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Social Media Reporting Tool

All-in-one social media reporting tool for agencies. Create beautiful, automated reports your clients will love, in minutes. Monitor clicks, shares, comments, and more across today's most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and More.
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Multi-Channel Reporting

Integrate with the most popular social networks

Social Media Tracking

Analyze followers, reach, audience demographics, and more

Live Campaign Results

Track social media campaign performance in real-time

Automated Reports

Save hours every month with an automated social media reporting tool

All-in-One Social Media Reporting

Integrate Every Social Account

Gone are the days of manually collecting data, taking screenshots, and plowing through Excel spreadsheets. Digital marketing reporting tools are all the rage. Save time with an automated social media report tool that collects data from every social media channel: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Quickly add key metrics to a customized social media report template or live dashboard and instantly build graphs that bring your clients’ data to life.

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Monitor Clicks, Shares, Comments and more!

Analyze Engagement Analytics

Track engagement across all your clients’ social channels and social media posts with metrics like clicks, comments and shares. Use this information to understand which channels and social media marketing strategies perform best and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

A data-driven social media management tool, automated reports give you everything you need to deliver on your promises and show clients their marketing metrics in a way they will easily understand.

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Easy to Use Social Media Reporting Software To Help Your Clients Stand Out

Uncover What Drives Social Success

Vanity metrics have their place, but actionable social analytics data is king! Turbocharge client campaigns by ensuring their content is seen by the intended target audiences. Quickly pinpoint your next actions to help clients dominate their market.

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Gather Audience Insights Across Different Accounts

Analyze Audience Demographics

Ditch follower vanity metrics! Focus on attracting the right audience with in-depth social media data. The AgencyAnalytics platform unlocks important social media data such as audience demographics, revealing the who behind the likes and follows from social media campaigns.

Gain insights into location, gender, language, age, and more. This intel helps your agency craft social media strategies that resonate with the perfect audience, driving tangible results for your clients.

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Analyze Social Reach

Track Influence Over Time

Track engagement metrics and following over time to show clients how their social influence has changed. View intuitive graphs that show comments, likes, shares, impressions, and follower growth month-over-month. Identify top performing time periods to help fine-tune your social media strategy.

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Report Smarter. Not Harder.
See Why Marketing Agencies Prefer AgencyAnalytics
Revamp Your Client Reporting. Connect GA4, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 80+ other integrations to create customizable social media dashboards and automated reports your clients will love.

Create White Label Social Media Reports in Minutes

White Label Your Social Media Report Templates

Add Your Own Branding

Impress clients and build brand recognition with white label social media analytics tools. Include your own logo, branding, and colors in every report and dashboard. Even host the dashboard on your own domain on select plans!

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Live Social Media Reporting Updates

Stay Up to Date in Real-Time

It can be a struggle to keep up with every client's social performance, especially when you scale your agency and are managing 10s or 100s of social profiles! Never miss an update, comment, or post with our live social feeds. Quickly navigate between client profiles in the same reporting tool and stay up-to-date with real-time feeds of every social account.

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Tailor-Made Efficiency

Customizable Report Templates at Your Fingertips

Customize how you showcase results with report templates that adapt to each client's needs. This social media analytics tool quickly pulls data from connected social media accounts, streamlining the creation of detailed, client-specific reports.

Deliver personalized insights more efficiently, enhance client engagement, and improve client retention. Showcase stellar social media performance to reinforce your agency's reputation for precision and client-centered service.

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Instant Insight Generation

Effortless Reporting with 11-Second Smart Reports and Dashboards

Transform how your agency handles data with 11-second Smart Reports and Smart Dashboards. Leverage your client's data connections with major social media networks to automatically build custom reports and dashboards in seconds.

Free your agency from time-consuming manual reporting tasks and spend more time improving your client's social media presence.

Boost agency efficiency, elevate client satisfaction, and solidify your reputation as a data-driven partner.

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Customize with Confidence

Drag and Drop to Distinction

Stop juggling social media tools and reports! Unleash the power of a unified platform for managing your clients' social media presence. This all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and major social media platforms to paint a complete picture of results from your agency's social media management.

Stop wasting time toggling between multiple social media management tools and reports. Generate stunning, custom reports with a drag-and-drop editor. Impress clients with insights that showcase the impact of your social media strategy across multiple channels, all while boosting your agency's efficiency.

LinkedIn Drag and Drop Report Template Editor
Add Annotations & Goals

Tell a Story With Your Data

Add annotations and goals to your line charts and date-based column charts to tell your clients what’s happening in plain English. Highlight important changes and clearly define campaign goals on each social media widget. This feature keeps your clients up-to-date on key account changes and adds transparency to your social media marketing efforts.

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Share Real-time Social Updates with Clients

Give Clients Access to their Own Custom Dashboard

These days, many clients want access to their data on their own time. Build trust with a live social media dashboard featuring beautiful data visualizations of their most critical marketing metrics. Clients love transparency, leading to higher client retention and lower churn.

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Smart and Scaleable

A Reporting Tool That Grows with Your Agency

Scale your agency without breaking the bank. Start with pricing as low as $79 per month. With over 80 software integrations available, your agency taps into a reservoir of tools designed for growth.

Packages that include unlimited users and customizable dashboards ensure that your operations scale smoothly. Don't let client reporting hassles hold your agency back, opt for efficient automated reporting that helps your agency scale.

Flexible pricing to suit any agency's budget

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