995, and the submission deadlines run from October thru November. 

14. Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity focuses on creativity as the driving force behind effective advertising and marketing campaigns. This one’s for the digital arts. 

The awards program seeks to honor campaigns pushing the boundaries of what's possible in advertising and marketing while delivering meaningful business results.

The award categories include digital, social, and experiential marketing, as well as design and print.

15. W3 Awards 

This award’s categories specifically recognize campaigns that use emerging technologies and creative approaches to achieve specific goals. They cover a wide range of digital media and marketing efforts, including website design, video content, and social media campaigns. 

What makes the W3 Awards unique is its focus on recognizing outstanding work in digital media and marketing by smaller agencies and organizations.

Check out W3’s Winner Showcase Video: 

Early entry deadlines start in May, so catch the early fees while you can! 

16. PRWeek Awards

The PRWeek Awards emphasize the strategic role of public relations in achieving business success. It recognizes campaigns that effectively use public relations strategies to achieve measurable business results, such as increased sales or improved brand reputation.

Another key feature of the PRWeek Awards is its recognition of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in public relations and communications. The program features categories that specifically recognize campaigns that promote diversity and inclusion in their messaging and execution.

The categories cover a wide range of public relations efforts, including media relations, crisis management, and social media campaigns. This allows for a diverse range of entries to be recognized for their achievements.

The early bird deadline is typically in May and is open until June. 

17. Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards recognize the impact of social media and digital content on society and culture. The program features categories that specifically recognize campaigns that promote social good and positive change.

The winner of the 13th Annual Shorty Award for the Category “TikTok Presence” reignited sales growth by developing a deeper cultural connection with Gen Z demonstrating. They won for their ability to create an innovative campaign that resonated with audiences and achieve specific goals. 

winner of the shorty award for TikTok's eyeslipsface campaign

Winning a Shorty Award is a significant achievement, as it demonstrates an agency's ability to create innovative and effective social media and digital content that resonates with audiences and achieves specific goals (accruing over 10 billion views across a series of disruptive campaigns for e.l.f. cosmetics). 

Deadlines typically run from November thru February. 

18. OMMA Awards

The OMMA Awards seek to honor campaigns that effectively leverage digital technologies and platforms to achieve specific goals, such as increased sales or improved customer engagement.

Agencies get recognized for creating effective digital advertising and marketing campaigns that leverage technology, data, and digital marketing analytics to achieve specific business goals

The entry fees start at $295 with the early bird discount until June. 

19. Hermes Creative Awards 

The Hermes Creative Awards is one of the oldest creative awards in the world. It features categories that cover a wide range of creative efforts, including branding, web design, and social media. 

This award’s key feature is its focus on the importance of collaboration in creative work. The program features categories that specifically recognize campaigns that involve multiple disciplines, such as graphic design, writing, and digital media.

How To Find Local Awards for Your Digital Agency

Although there are far too many local marketing and business awards options available to list here, finding relevant local awards isn’t usually too difficult.  Here are five solid strategies for identifying local marketing or business awards that are perfect for your marketing agency.

As digital marketers, we’re all very used to finding what we need on Google. And this situation is no different. A simple search for terms like “{Your City} Marketing Awards” or “{Your City} Business Awards” should open up a world of possibilities. 

example of a google search for local digital marketing awards

2. Leverage Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent starting point for finding awards that cater to businesses in your area. Most chambers have awards programs designed to celebrate the achievements of local businesses. Some even have specific categories for marketing or advertising agencies. And, chances are, they are aware of most of the reputable business or marketing awards in the area. Reach out to your local chamber, sign up for their newsletters, and keep an eye on their events calendar to stay informed about upcoming awards and submission deadlines.

3. Network with Fellow Marketing Professionals

Connecting with other marketing professionals in your area is a great way to learn about local awards. Attend local marketing or advertising events, workshops, and conferences, and don't hesitate to ask your peers about awards they've submitted to or won. Chances are, they'll be happy to share their experiences and point you in the right direction–especially if they’re not in the running for an award that year. Plus, networking can help you establish valuable relationships within the industry.

4. Follow Local Business Publications

Local business publications and websites regularly feature articles about awards and winners in a specific local area. Subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media, and keep an eye on their websites for information about upcoming awards programs. Some publications may even have dedicated sections or pages for local awards. 

5. Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, are valuable tools for finding local awards. Follow local marketing and advertising organizations, as well as industry influencers, to stay informed about relevant award opportunities. Use hashtags like #marketingawards, #localbusinessawards, or #[yourcity]awards to discover awards in your region. 

Crafting a Winning Submission in 5 Steps

A compelling award submission involves highlighting your agency's unique strengths, providing tangible evidence of success, and presenting a cohesive narrative. Let’s look at how to approach this. 

1. Choose the right category before you start crafting your submission. It should best represent your agency's work and achievements and align with your strengths and past successes.

2. Showcase your agency's unique strengths to highlight what differentiates your agency from others in the industry. This could be your agency's approach to strategy, creative process, or use of technology, for instance. 

3. Provide tangible evidence of success–don't just rely on words to describe it. Many awards look for measurable business results from successful marketing campaigns. Include evidence such as metrics, data, and case studies to demonstrate the impact of your work on your clients' businesses.

AgencyAnalytics TikTok Ads dashboard

Showcase your agency’s success in a custom marketing dashboard that ties ROI to your campaign efforts. Try it free in AgencyAnalytics today. 

4. Tell a cohesive story highlighting your agency's strengths and achievements from start to finish. Use a clear and concise narrative that is easy to follow and showcases the impact of your work.

5. Pay attention to details–it can make all the difference. Get a head start and aim to submit your entry for the early bird deadlines. This way, you’ll have less time pressure at your agency to submit an error-free submission that includes all required information and is visually appealing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Submitting an award application is a competitive process, and it's important to avoid common mistakes that can hurt your chances of winning. So, by all means, you’re going to want to avoid common mistakes that agencies make when submitting award applications. 

Meme About Forgetting to Attach a File to an Email

This includes:

  • Waiting until the last minute–this makes your submission prone to errors and erodes your team’s morale

  • Failing to showcase your unique value proposition–in other words, not standing out 

  • Poor visual appeal–this detracts from the quality of your work

  • Not tailoring it to the specific award program’s criteria and requirements

  • Submitting incomplete or inaccurate information which could damage your agency’s reputation  

Digital Marketing Awards Separate the Good from the Great

The awards mentioned in this list offer the ‘wow’ factor that every agency strives for–the key is to find the right one for your agency and go for it. Whether you win or not, submitting an award application is a learning opportunity for your team to see what the winning agencies are doing differently.

By adding award submissions to your agency's growth strategy, you'll have a chance to win recognition and build trust with clients and motivate your team to strive for excellence and improve their outputs. 

But remember that the awards are intended to boost your agency’s credibility, but your usage of them in marketing materials should still be all about the client. Like Ambidextrous Services, make sure to focus the narrative around how your award-winning agency can help them. 

Our custom-designed websites have won national awards over the years, but our pride is in helping small companies achieve peak visibility in their market.

Ambidextrous services

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