Amazon Ads Report Template

Wow clients with an Amazon Ads report template that showcases campaign success in minutes. This customizable template saves time, builds trust with clear data, and boosts client satisfaction.
Amazon Ads report template example

Why Your Agency Needs an Amazon Ads Report Template

An Amazon Ads report cuts through the clutter, delivering clear and actionable insights on a client’s sponsored brands campaigns. Leverage robust performance data to craft concise campaign reports that highlight key metrics and successes. Make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing spend for maximum impact.

An Amazon PPC report template is more than a tool for efficiency and time savings–it’s also a strategic asset that helps define the clarity and depth of your client communications, setting your agency apart in a competitive market.

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14 Key Sections Included in an Amazon Ads Report

1. Cover Page

By crafting a customized cover page, agencies immediately convey professionalism and attention to detail, fostering trust and respect from the outset. This vital first impression influences how the report's insights are perceived and valued.

A professional, branded report cover page sets the tone for the following content and significantly enhances brand recognition. It acts as a visual handshake, introducing the brand's aesthetic and ethos in a compelling way. 

Keyword Ranking Report Cover Example

Each cover page should clearly indicate the content of the report–whether it’s a dedicated report on Amazon sponsored brands ads performance or a broader ecommerce report–as well as the date range it covers (e.g. monthly, quarterly, or campaign-specific).

Save designs as custom templates and offer unparalleled consistency and efficiency. A uniform presentation across all client reports streamlines the report creation process, ensuring that each report maintains a high branding standard and professional appearance.

2. Amazon Ads Campaign Report Summary 

An executive summary at the start of a report template distills complex information into a digestible, one-page overview. This section quickly informs readers about the key findings, recommendations, and the essence of the report without delving into the full details. 

Amazon Ads report template monthly summary

Creating an effective Amazon Ads report summary involves clear communication and strategic data presentation. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Highlight Key Metrics: Focus on critical metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales figures to quickly convey campaign success.

  • Use Concise Language: Keep updates brief yet informative to maintain clarity without overwhelming clients with details.

  • Organize Logically: Arrange information in a logical flow, starting with the most impactful data to guide the reader through the report’s findings.

3. Key Metrics at Each Level 

Accurate and comprehensive reporting on Amazon Ads metrics at each level—campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and product ads—is essential for optimizing advertising strategies and maximizing ROI. These metrics offer granular insights that influence decision-making processes and campaign adjustments.

  • At the campaign level, track overall spend and sales to gauge the general effectiveness of advertising efforts and adjust budgets accordingly. 

  • Ad group metrics reveal how clusters of similar products or themes are performing, helping refine targeting and promotional tactics. 

  • Keyword-level data focuses on search term relevance and consumer intent, enabling agencies to optimize bids and improve ad relevance. 

  • Finally, metrics for product ads offer insights into individual product performance, informing product positioning and pricing strategies. 

This layered approach ensures that each campaign component contributes to the overall goals and helps identify underperforming areas that need strategic realignment or enhancement.

4. Impressions 

Amazon Ads impression data quantifies how often your client's ads are displayed, serving as a foundational piece of marketing data.

Amazon Ads Report Impressions Metric

Within an Amazon PPC report, this metric helps agencies evaluate the effectiveness of audience targeting strategies and identify potential visibility issues. Using this data, agencies quickly adjust their approaches to maximize exposure and ensure that the ads connect with the most relevant audiences.

5. Clicks

Clicks data measures user interactions with the ads, key to assessing engagement levels. Including clicks data in an Amazon Ads report provides clear evidence of how effectively ads engage targeted audiences.

Amazon Ads report template clicks analytics

This insight helps agencies refine ad content and targeting strategies, ensuring that ads reach and resonate with potential buyers. High click rates often correlate with increased interest and higher conversion potential, making this metric a key performance indicator for campaign success.

6. Click-Through Rate 

Click-through rate (CTR) tracks the percentage of clicks per Amazon Ad impression, reflecting both relevance and engagement. It directly illustrates the effectiveness of ad creatives and targeting.

Amazon Ads report template CTR metric

Reporting on CTR helps agencies optimize ad strategies to improve engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions, maximizing campaign performance and the client’s return on investment.

7. Conversions

Conversions data from Amazon Ads measures the number of successful customer actions, such as purchases, resulting from ad clicks, essential for evaluating the bottom-line impact of a campaign.

Amazon Ads report template conversion analytics

This metric helps agencies assess the effectiveness of their ad strategies in driving sales, providing a clear measure of ROI. Agencies leverage this data to refine ad content and targeting to better meet consumer needs and preferences, ultimately boosting conversion rates and enhancing client satisfaction.

8. Conversion Rate

Analyzing conversion rate data is essential for agencies managing a client’s Amazon Ads account to optimize sponsored products campaigns based on current trends.

Amazon Ads report template conversion metric

This metric offers a clear view of how effectively the PPC campaign converts interest into sales. By monitoring these rates, agencies adjust their strategies in real time, enhancing ad relevancy and shopper engagement, and boosting the overall performance and profitability of each campaign.

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9. Sales 

Sales data from Amazon Ads quantifies the total revenue generated from ad-driven purchases, showcasing the direct financial outcomes of advertising efforts.

Amazon Ads report sales analytics

Agencies use these insights to adjust bidding, targeting, and content strategies, ensuring that each campaign element is fine-tuned to maximize sales. This focus helps achieve client goals and reinforces the agency’s role in driving profitable growth through data-driven decision-making.

10. Total Cost 

Total cost data from Amazon Ads covers the entire expenditure on ad campaigns, which is critical for evaluating financial efficiency and informing budget allocation.

Amazon Ads report template cost analytics

By monitoring total costs, agencies optimize ad spend, adjust campaign strategies, and ensure that budgets are used effectively to achieve the best possible financial returns. Comparing the cost and ROI across multiple channels, such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads, provides a unified perspective on which channels and campaigns drive the most value for a client. 

11. Cost Per Conversion 

Amazon Ads cost per conversion data goes beyond just dollars spent to reveal the exact investment driving each sale in your client’s sponsored campaigns. This intel helps your agency pinpoint the most efficient campaigns, maximize return, and keep the marketing budget laser-focused on success.

amazon Ads report cost per conversion metric

By monitoring and adjusting based on this data, agencies continually enhance campaign performance, optimize budget allocations, improve ROI, and ensure that every dollar spent is an investment toward achieving more profitable conversions.

12. Cost Per Click (CPC)

It's important for marketing agencies to include CPC data in Amazon Ads reports to track the direct cost implications of ad clicks. This metric helps agencies–and their clients–assess how competitive the ad environment is and whether the bids they are placing are cost-effective

Amazon Ads report CPC analytics

This insight is essential for maintaining an efficient balance between spend and campaign outcomes, optimizing the financial health of client advertising endeavors.

13. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) 

CPM data reflects the cost to display an ad on Amazon one thousand times, which is key when evaluating exposure and awareness costs.

Amazon Ads report CPM metric

By monitoring CPM, agencies optimize the ad placements and targeting to ensure they are not only reaching a broad audience but doing so in a cost-effective manner.

14. Video Performance Data  

Amazon Ads video performance data measures video engagement metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions, providing insights into viewer interaction.

Amazon Ads report viewable impressions video metrics

Integrate video performance data into your Amazon advertising reports to dive deep into how content captivates viewers and drives sales. Track and analyze metrics like view duration and click-through rates, giving your agency the insights needed to optimize video strategies. 

Customizable Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

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