How To Get the Most Out of Your 14-Day Free Trial

AgencyAnalytics Free Trial Benefits

If you’ve just signed up for AgencyAnalytics’ free trial, congratulations! You’ve just joined over 6,500 agencies and 100,000 users who have taken the first step to streamline their data-retrieval and client reporting processes. These two things eat up hours of your agency’s time each month, but most aspects involved in client reporting can and should be automated.

Why? Because with all the marketing channels available nowadays and multiple clients on different platforms, marketing agencies have to stay on top of more platforms, data, and log-in details than ever before. 

As Mark Jamieson, Managing Partner at WSI Ottawa puts it, "Time is money. If you’re an agency owner, you need to be investing your hours in growing the business, and you can’t do that if you’re in front of your computer all day manually taking screenshots for reporting."The competition is high–so you need to be able to aggregate the latest key metrics, analyze them, and extract actionable results to adjust your marketing strategy. At the end of the day, it’s about presenting your progress to your clients in a way they’ll understand.

Marketing agencies need to free up their time to scale their agency and focus on the creative strategy that brings in the results.

This article will show you everything it takes to send out your first AgencyAnalytics client report in no time. Or, watch this video to see how it’s done in under 5 minutes! 👇 

How Your Free Trial Offer Works

If you haven’t signed up for the free trial yet, now is the time to do so.

You only need your name, website, and contact info to sign up for your free trial. There’s no risk in signing up, and a mountain of benefits to explore, as you will soon see.

If you did, Log In and follow along as we go.

The simplicity of setup and white labeling of this product is bar none the best thing I have seen for client reporting. We use it for three of our companies.

Dave Conklin
Dave Conklin


Your AgencyAnalytics trial lasts 14 days–even though it only takes a matter of minutes to get your first client report out the door.

So why two weeks?

It gives agencies a chance to test out some of the cool features and familiarize themselves–and their team–with our robust, easy-to-use platform:

  • Connect multiple integrations to bring in all your key metricsFind Out More

  • Get all your client reports out the door faster and easier - Find Out More

  • Set up powerful marketing dashboards to organize key metrics in one placeFind Out More

  • Configure your white label profile for a fully-branded experience Find Out More 

  • Set your team up for success with staff logins and user permissionsFind Out More

  • Assign tasks to your team Find Out More

  • Set up unlimited users and control access levelsFind Out More 

  • Take advantage of the benefits like attracting new business with an SEO proposal template

What’s Included in Your Free Trial Offer?

The quick answer? All the same features as our Agency Plan plus limited access to our Keyword Rank Tracker.

Here’s what’s included: 

The only thing your agency can't do during the free trial is bulk import/export campaign data.

It's a great place to get started, but the AgencyAnalytics pricing plans adapt to your needs as your agency grows. 🌱 Check out the flexible pricing options here. 

What To Do First: 5 Steps To Getting Started 

Once you sign up, you don’t want to procrastinate. After all, it’s your agency that benefits by saving time and getting beautiful client reports done in a matter of minutes. 

There are a lot of features available on AgencyAnalytics, but you only need to set up the basics to understand how much time, effort, and trouble the platform can save your agency every month. 

We have improved workload efficiency, lowered business costs, and improved client retention rate - everything our business looks to achieve.

Tom McVey
Tom McVey

Agency Tip: Don't wait until the last minute! Avoid any free-trial offer regrets and give the people on your team who are in charge of client reporting their logins! The free trial includes as many staff accounts as you need to test out the platform thoroughly. Have them test out the software by scheduling a client report ahead of time. And if that person is you, read along!

Stay tuned as we walk you through each step to get there.

Step 1. Create A Client Campaign

The first step is to create your first Campaign. A Campaign typically represents a single client and their website and marketing platform integrations (i.e., Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram… you get it). Integrations are the marketing channels your clients use–and you’ll soon be pulling in all their key metrics and analyzing them from your AgencyAnalytics dashboards and reports.  

Simply start from your account’s home screen and click on ‘Create Campaign.’

step 1 creating a campaign in agencyanalytics

The next steps are done by walking through the campaign wizard, which will prompt you to add your campaign’s basic information, including:

  • Campaign Title: This can be the name of your client’s website or the name you’d like to use to identify them (for example, if you are handling multiple branches for the same company, add their name + location as the Campaign title to make it easier to identify each branch). 

  • Website Address: Your client’s URL

  • Report Delivery Timezone: This setting ensures that your clients don’t receive a report at 1 a.m. and is useful if they are in a different location than your agency.

  • Group: This one is optional, as it allows you to put multiple campaigns together in their own folder, which will appear in your dashboard. This is handy when one of your clients operates multiple brands or websites.

Once that’s done, hit ‘Create,’ and it will direct you to Step 2: Adding Integrations

Read more about getting started in our help center.

Step 2. Add All Your Clients' Integrations

The main goal of integrations is to automatically gather your client’s marketing metrics from all their platforms in one place: their AgencyAnalytics Campaign.

To connect your client’s integrations, you need their login information. We’ve got over 80 of them–from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Google Search Console, and many more popular platforms. 

We are constantly adding new integrations based on popular demand to ensure you have all your clients’ key marketing metrics under one roof. 

Setting up your client’s integrations means that you’ll have all their real-time data updated in one place and won’t have to log in and out of multiple platforms come reporting time.

Let’s say you’d like to set up your client’s Google Analytics account:

connecting an integration
  • In your Campaign (let’s call ours Acme Dental’, select ‘Integrations’ from the lefthand side.

  • Click on Google Analytics in the list of integrations.

  • Then click ‘Connect New Account.’

  • Enter your client’s Username and Password–or your account info that has access to your client’s permissions–in the window that pops up, and select ‘Allow’ in the ‘Application Connection’ screen. 

  • Lastly, you’ll be prompted to select the name of your client. Click the round button next to the correct account and click ‘Save.’ 

Alternatively, if the account you’d like to connect is under a different GA account and need different credentials, click ‘+Connect New Account’ to enter them and go back to the previous step. 

I really love using AgencyAnalytics. I used to spend hours and hours writing marketing reports and taking screenshots of campaigns. But since I found AgencyAnalytics, I set up weekly, fortnightly, and monthly marketing reports for ALL my clients automatically. This not only frees up a lot of your and your staff’s time, but clients also appreciate the beautiful, easy-to-understand reports.

Zara Basiri
Zara Basiri
IZI Marketing

The more integrations you add, the more powerful the AgencyAnalytics platform becomes. Add all your clients’ relevant platforms to AgencyAnalytics, and you’re off to the races! 

Read more about integrations in our help center.

Step 3. Set Up Your Agency's White Label Settings

Make the platform your own by uploading your logo and brand colors in a jiffy. Your dashboards and reports will reflect your brand-an added professional touch that makes a difference to your clients. 

AgencyAnalytics has saved us hours every month in reporting time. Now we can provide far more thorough reporting for our clients, and it's faster and easier to pull together. It also gives our agency a much more professional touch.

Hayley Peters, Co-Owner at OhMyDigital

Select a different logo for the dashboard interface, automated reports, and favicon to maintain consistent branding across the entire platform. And enter the exact Hex codes for your brand’s color palette to infuse your agency’s brand colors throughout the interface. 

Find out more about the white labeling features here.

Step 4. Create A Live Dashboard

So, where do all your clients’ metrics go? In live marketing dashboards, of course!

Choose from our many dashboard templates or set your own custom dashboard from scratch. Plus, each integration comes complete with a pre-configured dashboard to display relevant data with widgets and data visualization tools

Easily edit these dashboard templates by adding or removing widgets, using filters to highlight specific data points, or changing the type of graphs that are showcased. 

Or, start your own custom dashboard from scratch–it’s just a matter of pulling in your clients’ data from Widgets. 

The drag-and-drop interface is absolutely brilliant. Having all of our resources in one place combined with a swift report-building tool has cut the time it takes to build custom dashboards and reports in half!

Emily Ginn
Emily Ginn
Find8 Digital

These are found on the right-hand side. Scroll down and select the integration you’d like to add. Let’s go with the Google Analytics example from above:

marketing dashboard setup instructions

Select the metrics you’d like to present, then the type of graph you’d like to present it in. Et Voila! It’s in your dashboard.

Use the drag-and-drop function to arrange the dashboard however you like, add titles to organize the sections, and you’ve got yourself a fully customized dashboard with that client's most up-to-date stats.

Repeat the same process for another dashboard, say, to organize your client’s social media analytics, or choose from our dashboard templates and your client’s data will already be in there. 

social media dashboard template

Here’s what our pre-built social media dashboard looks like once you’ve added your integrations. Instead of spending hours copying and pasting, go ahead and grab yourself a coffee while all your clients’ metrics are instantly populated.

Now that the dashboard has been created, give other members of your agency staff access to see their client’s data in real-time whenever and wherever they want.

Step 5. Schedule Your First Client Report

You’re already delivering the marketing services that help your clients succeed. But how you present their marketing performance will ultimately determine whether they choose to retain your services for years to come. 

So next up is the star of the show–your client report. It’s easy and fast to set up your client reports, especially if you already have your dashboards.

Option 1: Use a Ready-Made Report Template 

There are many report templates available, though these are the most popular ones. 

Plus, there are platform-specific templates, including the popular Facebook Ads report template, Instagram report template and Google Analytics report template, along with pre-populated metrics dashboards and reporting templates for every one of the 80+ integrations included with your subscription.

All of these dashboard and report templates are available for free as part of your AgencyAnalytics subscription.

How to Set Up a Web Analytics Report

Option 2: Create a Custom Report 

Adding Custom Report Widgets

Read more about creating reports in our help center. 

Adding widgets to your report gives you control of how you choose to display your client’s data. Whether in bar charts, tables, line graphs, and more, your dashboards and reports allow you to show your clients’ results intuitively. 

Automated reporting is great if you don’t want to think about deadlines. But many agencies choose to review their client reports before they are sent out. This gives them the chance to personalize their executive summary to note specific highlights, give an overview of what happened, and make sure there are no surprises in the data. 

What's Next? Added Benefits To Deliver Quick Wins

Once you’ve got your first client campaign set up, your dashboards populated, and your reports all ready, take advantage of some tools that will help you deliver quick results to your clients.

Here's what we recommend you do:

Let's go!

  • Set Up Campaign-Wide Goals

Clients are keen to understand how their goals are being met. The 'Goals' tab in your marketing dashboards provides an automatic progress bar that monitors all your campaigns. This feature offers a comprehensive overview of all campaign goals, making it easy for you to assess your agency's performance across all clients and swiftly pinpoint areas requiring attention. For immediate insights, easily add these goal bars to client reports using the drag-and-drop editor.

visualize progress with goals in a marketing dashboard

  • Assign Staff User Permissions

Create unlimited user accounts for staff and clients, each with customized access levels. Users can access real-time data on a live dashboard, enhancing transparency and client engagement. 

Manage these accounts via the Users Control Panel, where you create new users, modify existing ones, and specify the features they can access. User modifications include updates to account photos, usernames, emails, campaign access, and permissions. If necessary, user accounts can be deleted. This platform not only streamlines everyday workflows but also boosts team productivity by ensuring efficient and secure information sharing. 

Screenshot of AgencyAnalytic's user management tools

Find out more about staff and user permissions here

  • Assign Tasks

This tool is designed to optimize productivity and client engagement. With the integrated task management tool, foster team collaboration by creating and assigning tasks for each client campaign, all monitored from a single dashboard. This comprehensive platform streamlines operations, allowing you to manage all workflows in one place.

Additionally, it enhances client communication by keeping them updated on progress. Automatically add completed tasks to monthly reports, providing a transparent view of campaign monitoring and workflow management. 

A screenshot of task assignment and workflows in AgencyAnalytics

Find out more about assigning tasks here

  • Set Up Automated Keyword Ranking Reports

During the trial, add up to 500 priority keywords to get a taste of what our powerful rank-tracking and reporting tool can do. Automatically update your client’s latest keyword rankings and SERP positions daily. Once you pick a monthly plan, add the Rank Tracker as an add-on option for $50 a month per 500 keywords. 

Rank Tracker Tool

Automate your keyword reporting with the SEO Rank Tracker to stay on top of your client’s SEO strength, and then present beautiful, customized white-label SEO reports that highlight all of your accomplishments. 

  • Customize an SEO Proposal Template to Generate More Business

Tired of spending hours crafting the perfect proposal? Instead, use our lead generation template as a starting point. From there, add customizations for every potential client so that it speaks directly to their pain points and business goals.

SEO proposal template

Our 5-section SEO proposal template has everything you need to deliver an in-depth SEO proposal for prospective clients. Try it with our 14-day free trial.

Agency Tip: All you need to do is onboard one new client using this template and you’ve already generated a positive ROI on the platform.

Read more about how to create a winning SEO proposal here.

  • Give Clients Access To Their Own Dashboards

Who said marketing dashboards weren’t for your clients too? Sure, client reports are designed for a clearer understanding of the monthly marketing activities, but your more hands-on clients like to see what’s going on in detail. 

Give your clients a login to client-facing dashboards to track their progress on their own time. Alternatively, use them during your 1:1 meetings to impress them with just how well you’re staying on top of everything. 

Summary & Next Steps

Once you create custom client dashboards and reports, the data takes care of itself by updating in real time. This means that your marketing team always has all of its clients’ latest data right at their fingertips. And for your client reports, well, all that’s left to do is write up an executive summary and your clients will enjoy their marketing data presented in a sleek, professional report. 

Take advantage of our Rank Tracker tool to deliver reports that easily show how you’re delivering quick wins for your clients, and take advantage of our SEO proposal template to generate more business for your agency’s SEO services.  

This way, your agency's impact on your clients' businesses is crystal clear, and with open communication comes improved client retention.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your first client campaign and watch as the numbers rush in. Ready for the next step? Check out the Top Client Reporting Features You May Not Know About

The must-have reporting software for agencies. AgencyAnalytics has revolutionized our client reporting. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Stuart Dixon
Stuart Dixon
ProVance Media

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For more tips on getting started with AgencyAnalytics, visit the Help Page.

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