Amazon Ads Dashboards

Amplify your clients' eCommerce business with powerful Amazon Ads dashboards and reports that impress. Designed to provide your agency with the insights and data you need to make informed decisions about your client campaigns.
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Track Campaign Performance

Monitor in-depth campaign analytics to easily spot successes and improvements

Keyword and Ad Analysis

Powerful, granular details the dives in-depth into the data

Automated Reporting

Schedule reports to automatically send to your clients on a cadence that suits you both

Monitor PPC Metrics

Keep an eye on the important PPC metrics such as clicks, conversions, and units sold

Powerful Amazon Ads Dashboards

Using free dashboard and report templates, highlight the most important Amazon Ads data so that your client can see the performance of their campaigns at a glance. Track campaigns all the way down to individual ads.

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Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Amazon Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Clicks
    • Conversion Rate
    • Conversions
    • Cost
    • Cost Per Conversion
    • CPC
    • CPM
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Impressions
    • Sales
    • Units Sold
    • Vctr
    • Video Completes
    • Video First Quarters
    • Video Midpoints
    • Video Third Quarters
    • Video Unmutes
    • Video View Rate
    • Video Views
    • Viewable Impressions

    Save Time On Monthly Amazon Ads Reporting

    Automated your Amazon Ads reports to send on a cadence that suits you and your client. Choose to send daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly updates!

    amazon ads reporting software

    Track Product Ads by ASIN

    Drill down to the individual advert level and monitor which ASINs are performing well, and which you may be able to redistribute budget from

    amazon ads report

    24/7 Client Access

    Give clients access to the data that they really need when they're burning the midnight oil. No more panicked emails requesting to see how their campaigns are going!

    amazon ads reporting software client access

    Connect the Amazon Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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