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Why Your Agency Needs a PPC Report Template

Paid advertising data can be overwhelming and complicated for clients who don’t have any marketing experience. This is especially true for PPC campaigns, which often involve a significant amount of data, metrics, and acronyms.

However, when you use AgencyAnalytics’ PPC report template to gather and present this data, you do so in a way that is simple and easy for your clients to understand. This PPC report template has many benefits, making analyzing ad campaigns and formulating new strategies to improve performance faster and easier.

While one of the best parts of using a PPC reporting tool is the amount of time you save, it also helps you build your clients’ trust and confidence in your agency’s services. The PPC reporting software gives you the ability to present clean data to your clients on a regular basis in the most professional way possible.

We also have a PPC dashboard template available if you want to provide clients with data in real-time.

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9 Sections To Include in a PPC Report Template

1. Cover Page

The cover page of a PPC Report is the first touchpoint when presenting your client's ad campaign data. Use the Report Cover and Section Design Customization Feature to choose a background color or upload a custom image that reflects your agency's brand. Apply that design concept page-by-page. And continue this branding through customizable title and image widgets throughout the report.

Custom design your PPC Report cover, section pages, and more!

Saving a well-executed design as a template ensures consistent branding and streamlines the reporting process for future projects.

The first page of a PPC Report template sets the initial tone for the in-depth analysis and insights that follow. And a professionally designed report, from start to finish, serves as a critical tool for establishing your agency's credibility and enhancing the overall client experience.

2. Report Summary

In the monthly write-up section of the PPC report, there is a custom text field for you  to provide an overview of the reporting period. We recommend you use this section of the report to analyze the past month’s overall performance to show your clients how the budget is looking and how you plan on optimizing individual ads or campaigns to improve their performance.

Monthly-PPC Report Summary Example

Use the monthly write-up section to strategize for next month and give your clients an idea of the action steps you’re going to take to improve upon their account’s performance. You can also use this section to show how you’re planning on meeting your clients’ long term goals moving forward.

This section of the PPC report template tracks the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, compiling the performance of each individual ad in an easy-to-read, intuitive way.

The first part of this section displays a summary of important KPIs including the number of conversions, the total cost, impressions and clicks, among others. It also displays the average of metrics like click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC) and cost per conversion. The second section displays these metrics per individual campaign.

A screenshot of Google Ads campaign data

You can use this section to show your client how well the campaign is performing on Google, especially in relation to other ad platforms. The Google Ads Campaigns section also allows you to compare the performance of individual campaigns against one another to see where you can make adjustments.

While measuring the overall success of your Google Ads campaigns is important, it’s just as essential to measure the performance of individual ads within these campaigns. And that’s exactly what this section of this report provides.

A screenshot of Google Ads ads data

In this section you’ll see a list of all the ads you’re running, along with individual KPIs like ad spend, CPC, conversions, clicks and more. You’ll also see an overall summary for all of your ads at the top of the page, including the URLs that are visited the most from your ads. Use this section to show your clients what kind of ads work best so you can capitalize on them in future iterations.

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5. Facebook Ads – Campaigns

This section shows you how well your FB ads campaigns are performing. In this automated PPC report template, you’ll have access to the usual metrics like clicks and CPC, but you’ll also get data like cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) and total impressions, both of which are integral pieces of the PPC puzzle.

A screenshot of Facebook Ads campaign data

A major mistake that people make with Facebook campaigns is not keeping on top of them constantly. It's easy to overspend and waste money if you're not monitoring them closely. By running this report regularly you can keep on top of everything going on in your FB ads account.

Whether you need to create a dedicated Facebook Ads report template or include Facebook data in a comprehensive PPC report, these customizable report templates have you covered.

6. Facebook Ads – Ads

It’s important that your clients actually see the kind of ads they’re showing to their followers on social media and how well those ads are performing. This way, they know exactly what they’re paying for and what kind of return it’s giving them. This section of the report displays the exact individual ads you’re running on Facebook, along with their associated KPIs like conversions and clicks.

A screenshot of Facebook Ads ads data

Apart from seeing how well each ad is performing, the Facebook Ads section of the PPC reporting template helps you get creative with your clients moving into subsequent months. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get ideas for new creative content on Facebook to drive more engagement and traffic.

7. Bing Ads – Campaigns

Like the Google Ads Campaigns section above, the Bing Ads Campaigns section displays the overall performance of the PPC campaigns you’re running on Microsoft’s search engine. In this section, you can show your clients important metrics like conversions, total spend, clicks, impressions and more.

A screenshot of Bing Ads campaign data

As you’re probably well aware, most clients want to focus on Google most, since that tends to be the more popular search engine, but this can cause them to miss valuable leads who use Bing. Use this section to show your clients that Bing is just as useful as Google and social media platforms, but that it just targets a different demographic overall.

8. Instagram Ads – Campaigns

The Instagram Ads Campaigns section gives you the opportunity to show your clients how well your campaigns are performing on this popular social media platform. You can show your client KPIs like click-through rate, impressions and clicks, among others.

A screenshot of Instagram Ads campaign data

This section pulls its data from the Facebook Ads dashboard with the Publisher Platform filter enabled to display Instagram only.

9. Google Analytics – PPC Landing Pages

Paid ads are, of course, the bread and butter of PPC campaigns, but it’s also just as important to show your clients the individual landing pages you’re using for these campaigns and how well they’re performing.

The Landing Pages section of the PPC report template pulls data directly from Google Analytics and displays key metrics like bounce rates, goal completions, session duration and total number of sessions. You can see an average of this data as well as the same metrics per individual landing page.

A screenshot of Google Analytics landing page data

Use this section to show your client which landing pages are working and which aren’t. That way you can create a strategy for ways to improve individual landing pages, whether that be updating content or the page’s visuals.

Customize the Report Template to Meet Client Needs

Although the PPC report template comes pre-built with the top metrics from the most popular PPC platforms, it's easy to connect data from other advertisers, including Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

Need more sections or custom metrics? No problem, AgencyAnalytics PPC reporting tool makes it easy to drag and drop new sections to your PPC report template for a fully customized, white label experience.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one reporting tool for your agency that manages various marketing tactics and channels, AgencyAnalytics has to be your go-to reporting solution. Create stunning automated reports and dashboards in just a few minutes.

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