SEO Proposal Report Template

Our SEO proposal template allows marketing agencies to easily run site audits, check backlink profiles, analyze keyword performance, and more.

SEO Proposal Report Template

Why Use a Template For Your Client Proposals?

Business proposals can be tricky. A proposal is essentially your sales pitch—it's your chance to convince a new client that your company is the perfect fit for them. While writing effective proposals is essential to landing new clients, the reality is that creating a new proposal for each prospective client can be incredibly time-consuming.

You don't need to spend hours crafting the perfect proposal. Instead, you can use our SEO proposal template as a starting point. Then you can add customization for every potential client, so that it speaks directly to their pain points and business goals.

Below we'll review the top sections to include in a SEO client proposal, although keep in mind this can be adapted to whichever type of marketing services you're pitching to prospective clients.

5 Sections Included In Our Proposal Template

1. Proposal Summary

The proposal summary is perhaps the most important section of the entire proposal. Since this is the first section your prospective client will read, this is your chance to impress them with your technical knowledge and differentiate your agency from the competition. A great introduction should include your experience as a marketer or agency, introduce your team, and most importantly, let them know how you're going to grow their business.

Proposal template

2. Your Website's SEO Score

Next, we have a section to demonstrate your SEO expertise by showing prospects their website's SEO score. This section includes key insights such as a site audit. Our site auditor automatically scans over 40 technical issues that can harm your prospect’s search engine visibility and affect user experience. Running such an audi builds your agency's credibility because it provides a high level overview of current issues to then highlight your plans to fix them.

Proposal template

3. Keyword Rankings

Next, we have a section for keyword rankings. You can do this by quickly entering a few target keywords in our rank tracker and we'll show where the website currently ranks in search engines and the organic search volume. These rankings are essential to understanding where your prospective client currently stands in SERPs. In this section you can also highlight your plans to implement certain website changes or produce new content, both of which can push the business well above your competition.

Proposal template

4. Backlink Overview

The next section of our proposal template consists of an overview of the prospects current backlinks. In addition to allowing other websites to send visitors to you, backlinks are critical to your keyword rankings as search engines take backlinks into account when deciding whether to display your prospect's website higher than the competition.

In this section you can demonstrate your technical expertise by including key backlink metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, as well as the new and lost links over time. Also, be sure to mention the fact that your team only focuses on links from high-quality websites that are relevant to their industry.

Backlink Overview

5. Next Steps

Finally, every business proposal should conclude with the next steps that you want the prospect to take. In this section you can reiterate how you're going to address each of their business goals and fix any weaknesses that were uncovered above. In addition to the goals you have for the client, this section is where you can highlight the timeline and investment that's required for your services.

Keep in mind that a great business proposal should always include a call-to-action at the end to let prospects know exactly what to do next. If you want to learn more about the best practices for writing an SEO proposal, check out our recent article on the subject here. We also a detailed Help Center article that shows you exactly how to setup and customize this report template.

Next Steps

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