Digital Marketing Report Template

Easily gather and communicate key metrics like web traffic, conversions, SEO ranking, and ad campaign performance with a digital marketing report template. Save time wasted on manual reporting and focus on driving agency revenue and profits.
Digital Marketing Report Template Example

Why Use a Template For Your Digital Marketing Reports?

A digital marketing dashboard enables you to measure the overall campaign performance of your marketing efforts across various channels from a single, unified platform. Better understand and optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns with the right marketing dashboard for agencies. Track important metrics like PPC costs, keyword rankings, conversion rate, and online revenue with ease.

Why Your Agency Needs a Dashboard for Digital Marketing Reports

AgencyAnalytics prevents you from spending too much time manually compiling data from each campaign. Instead, our digital marketing report template automates the whole process for you. After that, all that’s left for you to do is add your insights and commentary and send it off to your client.

If you prefer displaying this data in a live dashboard, we also have a digital marketing dashboard template available too!

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8 Sections Included In Our Digital Marketing Report

Below you'll find the top 10 marketing metrics we've included in this digital marketing dashboard example. You can also add or remove metrics from our 80+ integrations with our intuitive drag and drop editor.

1. Cover Page

First impressions count, and the same holds true for digital marketing reports. Forget the generic, uninspired covers and sections of yesteryear. Instead, kickstart your marketing report templates with a custom-designed cover page that embodies professionalism right from the start. 

With the Report Cover and Section Design Customization Feature, changing the background color to match your client's branding is a breeze. Or, quickly and easily upload a custom image to reinforce your agency’s brand identity. Tweak titles and image widgets to further align with your unique style. These design customizations can be carried and adjusted throughout your report.

Custom design your Digital Marketing Report cover, section pages, and more!

Once you've struck gold with a layout that resonates, save it. Use that stellar design as a template for future reports, and you’ve got brand consistency and efficiency in the bag.

A sophisticated report design isn't just window dressing; it's an extension of the quality service you provide. A polished cover sets the tone for the insightful data that follows. And sleek, branded report sections tell your client, "We value your business enough to put in the extra effort." The result? Strengthened trust and a fortified business relationship. 

It adds that extra layer of professionalism that distinguishes you from the competition. Whether you're presenting results from the past month or a quarterly performance wrapup, make each report a brand-building masterpiece. 

That way, the next time your client opens a report, they're not just met with numbers and graphs—they're met with a testament to your agency's dedication to excellence.

2. Report Summary

The marketing report summary section is where you can write out your analysis of the past month’s performance for your client.

Since your digital marketing strategy spans across several different tools and platforms that your client likely isn’t familiar with, it’s important that you give them a monthly overview of all the changes associated with these things.

A screenshot of a Report Summary from the digital marketing report template

This is also the place to talk about your wins and losses for the past month. Did you have a particularly great month with your social channels? Maybe you increased the SEO ranking of your client’s website. Celebrate these wins with your client here and tie those wins to the adjustments you made in the previous month. It’s also smart to discuss things that didn’t go so well during the month, as long as you show what you’re going to do to fix them in subsequent months.

Your goal here should be to communicate the appropriate information and analysis for the month, but also to continue building trust with your clients throughout the entire process. When you take an approach of transparency, your client will continue trusting you to make the big decisions and lead their company to increased ROI. Use this section to discuss your progress toward existing goals and any new goals you want to target moving forward.

3. Google Analytics - All Channels

Your first order of business when measuring the overall success of a digital marketing campaign is to track how many people are visiting your client’s website as a direct result of your marketing efforts. When you know this information, you can make changes to your broad strategies to maximize effectiveness.

This section of the digital marketing report helps you see, in broad strokes, how well your campaign is running through showing you all the KPIs associated with site-wide traffic.

A screenshot of sample Google Analytics data  from the digital marketing report template

For starters, this section displays the total number of visitors to the site over the past month, broken down into the channels through which they arrived, including social media platforms and emails. This number helps you understand where customers are coming from and if there are any channels that need a little more attention or optimization.

You’ll also get to see some nitty gritty KPIs like average session duration, bounce rates and total goal completions or conversions. Again, these are broken down per channel so you can see which ones are performing best and which ones need work.

Use this information to adjust what you’re doing in each individual part of your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you see that your conversions are low across all channels, you might want to adjust the copy on the website’s landing pages so they have a clearer call to action (CTA). If you're looking to drill down into website-specific metrics, our web analytics report template provides granular data on user behavior, traffic patterns, and website performance to identify areas for improvement.

4. Google Analytics - Goals (Conversions)

The number of conversions completed on the website is one of the most critical KPIs to track, as it often directly impacts your client’s revenue. This section displays the total number of conversions you’ve gained across all the channels, as well as conversion metrics per individual conversion type. The digital marketing report also gives you a more detailed look at your goal completions with metrics like the goal’s dollar value and conversion rate (total number of conversions divided by total site visitors).

Our digital marketing reporting tool pulls this data from Google Analytics and shows you traffic from all channels so you get an instant overview.

5. SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of many digital marketing campaigns. If leads can’t find your client’s website, then you’ll never experience any success. This is why it’s so important to track the changes in the website’s SEO ranking. In early months, it’s understandable if your client’s website doesn’t rank as high as you’d like. However, if you’re not seeing positive change throughout the month, something is wrong with your SEO strategy.

A screenshot of sample SEO Rankings from the digital marketing report template

Our digital marketing report template displays overall rank changes each day of the month on both Google and Bing, along with the actual rank for your client’s website. You’ll also see how you rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

All of this information gives you an idea of whether or not you’re targeting the correct keywords. If things aren’t performing as well as you thought, work with your client to create better copy and improve technical issues with the website. Also be sure to check out our SEO report template if you're only providing SEO to your clients.

Want to help your clients improve their keyword rankings? Use the white label SEO audit tool to identify and report on top SEO issues that are hurting your client's growth.

6. Social Media Overview

The social media overview section of the marketing report shows you the most important metrics for each of the social media platforms you’re managing for your client. Most importantly of all these metrics, you’ll see overall customer engagement on each social channel you manage, giving you the information you need to prove to your client that social media is critical to marketing success.

A screenshot of sample Social Media data from the digital marketing report template

Engagement in the social media marketing report section is broken down into total followers and total post engagement. For example, if you’re tracking Instagram, you’ll see how many followers on Instagram your client has, and the total number of likes you’re receiving on all of your posts.

Of course, you’ll want to maximize the amount of engagement you get through each of your client’s social media accounts, but it’s more important that you show your client you are increasing this engagement month over month. It’s also incredibly easy to include any other metrics or marketing analytics in this part of the report as needed.

You can also track the feeds for each social platform in this portion of the monthly marketing report template (or quarterly marketing report if that's your agency's cadence). If you’ve made an agreement with your client to post a certain number of times throughout the month, this section helps you prove that you actually did.

More followers mean more credibility and reach. It's important to communicate to your clients how you're driving more audiences to your client's brand, increasing their awareness and online popularity. But keeping track of all your clients' follower growth on several social media accounts for each client can get cumbersome if you don't have an automated dashboard in place.

social media followers graph from the digital marketing report template

Use our widgets to choose how you'd like to represent follower growth over time.

7. PPC Overview

This section of the digital marketing report is entirely customizable to include metrics that matter most to you and your clients. You can include total ads cost (which is calculated only when someone clicks an ad), cost-per-click, conversions, impressions and more. Each of these metrics helps you understand exactly how well your PPC campaign is performing, as well as the areas that need work.

A screenshot of sample data gathered for the PPC overview content

Use the information here to make adjustments to your campaigns in order to maximize ROI and minimize total cost. You can also break this information down and organize it by specific ad groups or different campaigns. This is incredibly helpful when you’re running multiple campaigns simultaneously for your client.

8. Email Overview

Email marketing remains an essential aspect of any marketing campaign, even though it often gets overlooked for the newer and flashier marketing tools. When you’re running an email campaign for your client as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to know how many people are reading the emails you’re sending and whether or not those people are doing what you want them to do with the emails.

A screenshot of sample Email audience data for the email marketing section of the report template

To track these things, this section of the marketing report will display metrics for each campaign like open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribed, and the number of emails that bounced. These individual metrics give you an idea of how compelling the offers and calls to action in your emails actually are. Use this section to explain to your client how well certain campaigns are performing and why they’re doing well or not so you can target better strategies moving forward.

The email overview section also shows you the total number of customers on your client’s email list, along with a chart tracking the change of subscribers through the month. Hopefully, this number is growing, but if it isn’t, you can work with your client to figure out a new way to attract more people to the email list.

Customize the Report Template to Meet Client Needs

Go beyond the ordinary and create reports that perfectly align with each client's unique goals. The social media report template is only the foundation–easily tailor it with just a few clicks.

Seamlessly pull in data from any of the 80+ integrations, including LinkedIn, TikTok Ads, YouTube, Shopify, and more! Whether your client is focused on ad campaign performance, SEO growth, niche social engagement, or cross-platform analysis, you deliver the insights they need.

drag-and-drop report builder example

Need more sections or custom metrics? No problem, AgencyAnalytics lets you easily drag and drop new sections to your digital marketing report.

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Streamlining Reporting with Customizable Digital Marketing Report Templates

As your agency continues to grow its clientele, the time it takes to collect, aggregate, and report on each client’s digital marketing metrics each month quickly adds up.

A tailored digital marketing report template streamlines the way agencies handle client reporting. With just a few clicks, agencies reduce reporting time by up to 80% compared to manual methods like Excel or Google Sheets.

Free up your marketing teams to concentrate on analyzing data and refining strategies rather than on manual data management.

Automate Your Digital Marketing Reporting. Focus on What Matters

Stop wasting valuable hours wrangling spreadsheets and manually compiling digital marketing data. A robust reporting platform automates the entire process, freeing you from tedious tasks and empowering you to focus on what truly drives results.

Imagine having beautifully designed, insightful reports delivered directly to clients with a single click. Instead of scrambling to pull numbers, you'll be analyzing trends, uncovering growth opportunities, and crafting strategic recommendations that propel your clients' (and your agency's) success.

AgencyAnalytics not only enables the team to have useful data at their fingertips, but also presents it in a palatable way for our clients to digest. Beyond time savings, the platform helps us keep the client conversation centered on strategy vs chasing down metrics and helping the client understand them.

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The best SEO reporting tools not only empower agencies to execute effective SEO campaigns but also play a pivotal role in nurturing and maintaining robust client relationships. A comprehensive digital marketing report creates transparency, fosters trust, and improves client retention rates.

By sharing reports that clearly illustrate the impact of your SEO campaigns alongside other marketing data, clients are always in the loop about their campaign performance and the value your digital marketing agency provides.

Strengthen your client relationships and drive the success of your SEO strategy–that’s the power of great digital marketing reporting.

SEO Dashboard Template Example

Instantly Access All Your Clients’ Social Media Data

Switching between multiple social media platforms to gather key performance indicators is a pain. Not with AgencyAnalytics! Access all your clients’ social media channels from one streamlined marketing analytics platform: Connect to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat Ads, YouTube, and many more.

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A screenshot of sample Social Media data from the digital marketing report template

To Each Their Own Login

Transparency is key to retaining clients. Give them their own login to a live dashboard so they can access their data on their own time. With the right plan for your marketing agency, create unlimited client and user accounts and manage what each one sees. Improve your workflows and reduce the back-and-forth phone calls by offering clear data at everyone’s fingertips.

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White Label Your Marketing Reports


Match your dashboards and reports with your agency’s brand. Upload your agency logo, use your brand’s color palette, and more. With AgencyAnalytics, your reports will look like they were built in-house! 


Have more than one brand for your marketing agency? Create multiple white label profiles including different logos & color schemes for different client-facing brands on the Agency Plan and higher. Host your marketing dashboards on your own custom domain and send reports from your own email for the full white-labeled experience.

white labelled google sheets reports and dashboards

AgencyAnalytics has made our jobs so much easier. It works so much better for us and for our clients. It’s just such a relief to find software that is seamless from the beginning and allows us to communicate how we are doing to our clients.

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