Molly Lopez,
Owner-Partner of HITE Digital Miami

How HITE Digital Miami uses AgencyAnalytics to create standardized marketing dashboards for her clients as they scale.

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Molly Lopez HITE Digital Miami
AgencyAnalytics is one of the few reporting softwares out there that allows API connections to so many different social media and ads platforms, as well as incorporating SEO tracking.
Molly Lopez, HITE Digital Miami

The Client

HITE Digital Miami, formerly Sparo, was founded in 2019 by Molly Lopez. She combined her team of eight full-time employees with a global team of 250+ employees that are a part of the HITE digital marketing franchise in 2022.

They work with 20 different startups and growth companies to meet their business goals. Her team takes pride in working with various industries rather than a specific niche because they're able to use cross-industry learnings to add variety and creativity to the strategies they build. 

Each client has its own unique set of challenges, but the team at HITE Digital Miami uses their “think outside the box” approach to delivering tailored strategies. 

Our agency is extremely scrappy, making us the perfect partner for organizations that are just getting started. Nothing we do is cookie-cutter, and we’re determined to reach our clients’ desired outcomes.
Molly Lopez, HITE Digital Miami

IndustrySmall Businesses
LocationMiami, FL

The Challenge

Determined to make digital marketing accessible to deserving clients, Lopez needed a way to communicate with her clients every month and showcase the value her agency was bringing. 

In the past, her team utilized Google Data Studio and Supermetrics. However, she found that the high cost and low level of customer support made them difficult to justify.

Any time a widget would break or her team had difficulty navigating a new platform update, they received little to no client support.

Left feeling stressed and scrambling to fix broken client reports and marketing dashboards, they began searching for a different solution.

We wanted to switch to a platform that would have support available to us should something go wrong. We needed it to be easier to use, aesthetically pleasing, and could be updated with a single click, more or less.
Molly Lopez, HITE Digital Miami

The Solution

By seamlessly integrating each marketing platform their clients are on, HITE Digital Miaimi generates easy-to-understand dashboards and client reports. 

Lopez and her team simply connect a client’s platform (such as Facebook Ads, Instagram, or Google Ads) to view all that client’s marketing information in one place. From there, they can easily monitor, analyze, and make any adjustments in their client's best interest. 

The time savings give them more time for analysis of their current strategies in place as well as testing and incorporating new platforms that help them, and their clients, stay ahead of the curve.

AgencyAnalytics’ dashboards help our clients see their marketing results in a visual manner and feel up-to-speed on the activities we are doing for them.
Molly Lopez, HITE Digital Miami

The Result

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics to communicate with their clients more efficiently, Lopez has noticed clients have a better grasp on the metrics that affect their business's bottom line. 

Lopez recommends creating a master report that lays out specific metrics that your client wants to see for each campaign. This way, your agency’s reporting is uniform across clients, and it saves you time compared to starting from zero each time. 

Her team seamlessly updates monthly client reports, and if they ever run into any issues, they know they can rely on customer support to help them through any challenges.

Agency Analytics has helped us to recoup time that was previously spent doing our reporting via Google Data Studio. Plus, the team offers support via chat, email, and, if needed, phone, which many other platforms, including our previous platform, GDS, did not.
Molly Lopez, HITE Digital Miami

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