Facebook Ads Report

Our Facebook report template serves as a useful reporting tool for your agency to not only monitor performance, but report to clients.

Facebook Ads Report

Why You Should Use a Facebook Ads Report Template

In order to best keep your client up-to-date, you should use a FB ads reporting template to track these metrics and add your own analysis. It helps you save tons of time and keeps you clients happy.

The best part of this template that it will pull information directly from the Facebook Ads Manager on a regular basis so you don’t even have to worry about manually updating anything. This saves you an immense amount of time that you can dedicate more to tweaking your Facebook marketing campaign and making it more successful.

Want to display your Facebook Ads in a dashboard instead? Try out our Facebook Ads dashboard template.

5 Things To Include In Your Facebook Ads Report

1. Monthly Write-up

Before diving deep into the nitty gritty details of the Facebook Ads campaign, your client will likely appreciate a summary of everything that went well and everything that didn’t during the month. You can use the monthly write-up section of the Facebook Ads report template for this purpose.

Facebook Ads Monthly Summary

Use the custom text field in this monthly write-up section to add your over-arching thoughts about the last month, what you think went well and what you think you can do better next month.

If anything significant happened with the campaign during the month, write it here so your client can stay informed. Then, as you go further into the custom report template, you can use the sections below to go into deeper detail.

2. Total Spend

Any marketing specialist worth their salt knows that one of the most essential aspects of any campaign is the total money spent on the campaign. While you and your client have likely already discussed the total budget of the ads campaign, it’s incredibly helpful to keep track of the total spend to overall budget month over month.

FB ads spend

This metric is especially important to keep track of each month, especially as it relates to other KPIs on the report. When you can show how much money you’re spending and how that number relates to other campaign performance KPIs, your clients can see what kind of return on investment (ROI) they can expect from the campaign.

3. Conversions

The number of conversions your Facebook Ads campaign is gaining is another crucial metric to measure. The higher number of conversions, the better the campaign is performing. In your client’s mind, conversions are probably one of the easiest metrics to understand. A conversion is a goal achieved and more money earned.

FB ads conversions

In our template, conversions are displayed next to your total spend. This way, you can show the direct correlation between how much you spend and how many conversions you get. Typically, this is a great way to show your clients that spending more money on a campaign often increases the total ROI of the campaign.

4. Clicks

This is another metric that is really easy for your clients to understand, especially since it gives them a simple insight into the surface-level success of the Facebook Ads campaign. More people clicking on your Facebook ads means that your client’s offer or product is enticing enough to attract potential customers.

FB ads clicks

On a deeper level, you can use this section to add your thoughts about how the number of clicks relates to the other ad metrics on this customizable report. For example, if you’re having a high number of clicks, but a low number of conversions, you might explain to your client that the disconnect is happening on their website’s landing page or Facebook page. This way, you can collaborate to create a new strategy moving forward.

5. Ads

An effective Facebook Ads marketing campaign often involves you running multiple different ads simultaneously. The Ads section of the Facebook Ads report template displays a list of all the ad sets you’re running concurrently, along with important metrics like the number of clicks on each ad, the total number of impressions, the average cost per click (CPC) and the click-through rate (CTR).

FB ads in report

Use this section of your Facebook Ads report to show your clients which of their ads are performing the best so you can then emulate those ads in the future. Add your thoughts about what makes those ads so successful, such as more enticing offers or a better targeted demographic. As you analyze these finer details month by month, you can work with your client to make adjustments for better outcomes. If you want to include other ads, you can build one with our PPC report template.

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